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Submission Accepted: FtF Family Friendly Campground Directory

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FamilyFreindlyCertifiedThank you for applying to the FtF Family Friendly Campground Directory.  We look forward to sending families your way!  A representative will be calling you shortly to finalize your application and get your directory listing set up.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 561-376-5990 or email info@fulltimefamilies.com.




New Book Written for the RVing Women available in the Kindle Store!

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You may not have heard yet, but just before Christmas, a brand new book was released, written specifically for RVing Women.

“There is very much a lack of information geared specifically to RVing ladies, which is truly unfortunate since RVing women are a unique blend of nature, nurture, ingenuity and grit.  Their stories are full of emotion, adventure, intrigue, suspense and guts.  And so 12 of us got together and said, ‘Let’s fix this.  Let’s create a sort of Chicken Soup for the RVing Ladies Soul.’  Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks came together so seamlessly, I knew it was meant to be.” says Kimberly Travaglino who serves as both the book’s editor and the contributing author of “When the S#^T Hits the Man”, one of the books 25 original stories.

The book is a blend of heartwarming, humorous, inspirational and motivational stories.  The contributors, referred to as “The Chicks” each add their own unique voice as they spin their true tales of RV Travel and adventures on wheels.

The release of Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks brimming with fascinating tales, coupled with full color images, has been met with rave reviews from readers.

“These entertaining traveling stories will inspire and gently challenge you to live life in the moment, reconsider the value of family, and learn by direct experience. Three cheers for living small, slow, and mobile!” Wendy Priesnitz, Editor of Life Learning Magazine

For a sneak of the book, check out the book’s trailer:

Or grab a sample from the Kindle Store:

Fulltime Families Celebrates Cyber Monday… How to Hit the Road on Kindle just $2.99

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It’s no secret that full time rvers have no idea what day of the week it is.

And we are no exception.  So we’re celebrating Cyber Monday today with a limited time offer!

One day only, get the Kindle Version of “How to Hit the Road; Making Your Families Full Time RV Dreams a Reality” for $2.99!

You can get this deal by clicking here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005FBSBS2/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

How to Hit The Road!

Stuck in Colorado

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We Need You to Do Reviews!

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Do you like free stuff??

We currently have three openings for reviewers for Fulltime Families Magazine! To apply for any of these positions, please kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com.  Please include a writing sample and the position you are applying to in the subject line of your email.

RV Living Product Review: We are looking for a family who likes getting free products!


Must be a Fulltime Families Annual / Lifetime or Charter Member

Must be able to get mail / packages in a timely fashion.

Must be self directed and dependable.

Must be able to deliver a monthly column for Fulltime Families Magazine.

RV Book Reviewer (Adult): We are looking for a voracious reader who likes getting free books!

Please apply at kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com if you meet these specifications.  Please include a writing sample and the subject line ‘RV Living Reviews’ in your email.

Must be a Fulltime Families Annual / Lifetime or Charter Member

Must be able to get mail / packages in a timely fashion.

Must be self directed and dependable.

Having an e-reader is a definite plus!

RV Book Reviewer (Teen / Young Adult):

We are looking for a voracious younger reader who likes getting free books!

Please apply at kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com if you meet these specifications.  Please include a writing sample and the subject line ‘RV Living Reviews’ in your email.

Must be a Fulltime Families Annual / Lifetime or Charter Member

Must be able to get mail / packages in a timely fashion.

Must be self directed and dependable.

Having an e-reader is a definite plus!

Must be able to deliver a monthly column for Fulltime Families Magazine.



Review of Haier HLP23E Electronic washer for a Fulltime Family by: Renee Seeley

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I hate laundromats.  To me they are a hassle. I have to separate all my clothes ahead of time, load them all up, drive to the laundromat, unload, and sit for at least an hour and wait…, then fold them all, load them up again, drive “home”, and unload. Or if I’m using the park’s laundry room I inevitably forget to get quarters before the office closes and I’m trying to quick do a load of laundry at night because everyone is out of clean underwear! I love the convenience of being able to throw a load of laundry in the washer while I’m cooking dinner or whatever.


