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Fulltime Families Ambassadors – The Mason Family

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What is a Fulltime Families Ambassador?  The goal of the Fulltime Families Ambassador Program is to continue to build a meaningful, inclusive and strong community on the road. To achieve this, we find a family who will:

  • Be warm and welcoming both online and in-person.  An example of this would be to continue what you already do, by Welcoming new members on Facebook group as they are announced.
  • Share about Fulltime Families wherever they go and encourage membership.
  • Help current FtF Members to connect with each other.
  • Be well versed in the benefits of Fulltime Families and share events, updates, new products, partnerships and FtF news via their personal website, and/or social media avenues.  
  • Look for ways to be inclusive of others, by hosting potlucks, field trips, and potentially Fulltime Families Hangouts as opportunities arise.  
  • Communicate with Fulltime Families Corporate how the membership can be enhanced and other ways to make FtF even better.

We currently have 9 FtF families in the Ambassador program that we will be introducing to you!

The Mason Family

Let me introduce you to our FtF Ambassador’s, the Mason’s; Ian, Jennie, Jesse, David, & Veronica. They started considering living on the road because Ian’s job was too much. Jennie and the kids never saw him. Due to work, their family was rarely able to take vacations. The Mason’s were tired of the ‘rat race’ that typically comes with the traditional lifestyle. They made the decision to go on the road in January of 2015, bought the rig in April, bought the truck in May, moved into the rig in June and lived stationary for a few months while Ian finished out his work commitments. Then, they hit the road in September of 2015.

They knew they wanted to travel for a year or two at least, but currently have no end in site! They LOVE this RVing lifestyle! They have no plans for a s&b (sticks and bricks) house ever again!

Jennie and Ian both agree that the #1 benefit to having a Fulltime Families membership is community. Jennie said, “The biggest thing I love about this lifestyle, in general, is sitting around chatting and getting to know people on a deeper level.”

When asked what people may not know about your family, they said, their kids are all 3 adopted and are 1/2 siblings.

The Mason’s family favorite pass-times are exploring the National Park system and volunteering. However, they enjoy this lifestyle most because, in their words, “We’ve found our tribe. Some relationships we’ve built on the road are deeper than any we’ve ever had because of the likemindedness we share.”

Over their years of travel the Mason’s have learned a ‘few’ things! Their biggest lesson has been financial. Jennie said, “Income is not a guarantee. You don’t have to have the biggest & most expensive rig to live on the road. You don’t have to have hefty payments. In fact, you’re better off if you don’t.” Knowing what they know now, they would pay cash and have no debt on the rig and truck.

The Mason’s only regret is that they wish they would have started living the nomadic lifestyle sooner. “This life is doable and it’s amazing,” they said.

We, at Fulltime Families, are thankful for the Mason’s. They have become an amazing asset to our community! Jennie is now employed, for a few hours a week, with Fulltime Families. She in currently in charge of FtF Branches (FtF’s smaller niches where our community can connect around the things they have in common).

Each Ambassador family is so important to us and we look forward to introducing the next one to you soon!!!

Fulltime Families 2K Giveaway

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As Fulltime Families Membership swells to 2,000 Members internationally, we are celebrating with our Fulltime Families 2k Giveaway!

In 2015 when Fulltime Families crested 1,000 Members we gave away a Go Pro!

But as we cross the next great threshold, we’ve come up with an even more exciting event to celebrate the growth of our community, with more opportunities to participate.

When the dial rolls on 2k, Fulltime Families will be giving away the following prizes:

1 Grand Prize Winner: $250 Amazon Gift Card

1 Second Prize Winner: $100 Amazon Gift Card

4 Third Prize Winners: $25 Amazon Gift Cards

5 Fourth Prize Winners: $10 Amazon Gift Cards

Prizes will be awarded via random drawing.  The more entries your family has in the drawing, the greater your chance to win! 

