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New Youtube Resource for Full Time RVing Families

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A fellow FtF Family has launched a brand new youtube channel, chock full of RVing info and, one of my favorite topics, location independent income streams to fund the lifestyle of your dreams.

RV Living, Travel and Adventure was created by entrepreneurial couple, Rachel and Jamison Haponenko, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2013 Winter FtF Rally in Florida.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.08.02 PM

The Haponenko’s have created this resource to provide valuable information for individuals and families seeking the RV full time lifestyle.

I was honored to be interviewed on their show and pleasantly surprised by the unique and thoughtful questions they asked me, to share with viewers what life on the road is really like – all of it.  The ups and downs.

Want to know what our most challenging aspect of our full time lifestyle is?

What we wished we’d done differently?

The mistakes we’ve made along the way?

Check out all the nitty gritty details below.

The Traveling Travaglinos to star in upcoming reality tv show

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Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.24.57 AMWe are thrilled to announce our upcoming reality TV Show, “Home on the Roam”, airing on the Discovery Channel this spring!

We hope you’ll tune in to catch all the antics of the crazy, Traveling Travaglinos!

Some highlights will be:

Tire Blowouts

Leaking Campers

How to stuff a dorm size fridge with a week’s worth of meals for a family of six!

and the inevitable Black Water Baptisms

Tune in Thursday nights at 9pm et on the Discover Channel!


Wreck Ashore! Key West, FL Shipwreck Treasures Museum Attraction Review

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IMG_5750The Key West Shipwreck Museum is found at 1 Whitehead Street in Key West, Florida and is full of treasures and artifacts from the 1985 rediscovery of the vessel Isaac Allerton which sank in 1856. The museum takes you back in time to the late 1800’s when the Florida Keys reef was the end of many ship’s journeys.


The tours start every 20 minutes around the clock and you are given a brief history of the museum and are led inside by the tour guide. The entire guided portion is 20 minutes but if you politely ask to break away sooner that won’t be a problem (we needed to do that with our group of younger kids). The rest of the experience is at your own pace. The three levels of the museum are full of trinkets such as silverware surrounded by coral, bottles, porcelain and medicine from back in pirate time.


The kids enjoyed attempting to lift the 64 lb bar of silver that was recovered. You can too, but only if you dare!


The highlight of the tour for most of the kids was climbing the tower to look for shipwrecks in the Key West water. It is a tremendous view of the entire city and half way up there are two conch shells to sound off (if you aren’t a germaphobe!) IMG_5760


In the basement of the Museum there is a 14 minute video about life in the mid to late 1800’s and the excitement of the wrecks on the rough Florida Keys reef.




Tickets are good for in and out admission for the day. It is a great way to cool off in the air conditioning and explore all the hidden treasures!

Adults: $15.04 (buy online ahead of time for $13.54 and save!)

Kids: $8.59 (buy online ahead of time for $7.73 and save!)

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.33.37 PM

If you are interested in the Key West Aquarium as well there is a combo ticket available here.


  • Go to the bathroom before you enter the Shipwreck Museum, there are no bathrooms inside. The closest bathroom is in the mall right near the museum (take the escalator to the 2nd floor).
  • There is air conditioning so this is a great spot to stop and take a break from the Key West heat
  • Bring your camera. The lighting is very dark but you will see treasures from hundreds of years ago
  • Streets are very tight in Key West so street parking is limited and impossible for big trucks to fit into. One free parking option is to park at the Florida Keys Eco Discovery Center and walk to the aquarium (just under a mile). The parking lot is large and easy for any size vehicle to fit.

We enjoyed our time at the Key West Shipwreck Treasures Museum and think you will too! Thanks to the Shipwreck Museum for having us!

This review was created for FulltimeFamilies.com, the resource for Full-time RVing Families by Jennifer Holt of Free2Breathe.com





Rambler’s Rovings

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Submission Accepted: FtF Family Friendly Campground Directory

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FamilyFreindlyCertifiedThank you for applying to the FtF Family Friendly Campground Directory.  We look forward to sending families your way!  A representative will be calling you shortly to finalize your application and get your directory listing set up.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 561-376-5990 or email info@fulltimefamilies.com.




New Book Written for the RVing Women available in the Kindle Store!

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You may not have heard yet, but just before Christmas, a brand new book was released, written specifically for RVing Women.

“There is very much a lack of information geared specifically to RVing ladies, which is truly unfortunate since RVing women are a unique blend of nature, nurture, ingenuity and grit.  Their stories are full of emotion, adventure, intrigue, suspense and guts.  And so 12 of us got together and said, ‘Let’s fix this.  Let’s create a sort of Chicken Soup for the RVing Ladies Soul.’  Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks came together so seamlessly, I knew it was meant to be.” says Kimberly Travaglino who serves as both the book’s editor and the contributing author of “When the S#^T Hits the Man”, one of the books 25 original stories.