When we bought our motorhome it came with a stackable apartment size washer and dryer, but the washer never worked. For Christmas this year my parents gave us money to have it fixed. However, in doing the research we found that we could buy a new washer for about the same price, so we opted for that route. We bought a portable Haier HLP23E Electronic washer and absolutely love it! With outside dimensions of 24.8”x16.73”x26.97”, it fits perfectly in the closet. It has a 1.46 cubic foot tub size and has an 8.8lb capacity which for us can fit two pair of my husband’s jeans, two pair of our son’s or my jeans, and a few t-shirts in one load. Some other features include:

  • 4 wash cycles, 4 water-level settings, and six programs
  • lid folds in half as it opens to allow room for a dryer above it
  • runs quiet
  • can be hooked up to either a washer hook-up or to any faucet
  • installs in a couple minutes


There are a couple of things we don’t like about the washer

  • It only has one water hose, so when hooking it up to a washer hook-up you have to choose between hot or cold. You would be able to use warm water when hooking it up to a faucet.
  • The manual states that the washer has a built-in water heater, but we don’t think it actually does.


Overall, the washer was a great buy. Having a washer and dryer in our motorhome is saving us time and money. The best part is that our clothes are actually getting cleaner with this washer than they did using park washers or laundromats. Our socks are getting white and spots we thought were stains are coming out!


A wall-mountable dryer is available to go with the washer. However, I can’t tell you how well it works since the washer was all we needed.  The reviews it is getting are just as good as the ones for the washer.


This is a reprint from the February 2012 Issue of Fulltime Families Magazine.  Photo Credits: Renee Seeley

Quartzsite 2012

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The last week of January, 15 families congregated in Quartzsite to tour the World’s Largest RV Show, have nightly campfires and share some fun times.

We loved every minute of our circled wagons.  Being on BLM meant no water, no sewer, no electric hook ups, and no rules, no quiet times, and the opportunity to let our unwashed hair down for a few days!

The show was a lot of fun!  There were beautiful RVs to walk through, tons of equipment and upgrades to inspect and lots of one of a kind goodies to buy.  One of my best purchases was an $8 1/2 flat of strawberries.  The berries were the size of apples and tasted sweeter than candy.  We ate most of them while I was counting out the 8 singles for the man that sold them to us out of the back of his truck.  I looked for him a few days later, but never found him again.


Unbeknownst to me, Chris had a goal to put on a solar panel while we were in Q.  He had lots of help from Rod Garrison, Kent Butterfield, and of course his wing man, Sean McCloskey.  So much help, in fact, he went back the next day and bought / installed a second panel – so now we have two!

I’m not sure what they do for us, but he installed a special plug so we can charge our phones at night when we’re dry camping.  That seems well worth the $500!

On Saturday Night, we went to Michelle Thomas’ revival tent to experience a Quartzsite Revival.  During the revival, I was struck with the idea that Quartzsite is full of pallets and we needed firewood for the evening.  On our way home from the tent, we swung by the area with the most pallets and sure enough – they had a sign on them… it read “FIREWOOD”!

So we loaded up the Mc’s Big Red Truck and then went back for two more truck loads… We learned that pallets burn HOT and FAST!  We spent most of the night moving our chairs back and forth as each new pallet was laid on the fire.  The next day, we set most of the kids on the task of disassembling the pallets so we could control the fire a bit better.

Kent Butterfield showed us all how to make survival bracelets with paracord… needless to say, I am now waiting on $60 worth of paracord in our General Mail delivery… thanks Kent!


Kent also held a Kids’ Gun Safety Course!  Stay tuned for a replay, as we filmed the whole thing!

We played games, had a pot luck, ran “The Real Housewives of FtF” radio show. Shared stories, harassed prank callers, learned new things, roasted a pallet of marshmallows, let the dogs loose and had an all around wonderful time!

I think we all left with smiles in our hearts… and tons of dust in our campers!  Which is fine, since I’ll probably be sweeping the last of it out, just in time to do it all again!