Here’s how you earn entries in the Fulltime Families 2k Giveaway

  • All active member families are automatically entered with a single (1) entry per family.
  • All active member families will earn two (2) additional entries for each new member referral.  Referrals must be registered and recorded through the Fulltime Families Affiliate Program.  Referral date must be equal to or greater than 12/12/17.  Not an FtF Affiliate yet?  Click the link to register.
  • No purchase necessary to participate.  All non-FtF (or inactive) member families who are FtF Affiliates will earn one (1) entry for each new member referral.
  • Only 1 winner per family permitted
  • Drawing will take place within 48 business hours after the 2000th FtF Member registers.

20 Resources to help you Roadschool Through the Holidays

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Holiday Roadschool Show Button

This time of year can be hectic no matter what kind of lifestyle you enjoy. Many families on the road take time off to travel back home for the holidays or simply enjoy their surroundings for the season. No matter what your holiday schedule, the Roadschool Moms team encourages you to Roadschool through the Holidays. These are the favorite homeschool holiday resources on the RoadSchool Moms Approved list this year:

Language Arts & Cross-Curriculum Resources

Homeschool through the Nativity from Intoxicated on Life

All About Christmas from Meet Penny

Holidays Around the World from Teachers Pay Teachers

The History of Santa Claus from Lesson Plans Page

All About Rudolph from Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures

Christmas Vocabulary Puzzles from Road Trip Teacher

Truth in the Tinsel from Oh Amanda


Christmas Science Labs from The Science Penguin

Christmas Nature Study from Our Journey Westward

Tie-Dyed Christmas Ornaments from Happy Hooligans


The Twelve Math Days of Christmas from A2Z Homeschool

Christmas Math Facts from ABCya

Writing & Copywork

The Christmas Story Copywork from Mom’s Mustard Seeds

December Scripture Writing Plan from Sweet Blessings


Advent Book List from My Humble Kitchen

Christmas Chaper Books to Read Aloud from What Do We Do All Day

12 Christmas Books to Read to Your Kids from Stewardship

Art, Music & Other Fun Resources

Christmas Carols Music Study from Squilt Music

How to Draw a Reindeer from Busy Kids Happy Mom

Christmas Tree Chalk Art from Hodge Podge

Lego Christmas Projects from Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Many of the resources above can be used to homeschool across the ages of your roadschool. Here are a couple of other holiday roadschool resources we found that your middle school/high school teens might especially enjoy:

5 Days of Teen Christmas Ideas from Education Possible

Nutcracker Unit Study from Homegrown Learners

Holiday Math Activities from Lindsay Perro

To listen to the Roadschool Moms’s favorite resources used in their own roadschool during the 2015 holiday season, tune into the December 6th episode of Roadschool Moms over at iTunes!

Roadschool Moms is a live, one-hour weekly broadcast dedicated to the needs and challenges facing today’s roadschool moms. Kimberly Travaglino, of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time, working in current events and featuring a mix of expert guests.

Fulltime Families Announces 2018 Winter Events

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Have you heard about the Fulltime Families Rallies? Are you looking to see if there’s one upcoming on your route?

Fulltime Families is currently accepting Early Bird Registrations for Charter and Lifetime Members, for their recently announced 3 Nationwide Events to be hosted Winter and Spring 2018

General Registration will open on 10/6

We’ve been “on the road” now for over 3.5 years and found that the road can be a lonely place, especially for kids. We just finished the Canadian rally last week and I can say emphatically that we’ve yet to find a better way to connect with other families while on the road than a rally.

