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How Do Full-Time RVing Families Make All Their Stuff Fit- Webinar Replay Available

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Missed the Webinar?  The replay is available here:

Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families, spent some time showing viewers her best tips for fitting everything an adventuring family of 6 needs into the 350 sq feet, the Travaglino family has been living in for the last 7 years.

  • What Kitchen Appliances are multipurpose?
  • Where do you keep all your clothes?
  • How about toy storage?
  • Family heirlooms and momentos?

Click the replay and join Kimberly and host, Georgianne Austin, Escapees Marketing Director, for this informative broadcast complete with Q&A Session.

Have further questions?  Consider purchasing your own copy of “How to Hit the Road; Making Your Family’s Full-Time RV Dreams a Reality“.



Fulltime Families Rally Instructions and FAQs

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How can I reserve my spot?

Go to the link for the event you are interested in registering for on Our Upcoming Events Page  to reserve your spot.

Does the price include camping?

Your rally fee DOES NOT include camping.  Please make your camping arrangements directly with the campground hosting the event.  This information and their phone number will be listed on your Event Registration Page.

What Utilities are Included on my site?

Please consult the campground directly regarding available utilities.

Are Cabins, RV Rentals and Tent sites available?

Most of our Fulltime Families Rally host campgrounds offer alternative accommodations.  Consult the campground regarding these options.

What happens after I reserve my spot?

24 – 48 hours after we receive a notification from Paypal, you will get an email from Fulltime Families with additional registration instructions.  This will be sent to your Paypal Email Address. Upon completion of the form, you will be added to the dedicated Facebook account for this event.

What days should I plan to arrive and leave?

Please plan to arrive early to a Rally.  Some Rallies run from Thursday to Sunday, and most people arrive between Sunday and Wednesday.  Please be aware that each Rally has a “Pre-Rally” leading up to the Rally.  This usually takes place 2 to 3 days before the actual Rally.  This is the time when many optional events occur:  Field Trips, Mom’s Night out, Dad’s Night Out, campfires and Meet&Greets. Many plan to stay a full week. If you’d like to do this, it’s customary to stay Monday – Monday or Sunday to Sunday.

I’m a Charter Member.  How do I get my special discount? 

Charter Members will receive an email from Jill@fulltimefamilies.com when the rally is announced.  If you missed the email, contact Jill for the discount code.

I’m a Lifetime Member and I always receive a discount off my rally rate. How do I do that?

Lifetime Members will receive an email from Jill@fulltimefamilies.com when the rally is announced.  If you missed the email, contact Jill for the discount code.

I’m a current Annual Member and I’d like to upgrade to a Lifetime Member. How do I do that?

Current Annual Members who are interested in upgrading to the Lifetime Membership option and receiving a one time $50 rally credit can email Jill directly.

What will we be doing at this “rally”?

Fulltime Families Rallies are 4 to 7 day family friendly events full of fun and fellowship (that’s a lot of f’s;). Schedules include a variety of family game times, arts and crafts, educational opportunities, seminars, campfires, socials, and big time fun!

What’s Included in my Rally Fee?

Your rally fee pays for all the supplies, staff, rental fees, event insurance and administrative costs required to host the event.

Who can attend a Fulltime Families Rally?

Fulltime RVing Families, Part-Time RVing Families, Weekend Warrior Families and Dreamers are all encouraged to attend Fulltime Families Rallies!  We offer both FtF Member and Non-Member Rates as well as a limited number of day passes.  Not a member yet? Join Now!

Do you offer scholarships for this event?

Yes, we have a limited number of scholarships. To apply for an Fulltime Families Event Scholarship, complete the Application Form.

Are there opportunities to Volunteer at this event?

Absolutely, Volunteers are the life blood of Rally events. To be connected to the organizers group and find opportunities, you send an email to Jill@FulltimeFamilies.com. We also have a Volunteer Board posted during the event.

What are we eating?

Some activities will include corporate meals (pot luck), other times you will be eating on your own. It’s best to go food shopping and plan quick and easy meals while you are attending the rally, as you won’t want to miss a minute of the fun!

