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Meetup in Austin, TX – You’re Invited!

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Fulltime Families & Ditching Suburbia Meetup in Austin, TX

Dreamers – Meet Doers.

Think about ditching the suburbs? Meet families currently fulltiming in their RVs – living on the road and schooling their kids along the way.

Currently a Fulltime Family? Other families would love to know what life on the road is like – tell them your stories!

Wonder what it’s like to go back to the suburbs? Meet some folks who’ve done that as well!



We’re just asking you sign up so we have a better idea of the size and makeup of the group coming.


17th January 2016.


We’ll be there starting around 10:30AM.

Potluck eating starts at 12:00.

Stay until..whenever!


Dick Nichols District Park, 8011 Beckett Rd, Austin, TX 78749.

The park has playgrounds, trails, ballcourts and more. We have a ‘just down the street’ backup location in case of inclement weather (we’ll announce that if the forecast looks unfavorable).

What to Bring?

  • Drinks
  • Dish to pass
  • Chairs
  • Outdoor games & sporting equipment
  • Stories
  • Questions

What To Get?

We’ll have a small giveaway of fun prizes:


  • Select 1 ticket per family.
  • In the ‘special requirements’ field let us know your family structure (2 adults/4 kids) etc.

Sign Up!

On the following page use the ‘Organization’ Field to let us know your blog/road name (ie ‘DitchingSuburbia’).


The Travs Appear on New FYI Show Roadstead Nation

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We said we’d NEVER do it!!!  We’ve helped many production companies find “just the right” family for their television reality project, but we always steered clear.  We had many reasons not to do it, the main one being we didn’t want to be made to look like fools on national TV, but when a producer from New York called, somehow we got sweet talked into making a special appearance in a pilot for a spin off of Tiny House Nation.


So we agreed to meet our film crew in Rapid City, South Dakota and show them a day  in the life of a full-time rv family.

We filmed an interview portion for hours the night before and then we filmed a scheduled day in our RV.


Here are a list of things you might want to know if you are considering exposing your family to a Reality TV project:

  • Many projects take months to kick off and many more never even make it out of the gate.  We’ve worked with countless production companies finding talent for their projects and the vast majority of them never came to fruition.
  • It takes tens of hours to produce minutes of edited coverage.  We filmed for approx. 16 hours to yield less than 5 minutes of air time.
  • Act normal.  While the inclination is to be on your very best behavior and we wouldn’t encourage you to do anything on camera that you would regret, realize that when you’re filming with your family for a huge length of time, kids will act like kids, and even adults can get tired and cranky.  Just try you best to be normal and consistent to keep cool during filming.
  • Speaking of keeping cool, because of the noise RV a/c’s make we filmed this entire project with no a/c in 90 degree South Dakota weather.  Everyone was sweating all day long.
  • Speaking of everyone, our film crew consisted of an amazingly talented camera man (Mike Kentzman of Red Summit Productions) a very pleasant and patient sound guy named Tony and an energetic and charming production assistant (Allison Trimbell from Loud TV).  If you’re doing the math, you know that means we had 9 people in our RV during filming.  IMG_0471
  • Repeating something or doing something a little different each time is the name of the game and we did things like open and close our sleeper sofa several times.
  • You are mic’d all day and in your contract it clearly states they can use all the audio and video footage they acquire during the show.  This was a bit nerve racking as you might imagine.
  • Waiting for your show to air is tortuous as you have no idea how your family will be portrayed.  Thankfully our production company was very upfront and honest with us, in what their goal was for the program, and we are so pleased and thankful for what a beautiful job they did in portraying what our life looks like.  If you are considering making an appearance in a project, make sure you feel comfortable with the direction of the project and the people driving it.


  • Our producer Matt Binetti, reached out several times during the editing process and really sought to understand the logistics of our lifestyle choice.  That was very comforting because I really felt that they were going to feature us in the best light possible, which is obviously our goal to.
  • And lastly, speaking of goals, as a family, you should be very clear on what your goals are for appearing in a project.  Ours is always to encourage people to live intentionally and we were able to meet on common ground with the producers like Meredith Lerner,  about that.