If you haven’t attended a rally yet and you’re on the fence about going to one, I’d encourage you to do it. We’re now planning our routes around rallies, when feasible, instead of only if it one is close by.  Biles Family Pioneer Lifetime FTF #620

Wondering what happens at a Rally?  Check Out Less Junk, More Journey’s videos from the 2017 Tallahasee Rally

Still have questions?  Click here to read all our Rally FAQs


Ready to Register – Choose your event below:

Fulltime Families SouthWest Shindig Hangout in Tonopah, AZ

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Visit The Shop

Join your FtF Friends for a BLM Boondocking Adventure

The Thomas Family invites fellow Fulltime Families Members to join them for a Back to Basics Good Time at the Fulltime Families Southwest Shindig in Tonopah, AZ, on BLM Land (coordinates delivered after registration),  Nov. 30th – Dec 3rd. 2017.

Family Friendly Activities will be announced shortly.

Families interested in attending this event are encouraged to make their reservations with Fulltime Families asap. Spaces are Limited!

An activities fee of $50 per family will be required to cover supplies for this weekend long event. Please keep in mind, this is not a rally, it’s a “hang out” which has a more relaxed calendar of activities.

Not in the Southwest this Fall? Check out the other scheduled Fulltime Families Hangouts

Interested in hosting your own Fulltime Families Hangout? Contact Kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com

You can reserve your spot for this event by reserving your spot with the form below:

2017 Fulltime Families South West Shindig Hangout
2017 Fulltime Families South West Shindig Hangout
Hosted at Saddle Mountain BLM - Tonopah, AZ - November 30th 2017 - December 3rd 2017
Price: $50.00

What are the cancellation policies for this event?

Hangout Fee Refunds:

  • Cancel between Now and –November 14th, 2017 for a 50% refund.
  • Cancellations after November. 15th will not be refunded.
  • Fees at non-transferable

Camping Refunds:

  • There are no Campground charges for this event.  It is hosted on BLM land which provides free camping for up to 14 days.


Shhhh… The Best Kept Secret in RV Furnishings is…

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For years, I have searched the aisles of Camping World looking for fun and interesting things that would be fully functional and funky additions to my RV. For years I have been disappointed. Spare the clock with the days of the week, I have not found anything exciting in any CW across the country.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t spent a lot of money there, in the form of sewer hoses, vent covers and other RV Essentials, we have. But those interesting, dual functioning, perfectly proportioned items that would make life in my camper easier… were not there.

Then, I found them! All in one place, all affordable and all served with a delicious side of Swedish Meatballs… Was this a dream??? No, it’s IKEA!!!

THE BEST store for fun, functional and funky things to add to your RV at affordable prices.

Check out some of the things I got…

High chair 19.99 – Note this chair is light weight, the perfect height for an RV table AND a picnic table, and it’s totally weather proof! Love it!

Toddler potty 4.99 – Simple, portable, works great in the RV and on the tailgate of the truck – oh and it looks great in the middle of my kitchen too! Atleast I think so!!!

Matchbox car carpet $12.99 Since we brought this home it has seen hours of play time. It’s the perfect foundation to build a Matchbox World on top of. Also works great with our train collection and Tonia loves how her Giant Barbie Dolls can wreak havoc on the entire town her brothers just diligently built.

Butt that’s not alll!


These dog leash holders for $2.99 each are absolutely my favorite. Not only do they help me organize the various tethers I have for our three mongrels, they also make me laugh!!!

Keep in mind, once you go to Ikea one time you will be absolutely addicted because… unlike that dusty Camping World… Ikea offers (are you sitting down) FREE BABYSITTING!!!!

Yes, you can shop in peace! or make it a date and check out the Ikea Cafeteria.

Check out this menu… Sometimes they even offer “kids eat free” http://www.ikea.com/us/en/store/sunrise/restaurant

And get this … Ikea has RV Parking and they’ll even let you stay overnight! It’s like they were built with FtF’s in mind!

Ikea is definitely the best kept secret in RV stores, so the next time you pass that bright blue and yellow sign, hang a u-ie and be sure to keep a lookout for me in the parking lot – it’s my new obsession! 😉




First! Baby Born at a Fulltime Families Event

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Welcome to the World Cecilia Adelina Hartog!  We are so pleased to meet you!