Do families Roadschool during the rally?

While there are many educational elements on the rally schedule, with so many kids and so many fun things to do, doing school during your time at the rally may be challenging. Many families suspend their studies during rally time.

How can I prepare my children for this event?

Rally is a fun time, but it can also be overwhelming for new attendees. It’s a good idea to review the schedule with your family so you can mark off activities you don’t want to miss.

What are the cancellation policies for this event?

Please refer to the Registration Page for your event for cancellation dates and policies.

FtF 2017 Family Awards Announced

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This past Saturday night at the FtF 7th Annual Family Reunion Main Event, sponsored by Fass Fuel, the FtF 2017 Family Awards were announced.

This year we started a new tradition at FtF to recognize members of our community that help each of us to make our lives on the road easier and more fulfilling!
FtF Family of the Year – lives the DREAM…full-time RV life, explores their surroundings, promotes FtF wherever they go, always presents FtF in a positive light, are unique, inventive, courageous, blazing their own trails across the nation (or the world!)
Nominees are:
Bailey Family
Harkins Family
Royal Family

and your choice for FtF Family of the Year is… The Harkins Family!

The FtF Good Samaritan goes above and beyond to help others in the community, this person is willing to go out of his/her way to come to the aid of another whenever needed.
Nominees are:
Matthew Bookamer
Kent & Dana Butterfield
Chris & Kelly Savory
Jennie Mason
Kaycee Hannen

and your choice for FtF Good Samaritan is… Matthew Bookamer

The FtF Teen Stand Out of the Year exemplifies the attributes that will carry the spirit of FtF into the next generation, this teen is always willing to help during FtF events and help others around the campground, is a good listener, is diligent in all aspects of life

Nominees are:
Jesse Mason
Abbie Bennett
Austin James
Daniel Graf
Jacob, Josh & Zach Pile
Denae James

and your choice for FtF Teen Stand Out is… Jacob, Josh & Zach Pile

FtF Overcomer:  Despite sizable challenges, rises to the occasion and provides encouragement to others, he/she is willing to share lessons learned from said challenges to prevent others from making the same mistakes.

Stacey Schrier
Malissia Doyle Smith

and your choice for FtF Overcomer is… Stacey Schrier

Spirit of FtF *is a recognition of a man, woman or family in our Fulltime Families Community who best personifies the attributes of Fulltime Families which are helpful, supportive, caring, diligent, dependable, generous, and humble.

Keith & Katie Graham
Stephanie Simpson
Church Family
Arnold Family
James Family

and your choice for Spirit of FtF is The James Family!


Congrats to all our families – It is our community who are the real winners to be able to call so many stellar people our family!


Meet Up With Your FtF Friends on the Road with the New Family Finder App

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Have you been wondering “Where are all these Fulltime Families”?  Have you been traveling for months, barely crossing paths with other like-minded families?  Have you been searching for playmates for your kids and fellowship for your family?

At the 7th Annual Fulltime Family Reunion, the FtF Family Finder was unveiled.  This geolocation tool, for Fulltime Families Members, has many security enhancements built in to keep your family information secure, while allowing you to connect to traveling families in real life.

Current Fulltime Family Members, please sign in to use the FtF Family Finder.  If you require assistance logging into FulltimeFamilies.com please email Chris@fulltimefamilies.com directly.

Not an Fulltime Families Member yet?  Join the FtF Family today!



Fulltime Families Charter Member Roster

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Fulltime Families would like to extend our deep appreciation to the membership’s first visionaries and investors.  These are the first 50 families who choose to become Lifetime Members of the organization and are the foundation on which the community was built back in 2010.