So, are you ready to star in your own reality show?  We have a dedicated email list for families interested in these opportunities and have been successful in helping cast many of the RV related projects that you’ve seen on TV.  If you’d like to be considered for an upcoming show, complete the form below:

And if you’d like to see our portion of the Premier of Roadstead Nation, from the FYI channel, you can check it out here:

GoPro Giveaway Live Event Scheduled on Google Hangouts

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Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.05.35 PM

We did it!  1000 members strong and to celebrate we’re giving away a GoPro to one lucky, active member* of Fulltime Families live via Google Hangout this Friday, Oct. 9th at 7pm.  RSVP and add this event to your calendar via this link: https://plus.google.com/events/cmmhgftkq2flv922nibat6ccdu4

New members, who registered between the contests start date and member 1000, have each received an entry!


Current FtF Members can continue to earn extra entries until midnight,pct Wednesday 10/7 by doing the following:

  • Add our button to your blog.  Send us an email to kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com when it’s ready.
  • Use your affiliate link to refer new members. Earn one extra entry for each referral.
  • Tell us why you love FtF!  Send an email to kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com.


*An active member is defined as an Fulltime Families Member with an unexpired membership.  This includes Annual, Lifetime and Charter Members.


Time 4 Learning; The Go Any Where Homeschool Curriculum

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The idea of being responsible for your children’s education can be daunting.  When we hit the road in 2010, I was so nervous and scared that I would ruin my kid’s education and as a result, made quite a mess of things.  I share those experiences, that fear, the learning curve, every Sunday night on Roadschool Moms Live Podcast, but in this post, I want to tell you what has worked best for my four roadschoolers.


Over the last five years, we’ve adopted an “eclectic” approach to our homeschool.  Creating our own curriculum from recommended workbooks, researching on the web, and incorporating hands on lessons as much as possible.

While this method has mostly worked for us, I wondered if I was leaving holes in my education approach.  That’s when we “went back to” Time4Learning, online curriculum.  When we first launched, we subscribed to Time4Learning for our, at the time, 3 students.  Back then, wifi coverage was spotty at best and it made an online curriculum very hard to maintain.

However, coverage has come a long way and with the introduction of an Unlimited Verizon Wifi Plan, we were able to reintroduce Time4Learning as the foundation of our Roadschooling efforts.


We love that this comprehensive curriculum (from K – 12) provides my roadschoolers with grade level learning opportunities.  We also love that it’s “pack and go”.  All you need is a laptop and wifi and you’re ready to learn.  That means you can roadschool at:

  • coffee shop
  • in the park
  • at your picnic table
  • in the club house
  • driving down the road
  • anywhere you like!

Try it for yourself

Recently, Fulltime Families partnered with Time4Learning to provide FtF Members a a totally free, full access two week trial to the system.  For your exclusive promo code, and details on how to take advantage of this offer, visit the Members’ Benefits section of this website.

Full Time RVing Families Flock to Branson for One-of-a-Kind Event

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Reprinted from Hometown News

BRANSON, Mo. – In the coming days, 45 fulltime RV families from around the county will be traveling to Branson to take part in the Not Going Back to School Rally.

Starting on September 10, these families will be parking their RV’s at America’s Best Campground in Branson, for four days of family friendly activities. This event has been created for students whose families have adopted a road-schooling lifestyle, according to event organizer Kimberly Travaglino.

Activities include: Smore’s Gash Bord Campfire Creations, Field trips to Titanic and Jonah, Going Solar and RV Weight Seminar, Color Run, Kid’s Entrepreneur Workshop and the main event, an 80s prom!

Download the Sample 2015 NBTS Rally Schedule

From the area’s unique history to the Hard Work U attitude at College of the Ozarks, Travaglino says, she and other families will be using the Branson area as a learning tool for their children. While this event is currently sold out, Travaglino says they will be extending day passes to homeschooling families in the area who are interested.