It all started last Thursday night, October 12th, 2017, while 22 full-time rving families were gathered to experience the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta at the FtF Balloon Fiesta Hangout.  Unless you count the false labor on Monday night that served as a drill for ensuring appropriate water supply and set up.

As Thursday afternoon progressed, soon to be mother of three, Clementine Baksteen’s labor pains fell into a regular pattern two minutes apart for 30 seconds.

Did I tell you all the FtFs at the event were in dry camping, including expectant Clementine?  That means that we had no water hook ups, no electricity to plug into and no sewer to receive our waste waters.  To me it seemed that Clementine’s birth would be akin to the experiences of pioneer moms, bringing forth new life in one room cabins on a desolate prairie.

2017 Fulltime Families Balloon Fiesta Hangout aka Clementine’s Support Team

But unlike her 19th century counterparts, Clementine and the whole Hartog clan were encamped among their friends new and old, and many pitched in with last minute preparations which included, filling a birth tub, straightening up the labor and delivery room (ie; Clementine’s camper living room) and in general making the family as comfortable as possible.

As the sun set that Thursday, we gathered with the Hartogs, their midwives and families to feast on steak, potatoes and a big garden salad.  If we weren’t parked on a landfill, the scene would have resembled a vineyard al fresco dinner complete with twinkling lights and mismatched weather beaten chairs.

After Clementine felt satiated, labor came on strong and constant and the Hartogs and their midwives retreated to the toy hauler that has served as their home for the last 7 years, as well as the birth place of their 5 year old son.

20 minutes later, an emotional newly minted dad of 3, emerged from the camper and a jubilant cheer was raised through the darkness as we were all treated to the news of our “balloon baby’s” arrival.

Tiny pink toes and cupids bow lips, she is a delicious delight of new birth and promise.

Want to see Cecilia’s media debut and 21st century birth announcement?

Are you considering having a baby or currently pregnant on the road?  Fulltime Families has birth resources available to you that work with your travel lifestyle.  For more information, click here: Fulltime Families Birth Resources.

Are you a birth resource provider, get connected with our partner, Support for Your Birth to join their directory of nationwide midwives, doula, photographers and other birth support service providers.

Fulltime Families Resource Highlights

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Have you ever  said…

“I need help with a service or a product. I’d love to keep business in the family, but I don’t know who provides the service or has the product I need.”

Some of the most common questions we hear on our FtF Facebook pages are:

  • How can I make money and travel? (this one has become laughable, but we want to help!)
  • How can I find a trusted resource to repair my RV or get me the best insurance coverage?
  • What’s the best deal for internet coverage as I travel?

All of these questions and many more have prompted Fulltime Families to connect their members with trusted Resources for their needs.

Some of our trusted Resources offer exclusive special deals to our FtF members ONLY. Some of them sponsor our FtF events nation-wide. Many of the trusted resources gift us raffle prizes for our events. All of these trusted Resources advertise with us here. Help YOUR community out! Please share this link to help others find the resources they are looking for.

This week our FEATURED RESOURCES are:


Our handmade healing Baltic amber, hazelwood, and crystal jewelry to aid in teething, pain, inflammation, and so much more. In addition to handcrafted jewelry, we’re here to help you on your own journey toward a more natural and grateful life through our blog, experiences, and resources. See Michelle Howard’s website here: http://www.hippiehoopla.com/.  We also sell on ETSY (www.etsy.com/shop/HippieHooplaand Amazon (on.com/handmade/Hippie-Hoopla)and have a couple of PRIME items!

Bill & Lise Enterprises, LLC Consultant for Rodan + Fields

What if you could have great looking skin on the go? R+F just launched FREE TRAVEL SIZE Regimens when you bundle your Fav Full-size regimen and our Active Hydration Serum!!! It’s the perfect bundle to get great skin and the ability to take your regimen in your carry on!! (*While Supplies Last*) See Bill & Lisa Anderson’s website here: https://bilisent.myrandf.com


*All of these advertisers are trusted resources within FtF and we encourage you to give them your business!!! See our entire listings here: https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/business-directory/.  If you’d like to know how to get involved, email sarah@fulltimefamilies.com.