Families on the Road

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Are there really families that live on the road?  There sure are! And we’re one of them.

As I type this, the RVing industry currently estimates that 3% of all full time rv’ers are rving with their children.

So, what is life like for a family on the road?  In some ways its very different then our “sticks and bricks” (homes) counterparts and in some ways its very similar.

Take for instance, work homeschooling, housekeeping, laundry, dishes, bill paying, taxes, grocery shopping, all the boring, all the drudgery of everyday life… we do them…

The main difference is – we do them… exactly where in the world we want to do them.  We seek out the weather, scenery, neighbors – the all around best places we like to hang out – or explore – and we drive there… and then we do those boring things.

Then, in our free time we explore our new surroundings and immerse ourselves in the local culture. When we feel like we’ve seen it and done it all, we move on.

It’s not like we’re on a permanent vacation or anything – its just that what we gave up in a house (lots of space, space, space) we traded in our rv dwelling lifestyle (lots of amazing, wonderful, fantastic things to see, do, experience).

If you’re interested in bringing your family on the road – check out ‘How to Hit the Road’ and see how easy it is to get your life off hold!

Winter Camp in Comfort with the January Issue of FtF Mag

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A New Year and a New FtF Mag! More pictures, more great ideas, more of what you love about the only magazine that addresses full time rv living with your family in mind!

In this issue you will find:
  • Campfire Cooking
  • Winter Camping Tips
  • Putting your blog to Work For you! – Free Webinar!
  • A Review of the Gypsy Mama’s Guide to Real Travel with Kids
  • Installing a Pellet Stove in your RV
  • Free Internet on the Road
  • Keeping Your Furnace Running Smoothly
  • Dreamers to Drivers: Downsizing Your Wardrobe
  • What’s Playing on FtF TV
  • What Drives Us: The Anderson Family
  • and as always… tons more!
So go check it out now!  And remember, if you haven’t subscribed yet,
you can catch up on all your missing (all 21 issues) for just $1 but hurry ’cause

this is the last day for this offer!


The Conclusion of our Boondocking Experiment – No

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You know us way too well!

Of course we didn’t make it 7 full days, subsisting on our own grit and spit!

We might have… but…

Well, it started 11:00pm on the dot on night 5 – Tonia started throwing up!  This should not have been a big surprise since DJ had been sick 2 days earlier, but as parents tend to do when a stomach bug takes up residence, denial sets in and the first victim is usually attributed to an isolated issue.  Right?  No one wants to believe that the flu will tear through EVERYONE in the camper!  And neither did we… but of course, we were wrong.

So Tonia was sick from 11pm – 6am the following morning, when she handed the proverbial vomit baton off to her brother Dominic – who precisely at 6am  – started throwing up.

By 8am, I was so ill, I was virtually useless.

That’s when Chris told me:

1. We were out of propane (perfect for 40 degree weather)

2. We were out of water (tremendous for all the mess we were making)

3. The black tank was full (can it get any better)?

Enough was enough… while I curled up in the fetal position on the couch, flanked on either side by my very ill children, Chris packed up the entire rig and drove us to the Thousand Trails 2 miles down the road.

You may be asking yourself why we did this in the first place.  Well, TT (Thousand Trails) has a stipulation that if you are in a particular preserve and want to return to said preserve – you must spend a “week out”.  So that’s what we were doing.

But we learned yesterday, that you could stay longer or return earlier if you had a medical issue (man, did we ever) for $10 a night.  That was $10 well spent!

Now, we are parked in between two terrific families (The Lundys and The McCloskeys), looking forward to the holidays and thrilled that our winter boondocking is behind us.

In a future post, we’ll be tallying up the week… I can’t wait to see how much we spent saved by parking ourselves in the desert.

This is part 6 of what was supposed to be a 7 part mini series…

If you’re just joining us now… here’s what you’ve missed.

Day 1 – Here we go a Boondocking

Day 2 – Boondocking Challenges

Day 3 – Dry Camping – Is it supposed to be this dry?

Day 4 – What’s the meaning of Christmas?

 Day &*#$% – It’s all a blur now




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