The book is a blend of heartwarming, humorous, inspirational and motivational stories.  The contributors, referred to as “The Chicks” each add their own unique voice as they spin their true tales of RV Travel and adventures on wheels.

The release of Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks brimming with fascinating tales, coupled with full color images, has been met with rave reviews from readers.

“These entertaining traveling stories will inspire and gently challenge you to live life in the moment, reconsider the value of family, and learn by direct experience. Three cheers for living small, slow, and mobile!” Wendy Priesnitz, Editor of Life Learning Magazine

For a sneak of the book, check out the book’s trailer:

Or grab a sample from the Kindle Store:

Fulltime Families Celebrates Cyber Monday… How to Hit the Road on Kindle just $2.99

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It’s no secret that full time rvers have no idea what day of the week it is.

And we are no exception.  So we’re celebrating Cyber Monday today with a limited time offer!

One day only, get the Kindle Version of “How to Hit the Road; Making Your Families Full Time RV Dreams a Reality” for $2.99!

You can get this deal by clicking here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005FBSBS2/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

How to Hit The Road!

Stuck in Colorado

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We Need You to Do Reviews!

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Do you like free stuff??

We currently have three openings for reviewers for Fulltime Families Magazine! To apply for any of these positions, please kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com.  Please include a writing sample and the position you are applying to in the subject line of your email.

RV Living Product Review: We are looking for a family who likes getting free products!


Must be a Fulltime Families Annual / Lifetime or Charter Member

Must be able to get mail / packages in a timely fashion.

Must be self directed and dependable.

Must be able to deliver a monthly column for Fulltime Families Magazine.

RV Book Reviewer (Adult): We are looking for a voracious reader who likes getting free books!

Please apply at kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com if you meet these specifications.  Please include a writing sample and the subject line ‘RV Living Reviews’ in your email.

Must be a Fulltime Families Annual / Lifetime or Charter Member

Must be able to get mail / packages in a timely fashion.

Must be self directed and dependable.

Having an e-reader is a definite plus!

RV Book Reviewer (Teen / Young Adult):

We are looking for a voracious younger reader who likes getting free books!

Please apply at kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com if you meet these specifications.  Please include a writing sample and the subject line ‘RV Living Reviews’ in your email.

Must be a Fulltime Families Annual / Lifetime or Charter Member

Must be able to get mail / packages in a timely fashion.

Must be self directed and dependable.

Having an e-reader is a definite plus!

Must be able to deliver a monthly column for Fulltime Families Magazine.



Review of Haier HLP23E Electronic washer for a Fulltime Family by: Renee Seeley

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I hate laundromats.  To me they are a hassle. I have to separate all my clothes ahead of time, load them all up, drive to the laundromat, unload, and sit for at least an hour and wait…, then fold them all, load them up again, drive “home”, and unload. Or if I’m using the park’s laundry room I inevitably forget to get quarters before the office closes and I’m trying to quick do a load of laundry at night because everyone is out of clean underwear! I love the convenience of being able to throw a load of laundry in the washer while I’m cooking dinner or whatever.


When we bought our motorhome it came with a stackable apartment size washer and dryer, but the washer never worked. For Christmas this year my parents gave us money to have it fixed. However, in doing the research we found that we could buy a new washer for about the same price, so we opted for that route. We bought a portable Haier HLP23E Electronic washer and absolutely love it! With outside dimensions of 24.8”x16.73”x26.97”, it fits perfectly in the closet. It has a 1.46 cubic foot tub size and has an 8.8lb capacity which for us can fit two pair of my husband’s jeans, two pair of our son’s or my jeans, and a few t-shirts in one load. Some other features include:

  • 4 wash cycles, 4 water-level settings, and six programs
  • lid folds in half as it opens to allow room for a dryer above it
  • runs quiet
  • can be hooked up to either a washer hook-up or to any faucet
  • installs in a couple minutes


There are a couple of things we don’t like about the washer

  • It only has one water hose, so when hooking it up to a washer hook-up you have to choose between hot or cold. You would be able to use warm water when hooking it up to a faucet.
  • The manual states that the washer has a built-in water heater, but we don’t think it actually does.


Overall, the washer was a great buy. Having a washer and dryer in our motorhome is saving us time and money. The best part is that our clothes are actually getting cleaner with this washer than they did using park washers or laundromats. Our socks are getting white and spots we thought were stains are coming out!


A wall-mountable dryer is available to go with the washer. However, I can’t tell you how well it works since the washer was all we needed.  The reviews it is getting are just as good as the ones for the washer.


This is a reprint from the February 2012 Issue of Fulltime Families Magazine.  Photo Credits: Renee Seeley


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