MORryde Partners with Fulltime Families giving them the Keys to a Solid RV Experience

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For Immediate Release

Anywhere, USA – Today, Fulltime Families and MORryde have announced a partnership to provide Fulltime Families Members a discount on the top quality items provided by one of America’s supreme fabricators and RV enhancement specialists.

MORryde is known for producing stellar products such as:

  • MORryde Independent Suspension
  • MORryde Rubber Pin Box
  • Sliding trays, TV Mounts and STEPABOVE – MORryde’s solution for a stable and comfortable way to access your RV

Fulltime Families is the premier resource for full-time RVing families, internationally, serving their members and providing solutions for the challenges that families face when they transition to a mobile lifestyle.

MORryde has been supporting the Fulltime Families community through many years, as a headline sponsor at their events!

With this partnership, MORryde provides Fulltime Families Members an exclusive savings on their products available direct from the manufacturer. Check out their catalogue of products and savings here!

“MORryde is committed to helping people RV safely, and we are excited to connect our families with the tools and upgrades MORryde provides to help our RVing families have the best experience on the road.  We appreciate MORryde’s support of our community and we appreciate MORryde’s valuing our families by providing this special offer”, says Kimberly Travaglino, co-Founder of Fulltime Families who’s RV rides on MORrydes Independent Suspension with disc brakes.


Need to Evacuate? Safe Zones with Map and Listings

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We’ve referenced our FtF Family Friendly Campground Directory (campgrounds that waive the kid tax for FtF Members) and reached out to several campgrounds for full-time RVing families in Florida looking for a place to evacuate to.

Here’s what we have so far:

Please call the campground personally to verify appropriate sites for your needs are still available.



Bonifay, FL
710 McGee Road
Bonifay, FL
Free field with hook ups
From a fellow FtF: “If they look on Google for the “memorial field of Bonifay”, this place is two big fields at the corner of S. Depot Street and Mc Kinnon Avenue. Heading West on Hwy. 90, turn left at the Exxon (S. Depot Street) and go 1 1/2 blocks. The entrance is on the right. It’s a small entrance, but swing wide to the left before entering and there will be no problem.”

Jellystone in Madison, FL
All sites are $50 plus tax 10.5%
Cabins available / bring linens pillows toiletries
1051 SW Old St Augustine Road
I-10 & Exit 258
Madison,Fla 32340
$25 plus tax 10.5% Includes use of bathrooms/showers
As long as we have city water service !!!


Baldwin County Coliseum
44000 sq ft building (address is 19477 Fairground Rd, Robertsdale AL. 36547.( 251)947-3247. It has kitchens, bathrooms and will hold 2000 people comfortably and up to 5000 if needed. They also have outside shelters made for pets etc.

Talladega Superspeedway
3366 Speedway Blvd, Lincoln, AL 35096
Dry Camping

University Station RV Resort
3076 Highway 14
Auburn, AL 36832
20 -30 plus lots of drycamping
current nightly rate $40 per night f/h/up, $20 per night
334-821-8968 Debra, Kayla, Jill Owner
Hayfield can be dry camped on for free, ask for the HayField Dry Camping

Sweet Home Alabama Campground & RV Park
25882 Sailboat Rd
Andalusia, AL 36421
20 open spots 30 amp
2 paved areas dry camping
$40 hookups
$15 dry camping
Eric is the Owner

Eagle’s Landing RV Campground
1900 Lee Road 137
Auburn, AL 36832
(334)821-8805, 5 spots f/h/u $47.70

Jennings Ferry Campground
1001 Jennings Ferry Rd
Akron, AL 35441
(205)372-1217 37 sites available, $22 per night