#1 Travaglino Family
#2 Pepper Family
#3 Gardner Family
#4 Roloff Family
#5 Pelizzari Family
#6 McCloskey Family
#7 Harris Family
#8 Kennard Family
#9 Hoffman Family
#10 Ethridge Family
#11 Matt Smith Family
#12 Simpson Family
#13 Mann Family
#14 Muller Family
#15 Arnold Family
#16 Sparks Family
#17 Woolf Family
#18 Hoernke Family
#19 Burrell Family
#20 Dempsky Family
#21 Schrier Family
#22 Parent Family
#23 McCintyre Family
#24 Tullis Family
#25 Hyde Family
#26 Graf Family
#27 Lively Family
#28 Sensenig Family
#29 Schrodel Family
#30 Tishler Family
#31 Valdes/ Escanaverino
#32 Williams Family
#33 McElroy Family
#34 Tammy Smith Family
#35 Wendy Young Family
#36 Schillaci Family
#37 Paul Family
#38 Holford Family
#39 Denkins Family
#40 Weed Family
#41 Willey Family
#42 Marrs Family
#43 Graham Family
#44 Ray Family
#45 Sutton Family
#46 Thomas Family
#47 Fite Family
#48 Griggs Family
#49 Miles Family
#50 Goff Family


Fulltime Families Resource Guide To Help Keep Business “in the Family”

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Finding resources on the road can be difficult.  Wouldn’t it be great to have one place to find everything:FtF Resource Guide

Our first advertisers can now be found at https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/business-directory/

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can quickly find the resources your looking for, while supporting fellow Fulltime Families Members!

Look for a hard copy of the FtF Resource Guide at the FtF Family Reunion in Feb. 2017 (an on-demand download version will be available sooner).

It will be the ultimate resource to connect families to the trusted providers we all need.
Small Business Owners
We want to hear from YOU about your business. Our goal through all of this is to support small businesses in our organization to help them grow.  This is exciting news because our fellow travelers have been looking for one spot to find these resources like yours. We are working hard to give the people what they want and support small businesses in the best way we know how.   Ad rates start as low as $30 per year!
To reserve your spot in this directory, send an email to our Resource Acquisition Director.

HURRY!  The Deadline to get your ad into the 2017 Hard Copy Guide is Fast Approaching!

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park of Bloomington

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IMG_5755As the #thisisRVing tour pulled into Indiana, it was time to stop  at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Bloomington, IN.

Located south west of Indianapolis, Bloomington IN is known as the “Gateway to Scenic Southern Indiana” and the Jellystone this town boasts is certainly scenic.

We pulled in to our large and spacious pull-through site on Monday afternoon and headed straight to the… laundry room!  After a few days on the road, it was time to clean the clothes. Centrally located and spotless, I was able to get many loads done while the kids explored the park’s highlight, the giant splash pool!

With multiple slides, tons of features and a ginormous bucket that dumps on regular intervals, this wet and wild play place was a huge hit with our family.

After we were fully waterlogged, we headed to the bounce pillow for some “Jump and Jam”.  I immediately noticed how engaged the Jellystone Rangers were with the kids.  They bounced right along with the music, initiated games like duck, duck, goose and tag and really added to the kid’s enjoyment of this fun feature.


We headed home for a late dinner and an early bedtime because we had a ton of fun on the schedule for the next day.

Bright and early, we headed back to the Ranger Station for a quick park wide scavenger hunt.  With our appetite wet for treasure, we purchased two bags of  gem mining dirt (one containing gems and one containing fossils) and headed to the gem mining flume.  This was a great highlight – check out the video to see the kid’s reactions to their unearthed treasures!

Next on the schedule was some mask making and marble painting.   The littles and I created masterpieces while the big boys and Chris went back to the splash pool.


We met up with Yogi and got some ice cream at the Ranger Station. We heard rumors of a short hike to a waterfall within the park but we were too wiped out to actually explore it and it was time again for the #thisisRVing tour to move further north. We’re looking forward to spending more time at this campground in the future.

For more information or to book your vacation, visit www.campjellystone.com

For more information about #thisisRVing visit www.facebook.com/thisisRVing and help us show America what RVing really looks like by tagging your pics with #thisisRVing

ThisIsRVing-Sharables-1Click here to read all the #thisisRVing Tour Updates and Articles

Special thanks to #thisisRVing Tour Sponsors;



For a Limited Time Get a Free Good Sams Membership with your Fulltime Families Membership

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For a limited time, new Fulltime Families Members will receive a Free Good Sams Annual Membership*

It’s a great time to join Fulltime Families!