The organizers are also looking to feature local attractions in their “Must Do Branson Attraction Guide”. People or organizations interested in getting a day pass or learning more about this event can email kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com for the details.

Fulltime Families would like to thank the following businesses:

Thank you to our Sponsors

Lazydays, The RV Authority

Instant Pot
RV Trader
Let’s RV
National Pilot Car Association


Preferred Attractions in Branson

These attractions have generously provided rally prizes for our event.  Please consider giving them your business while in Branson!

Tiger Sanctuary
Butterfly World
Toy Museum
Cantina Laredo
Pirate Adventure Golf

FtF Entrepreneurial Partners
Special thanks to these FtF Members for providing prizes from the following companies.

31 Gifts Jen Holt
Jamberry Nails  Jen Schillaci
Custom Vinyl Creations – Bush Creative
Young Living Oils – Misty Lively
Usborne Books – Stephanie Simpson
ItWorks – Jamie DuVergy
RV Sunshade Company – Renee Seeley
Beachbody Fitness – Kimberlee Wilkes
AJ Hendrickson Pilot Cars – Mary Beth Goff
Ruby’s Closet – Dianne Connelly Moreno
Especially Created For You – Jennie Ennis-Mason
The Lundy Family
CampgroundViews.com – Mark Koep


Kids Explore: Grand Tetons National Park

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We are wrapping up our 6th day of touring Grand Teton National Park and the surrounding area of Jackson Hole (the valley) and Jackson, WY (the city) and I have to say, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time at this amazing National Park.
Here are some highlights that I suggest you look into, if a visit to Grand Teton National Park with kids is on your route.

The three main Visitors’ Centers in the park each have short hikes right out their doors.

Moose Visitor Center (aka The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center), the largest of the three, boasts a great movie, a large gift shop, many interpretive learning stations, and the opportunity to borrow the GTNP Naturalist BackPack, which we strongly suggest you do.  Check out our seperate post about this fun and educational free offering.

A great family hike option from this visitors center is the 1 mile round trip hike to Murie Ranch where your family can tour the ranch’s historic buildings.  Keep your eyes peeled on this hike as it’s also well traveled by the park’s wildlife and opportunities abound for keen eyes to spot multiple animal track types.

Another easy and interesting touring spot in this southern portion of the park, Menor’s Ferry and the Chapel of the Transfiguration.

Here you’ll be able to grab an icy huckleberry soda from the turn of the century general store, once run by the Menor Brothers (some of the park’s earliest settlers) and when the river is running smoothly, the park operates a replica ferry to cross the snake river.

In the center of the park is the Jenny Lake Visitors’ Center.  This alpine lake carved by glaciers thousands of years ago is a popular spot.  There is a boat that shuttles people across the lake to the trail head for the Hidden Lake Trail and Inspiration Point.  The fee is $15 per adult and $10 per child.  We opted instead to take the lakeside trail to the Jenny Lake Boat Ramp where the kids happily splashed around in the 47 degree water.

Another option in this area is the multiuse path that runs through this portion of the park.  A family with bikes in tow could park at the Taggart Lake parking lot and bike the path to the Jenny Lake Visitors’ Center and stop for ice cream in the General Store there.

At the park’s northern most visitors’ center, the Colter Bay Area has a great film about the re-introduction of wolves the area (could be graphic for little kids) and Native America exhibits.

A great family hike option in this area is the Lakeshore Hike, a 2 mile loop around one of the lake’s small islands.  Pack a picnic and find a shady spot along the shore for a stunning lunch time landscape.  But remember here and everywhere to be Bear Aware and properly secure your food and dispose of your waste in the provided bear safe dumpsters.  Our hike to this area was aborted as people coming off the trail had just crossed paths with a large grizzly.

Borrow a Naturalist Backpack to make a mold of nimal prints, sketch, water color and journal.