Logan Landing RV & Cabin Resort
1036 Paul Bryant Road
Alpine, AL 35014
(888)564-2671, availability, f/h/u $37.01 per night

White Oak Creek Campground
395 HWY 95
State campground $24 per night
50 sites available

Kolomoki Mounds State Park
205 Indian Mounds Rd
Blakely, GA 39823

Hardridge Creek Campground

Lakepoint Resort State Park
104 Lakepoint Drive
Eufaula, AL 36027
(334) 687-8011

Lake Eufaula Campground
151 West Chewalla Creek Drive
Eufaula, AL 36027

Poplar Point Camp
35 Poplar Point Camp
Rockford, AL 35136

(256) 377-2606

Cullman, AL – 5 hrs north of Pensacola, FL
SMITH LAKE PARK (403 County Rd 386, Cullman, AL 35057)
219 full service, 5 water and electric, 61 tent areas. (No status, but they always have available spots)
Our recent price was $44/day
(256) 739-2916

Cullman, AL
Sportsmans Lake Park
1544 Sportsman Lake Rd NW
Cullman, AL 35055
Phone (256) 734-3052
$22.00/day – RV (dry camping)
$14.00/day – tent

Deer run RV Park
25629 US-231, Troy, AL 36081
(800) 552-3036




Bristol Motorspeedway
BRISTOL, TENN. – Bristol Motor Speedway joined several NASCAR venues Friday and opened up their campgrounds to evacuees from Hurricane Irma.
To get more information, evacuees may call toll free (866) 415-4158.



Senoia Raceway
171 Brown Rd, Senoia, GA 30276
FB poster comments “has opened to camping to evacuees as well as free admission to tonight’s race.”

Unicoi State Park
1788 Highway 356, Helen, GA 30545
(706) 878-2201
Unicoi has rooms and campsites we are also doing over flow camping 706-878-2201

Atlanta Motor Speedway is opening its camping facilities free of charge to Hurricane Irma evacuees.
Those interested in RV or tent camping at Atlanta Motor Speedway should enter the facility at Entrance “E” off GA Highway 19/41. The unreserved campgrounds will be on the left.
1500 Tara Pl, Hampton, GA 30228

Alma MX Park, We have plenty of room for campers with hookups available.
Alma, GA

Chehaw in South West Georgia
RV Camping Rates for Evacuees 17/per night
Tent Campers 13.25/per night
Call 229-430-5275 for more info


Bainbridge GA at the Bainbridge airport. No hookups but there is fresh water and bathroom close by. If needing a free spot give me a call 229-522-0542 Wade

Southern Wood Arena
1379 Newsome Gap Rd
Rising Fawn, GA 30738
(205) 532-6653

Beaver Run RV Park
I-16, South at exit 111, Excelsior Church Road, Metter, GA 30439
(912) 362-4737
All the sites have hookups, most are FHU, but a couple have W/E only.
See website or call for rates.
(912) 362-4737


Shady Grove Campground, Cumming Georgia is open for business for travelers seeking shelter from Hurricane Irma.
7800 Allyn Lane Memorial Way, Cumming, GA 30041
(770) 205-6850


Cedar Creek RV & Outdoor Center
6770 Cave Springs RD SW
Cave Springs, GA 30124
$35/night or $195/weekly pull-thru
All sites are 50 amp and full hookup
Accept Good Sams
Manager: James

Jones RV Park
2200 Willowtrail Parkway
Norcross, GA 30093
FHU 20/30/50amp at all sites, water, & sewer
current rates:  $35/night or $200/wk
Janes Jones, owner

1105 Bryant Park Rd
Royston, GA 30662
40ft back in, 30amp, max 6 people, pet friendly
3 sites available from 9/7-9/11
Reserve at https://gastateparks.reserveamerica.com/campsiteSearch.do