Not only will you have access to tons of money saving exclusive offers, be eligible to join Fulltime Families Events and get plugged into a one-of-a-kind community, for a limited time you’ll also receive a free Good  Sam’s Annual Membership* (a $25 value)!

Your Good Sams Membership Allows you to Save:camping world image

  • Savings at Good Sam Parks, Camping World and Pilot Flying J
  • Save 10% on the nightly rate at 2,100+ Good Sam Parks
  • Save up to 30% at Camping World—the Club’s official RV Accessory Retailer!
  • Save instantly on fuel at Pilot Flying J


There are tons of additional Good Sams Members Benefits!  You can see them all here: http://www.goodsamclub.com/

Keep in mind that your FtF Members ALSO gives you a free year of Escapees Membership**.  That means for $45 you get over $109 in membership values alone!  Not to mention the savings on Teledoc, Passport America, OvernightRVParking.com and so many more!

This offer is for a limited time only, so get your Fulltime Families Membership today and start enjoying the benefits of a Fulltime Families Membership today.


After you make your purchase, you will receive an email with how to access the additional clubs free of charge.



*Offer valid for New Good Sam’s Club Members.  Offer not valid for existing Good Sam’s Members. 

**Offer valid for Escapees Club Members.  Offer not valid for existing Escapees Members. 

Birding From Your RV – Guest Post

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Official Birding Trails in the US: Alabama to Wyoming

As you’re traveling around the country in your RV, you have ample opportunity for bird watching – birding, as many prefer to call it. No matter which state, or states, you drive through, you can find birding trails specifically set aside for looking for our feathered friends.

male_downy_lgWhen planning your trip, you might want to set aside some of your time seeking out these trails. If you’re already an avid birder, maybe you want to dedicate the majority of your time to finding them.

The list below has links to websites that tell about these birding trails in almost every state in the US. I couldn’t find a suitable site for half a dozen of them.

I tried not to use more general sites like Rails to Trails (that is, traillink.com), but that resulted in not finding any good sites at all for a few states. So you might have to use Rails to Trails (see link at the end of the list) or something similar anyway in those cases.

Some of the sites linked to are honestly kind of lame. (Sorry, states with lame sites, but it’s true.) They are in dire need of updating to modern standards. I included them because they were the best available that tried to look at the state as a whole (not just one region, as many Audubon chapters obviously do) when it comes to birding trails.

I hope you find the list useful and are able to incorporate some birding into your next RV trip.

Alabama – Alabama Birding Trails

Alaska – Top Ten Birding Hotspots

Arizona – Southeast Arizona Bird Observatory Birding Guide


Arkansas – Arkansas Birding Trail

California – Sonoma County Regional Parks

Colorado – Colorado Birding Trail

Connecticut – Connecticut Walking and Hiking

Delaware – Delaware Birding Trail

Florida – Navigating the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail

Georgia – n/a (See Rails to Trails below.)

Hawaii – Hawaii Birding Trails (and festival)

Idaho – Idaho Birding Trail (regions)

Illinois – n/a (See Rails to Trails below.)

Indiana – Indiana Birding Locations

Iowa – Iowa’s Birding Trails

Kansas – Bird Watching

Kentucky – Birding Locations in Kentucky

Louisiana – Louisiana’s Birding Trails

Maine – Maine Birding Trail (publications)

Maryland – Top Spots for Nature Watching and Birding

Massachusetts – Nature and Birding Trails

Michigan – Michigan’s Birding Trail Network

Minnesota – Birding in Minnesota

Mississippi – Mississippi Coastal Birding Trail

Missouri – Missouri Bird Watching

Nice flight of nice bird

Montana – Montana Birding and Nature Regions

Nebraska – Birding Trails

Nevada – Area Birding Guide

New Hampshire – n/a (See Rails to Trails below.)

New Jersey – Order Form for Free Guide

New Mexico – Southwest New Mexico Birding Trail

New York – State Parks

North Carolina – North Carolina Birding Trail

North Dakota – Birding in North Dakota

Ohio – Find Ohio Birding Sites by County

Oklahoma – n/a (See Rails to Trails below.)