National Fish Hatchery in Jackson

Jackson Juggernauts Roller Derby

Lakeshore Hike from Colter Bay


Attend a Ranger Program: http://www.nps.gov/grte/planyourvisit/ranger-programs.htm

Things to pack:

Bear Spray

Sun Screen








Where we stayed:




New Youtube Resource for Full Time RVing Families

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A fellow FtF Family has launched a brand new youtube channel, chock full of RVing info and, one of my favorite topics, location independent income streams to fund the lifestyle of your dreams.

RV Living, Travel and Adventure was created by entrepreneurial couple, Rachel and Jamison Haponenko, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2013 Winter FtF Rally in Florida.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.08.02 PM

The Haponenko’s have created this resource to provide valuable information for individuals and families seeking the RV full time lifestyle.

I was honored to be interviewed on their show and pleasantly surprised by the unique and thoughtful questions they asked me, to share with viewers what life on the road is really like – all of it.  The ups and downs.

Want to know what our most challenging aspect of our full time lifestyle is?

What we wished we’d done differently?

The mistakes we’ve made along the way?

Check out all the nitty gritty details below.

The Traveling Travaglinos to star in upcoming reality tv show

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Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.24.57 AMWe are thrilled to announce our upcoming reality TV Show, “Home on the Roam”, airing on the Discovery Channel this spring!

We hope you’ll tune in to catch all the antics of the crazy, Traveling Travaglinos!

Some highlights will be:

Tire Blowouts

Leaking Campers

How to stuff a dorm size fridge with a week’s worth of meals for a family of six!

and the inevitable Black Water Baptisms

Tune in Thursday nights at 9pm et on the Discover Channel!


Wreck Ashore! Key West, FL Shipwreck Treasures Museum Attraction Review

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IMG_5750The Key West Shipwreck Museum is found at 1 Whitehead Street in Key West, Florida and is full of treasures and artifacts from the 1985 rediscovery of the vessel Isaac Allerton which sank in 1856. The museum takes you back in time to the late 1800’s when the Florida Keys reef was the end of many ship’s journeys.


The tours start every 20 minutes around the clock and you are given a brief history of the museum and are led inside by the tour guide. The entire guided portion is 20 minutes but if you politely ask to break away sooner that won’t be a problem (we needed to do that with our group of younger kids). The rest of the experience is at your own pace. The three levels of the museum are full of trinkets such as silverware surrounded by coral, bottles, porcelain and medicine from back in pirate time.


The kids enjoyed attempting to lift the 64 lb bar of silver that was recovered. You can too, but only if you dare!


The highlight of the tour for most of the kids was climbing the tower to look for shipwrecks in the Key West water. It is a tremendous view of the entire city and half way up there are two conch shells to sound off (if you aren’t a germaphobe!) IMG_5760


In the basement of the Museum there is a 14 minute video about life in the mid to late 1800’s and the excitement of the wrecks on the rough Florida Keys reef.




Tickets are good for in and out admission for the day. It is a great way to cool off in the air conditioning and explore all the hidden treasures!

Adults: $15.04 (buy online ahead of time for $13.54 and save!)

Kids: $8.59 (buy online ahead of time for $7.73 and save!)

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.33.37 PM

If you are interested in the Key West Aquarium as well there is a combo ticket available here.


  • Go to the bathroom before you enter the Shipwreck Museum, there are no bathrooms inside. The closest bathroom is in the mall right near the museum (take the escalator to the 2nd floor).
  • There is air conditioning so this is a great spot to stop and take a break from the Key West heat
  • Bring your camera. The lighting is very dark but you will see treasures from hundreds of years ago
  • Streets are very tight in Key West so street parking is limited and impossible for big trucks to fit into. One free parking option is to park at the Florida Keys Eco Discovery Center and walk to the aquarium (just under a mile). The parking lot is large and easy for any size vehicle to fit.

We enjoyed our time at the Key West Shipwreck Treasures Museum and think you will too! Thanks to the Shipwreck Museum for having us!

This review was created for FulltimeFamilies.com, the resource for Full-time RVing Families by Jennifer Holt of Free2Breathe.com





Rambler’s Rovings

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