Sawnee Campground
3200 Buford Dam Rd.
Cumming, GA 30041
6 sites from 9/7 – 9/11
30 or 50 amp, pet friendly, large back in sites
This is a COE park and if you have a National Park Pass the prices might be lower.
Reserve at www.recreation.gov

Bald Ridge Creek, GA
4100 Bald Ridge Park Rd Cumming, GA 30041
50amp, pet friendly
COE park-National Park Pass may get you a discounted rate
8 large back in sites for first come first serve basis available 9/7-9/11

McKinney Campground
6659 McKinney Camp Ground Rd SE, Acworth, GA 30102
COE Park
13 sites available from 9/8-9/11 for smaller rigs up to 38 feet
50amp, pet friendly


Askew Campground
3412 Askew Ferry Rd.
Edwards, MI 39066

Red Creek Off Road
1192, Vestry Rd, Perkinston, MS 39573
(601) 945-5055
Fb Poster adds “is offering $10/night for evacuees. They’re on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, on the Alabama side.

Flint Creek Water Park
1216 Parkway Dr, Wiggins, MS 39577
(601) 928-3051Fb poster adds “50 % discount to fl evacuees



Keowee Falls RV Park
150 Jefferson Rd, West Union, SC 29696
(864) 638-5716

Little Pee Dee State Park
2400 Park Access Rd, Dillon, SC 29536
(843) 774-8872
From and FtF Member: “We evacuated from just north of Savannah. There’s plenty of spots, family friendly, and they’re even running a special right now for half off 2 night stays. So we paid only $25 for 2 nights with 30amp and water. No sewer but they have a dump station.”



Green Mountain Park – Thousand Trails
2495 Dimmette Rd.,
Lenoir, NC 28645
(828) 757-4088

Yogi in the Smokies
317 Galamore Bridge Rd.
Cherokee, NC 28791
828-497-9151, toll free 877-716-6711
My direct email is camp@jellystonecherokee.com
A note from the owner: we are open for Irma evacuees. Our sites are $39 per night for a water/electric site, $47 per night for riverside water/electric; $50 per night for 30 amp FHU with Cable, $58 per night for 30 amp FHU w/cable riverside; $56 per night for 50 amp FHU w/cable, $64 per night for 50 amp FHU w/cable riverside; $67 per night for 50 amp FHU w/cable for Deluxe sites able to accomodate 40+ in length RV’s.


Jellystone Park™ at Gloucester Point
3149 Campground Road
Hayes, VA 23072
Jellystone Park at Gloucester Point is offering 30% off all campsite and cabin rentals for Irma evacuees. Cabin rentals do not include linens. Please call 804-642-4316 or email

Jellystone Park at Natural Bridge
16 Recreation Ln, Natural Bridge Station, VA 24579
 per night for any full hookup Campsite , $75 per night for any cabin
Florida, Georgia North and South Carolina.
Call 540-292-2727 to make a reservation.


Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park (1 hr north of New Orleans)
46049 LA-445, Robert, LA 70455
(985) 542-1507
Rates are 1/2 Price for Hurricane Evacuees per
Maurice J LeBlanc JR,



Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park and Karst Beach
1002 Mammoth Cave Rd.
Cave City, KY 42127
(270) 773-3840
Campsites and Cabins available

Corvette Museum
350 Corvette Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 781-7973
The corvette museum in ky has open parking for evacuees. And the parks and resort has a 25 percent discount for Fl id carriers


Brushcreek Falls RV Resort (right outside of Princeton, WV), is offering discounts for those evacuating the hurricane. We have 51 spots with full hook-ups. The discounted prices we are offering to those evacuating Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and North Carolina are:
Back-In Spots: $20
Pull-Through Spots: $25
Cabin: $32.50+Lodging Tax

Our address is
5127 Eads Mill Rd
Princeton, WV 24740

Know of a campground in the safe zone with availability?  Email Kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com with the specifics to be added to this list.



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