Oregon – Welcome to Oregon Birding Trails

Pennsylvania – Interactive (Birding Trails) Guide

Rhode Island – Bird Watchers Nature Trail

South Carolina – South Carolina Birding Sites

South Dakota – Southeast South Dakota Birding Trail (PDF)

Tennessee – Birding Trails

Texas – Great Texas Wildlife Trails

Utah – Utah Birding Trails

Vermont – n/a (See Rails to Trails below.)

Virginia – Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail

Washington – Audubon’s Great Washington State Birding Trail

West Virginia – n/a (See Rails to Trails below.)

Wisconsin – Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail

Wyoming – Wyoming’s Best Birding Spots

If the state you’re interested in doesn’t have a good birding trails site, you can use the Rails to Trail site below.

Rails to Trails – Birding Trails by State

If you know of a better online source of information for birding in a particular state, let me know. I’d be glad to let others know about it too.

About Gary Sonnenberg – Gary is a backyard birder and owner of Optics Owl. He doesn’t own an RV but keeps an eye out for birds whenever he does travel in his sedan. You can contact Gary about the article above by going to the Optics Owl site.

Camping with a Newborn

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If your Summer plans include a camping trip, but your Spring plans included a newborn… don’t cancel the camping.. Babies can make great campers! Here’s how.

A trip to Babies-r-Us will have you convinced that babies need LOTS OF STUFF!!! This is absolutely false and babies can travel much lighter than their older siblings.

Love, patience and plenty of cuddling are the most important things your newborn needs, but some baby gear will also go a long way

Infant Car Seat / Carrier – so your precious bundle can be safe on your travels.

A sling – I recommend “hug a monkey” www.hugamonkey.com as they are lightweight, fits in a diaper bag and very easy to use. No buckles, no straps, no criss crossing – just a sturdy fabric loop that can carry newborns to toddlers.

A stroller – If you only have one strolling child, I strongly recommend a Snap and Go. I have a three year old that still likes to sit in the stroller – so I went with the Combi Twin Ex Sport. If fits the carrier, is very lightweight and folds up small so it fits our lifestyle well. http://www.combi-intl.com/Products/Item.aspx?Item=46

A bed – I have slept with all my children as infants, however, I am not comfortable doing so in the small queen bed in our camper. I searched for a Moses basket as my first choice, but I didn’t find one. What I did find, I feel is even better – The Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper is a co-sleeper but it does not fit in the bed with my husband and I. But its great anyway! It fits everywhere else and it comes with a light/sound/vibration module that can come off and go on anything. http://www.summerinfant.com/categories_products_view/591/Rest-Assured-Sleeper.html

If you have the room, a pack and play also makes the perfect camping baby bed, and you can even set it up outside so baby can take an outdoor siesta.

Diapers and wipes and organizer – I have been using my Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot Organizer for many years. Keeps everything neatly organized and where you need it – Simple and useful! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Prince-Lionheart-Dresser-Top-Diaper-Depot-Organizer/4457084

A diaper bag – When my 2nd child was born, I was fortunate enough to have found the Skip-Hop bag. I am on my 5th one. Keep in mind, none of them have worn out after years of use and many washes – some I sold on eBay and some I have passed on to other moms. This great bag holds EVERYTHING you could need for multiple kids – and clips right on to your stroller. Sturdy and attractive – the Duo is by far the BEST diaper bag available! http://www.skiphop.com/product/20000.html

My camping baby lives in onesies and one piece pajamas. Comfort goes much further than style when baby is enjoying the great outdoors.

Be sure to pack a few baby blankets and pacifiers.

Since I breastfeed only, I do not need bottles, formula or burp clothes.

Keep in mind, it did take me four kids to finally draw these conclusions and I’m sure a mom of more would come up with an even smaller list of “essentials” but the bottom line for babies is – less is definitely more!

Kimberly Travaglino is the editor of Fulltime Families Magazine, the official monthly publication of Fulltime Families Camping Company(https://www.fulltimefamilies.com). A company that supports families fulltime rv adventures or aspirations. We have the S’most Fun!


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