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One of the things new RVers often want to know is, what items do they absolutely need to get started? This is a hard question to answer, as everyone has different needs and travel styles. That said, we did attempt to answer that question in a previous article.

Of course, there will come a time when you’ve managed to collect all of those things. At that point, you might find yourself on the lookout for new items that can enhance your RV lifestyle. For a great many RVers, this is where Clam Quick-Set Shelters come into play.

These awesome screen tent shelters are an absolutely fabulous addition to any set of RV accessories. In this article we will discuss why this is, address some common questions about these canopy tent shelters, and discuss the different types of Clam pop-up tent options.

Screen Tent

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Why You Need a Screen Tent

First, let’s talk about why you might want a screen tent house as a full-time RVer. There are actually a few solid reasons to invest the time and space in one of these outdoor canopy tent shelters, and below are a few of our favorites.

Escape the Sun

If you’ve ever camped in a site with little to no shade, you know how awful it is to be unable to escape the sunshine while spending time outside.

A pop-up screen tent solves this problem by offering shade whether you’re on a sandy beach, in an open field, or even hanging out in a parking lot.

Keep Bugs Away

Bugs are another annoyance that RVers often have to deal with. Since we tend to spend more time outside, mosquitos, no-see-ums, horse flies, and other biting bugs are a particularly big nuisance.

Screen tents for camping will protect you from bugs by putting a mesh barrier between you and those pests. Of course, if you want protection against the tiniest bugs, you will want to ensure the mesh is fine enough to keep them away.

Expand Your Home

RVs are tiny places to live. There’s no way around that fact, and they feel even tinier when you’re living in one with kids. Fortunately, there are some ways to spread out and ensure everyone has some level of personal space.

One of our favorite ways to do this is by setting up a screen tent house. A tent filled with comfy furniture makes an ideal office space, school room, reading nook, or play area, and allows you to expand your tiny home a little bit without investing in a bigger rig.

Gather with Friends

Finally, we must mention how very useful a pop-up canopy tent can be when it comes to gatherings.

If you like to have people over for dinner, you’ve probably already noticed how cramped it is to squeeze another family in your rig. Why not serve dinner in a screen tent instead? There will be plenty of room for everyone, and you won’t need to worry about cleaning up your itty bitty home before guests arrive.

Tent Shelter

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Benefits of a Quick-Set Shelter by Clam

All of the benefits mentioned above are pretty great. That said, there’s really no reason why they couldn’t be had from a Walmart, Costco, or Coleman screen tent. Why then, do we recommend the Clam shelter tents specifically?

There are actually four reasons we put the Clam pop-up screen tent options above other brands. They are as follows:

Super Quick Setup

A Clam pop-up shelter sets up faster than any other screen tent on the market. In fact, some people even claim they can set one up in as little as 60 seconds, and taking one down is just as quick and easy.

Considering the amount of time we all already invest in setting up camp, a quick and easy setup makes it much more likely that the screen tent house will actually be put up each time we stop. A super fast teardown just increases that likelihood further.

Collapses in Heavy Winds or Rain

Every single one of the Clam screen tent options out there is made to collapse safely and without damage in heavy winds or rain. This might sound like a drawback, but in reality, it might just be the very best feature offered by a Clam tent.

You see, most screen tents out there are not made to collapse when the weather gets rough. That’s not to say they don’t, though. Screen tents without this feature do eventually collapse when the wind and rain get to be too much, but they do so in such a way that they are ruined completely once they do.

This makes the Clam tent the ideal choice for those who wish to leave their shelter up without worry, no matter the weather.

High Quality and Repairable

Aside from including that awesome collapsing feature that helps prevent damage, the Clam shelter tents are also incredibly high quality, meaning they will last longer than the majority of other screen tent options out there.

While the Clam company does not recommend their tents for use full-time, we haven’t run into any issues with leaving one out for weeks or even months at a time. The polyester they use in its construction is top notch, and the mesh is so fine that it even keeps the no-see-ums away. Additionally, these tents have some of the strongest stakes we’ve ever used.

All that said, things happen sometimes, and if it gets used enough, it’s likely your tent will see some minor damage here and there. Fortunately, these tents can be repaired easily with Clam patch kits and replacement poles.

Awesome Accessories

Clam shelter tents also offer a few other accessories besides patch kits and replacement poles. Wind panels, floors, and rain flys are all available for certain models, making it possible to actually camp in your Quick-Set shelter.

Other accessory options include lights and fans made especially for the Clam pop-up shelter.

Quick-Set Shelter

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Types of Clam Quick-Set Shelters

Now that you understand why you should choose a Clam shelter tent over those offered by other brands, let’s discuss the various types of Quick-Set shelters offered by the company.

Traveler Screen Tent

  • 36 square feet
  • 4-person capacity

The Traveler Screen Tent is the smallest of the Clam tent options. This means it’s the lightest and easiest to store in your RV. Still, at 36 square feet, it can seat up to four people comfortably.

Venture Screen Tent

  • 63.5 square feet
  • 6-person capacity

Want to go a step up from the Traveler? The Venture Screen Tent is a bit bigger, yet still small enough to be relatively easy to store. A small table and a few people can fit inside this screen tent, or if you choose to forgo the table, you can easily fit six people in chairs.

Escape Screen Tent

  • 94 square feet
  • 8-person capacity

The Escape Screen Tent is the most popular option. This Clam shelter is even bigger than the Venture and can easily fit over a standard-sized picnic table. Eight people can use this tent comfortably, making it a great option for bigger families or those who like to have a few friends over.

Escape Sport Screen Tent

  • 94 square feet
  • 8-person capacity

Want something to take to sporting events? The Escape Sport Screen Tent is for you. This option is very similar to the Escape mentioned above. The biggest difference, however, is that it’s made to be used on hard surfaces rather than dirt. It also comes in a variety of brighter, bolder colors.

Escape Sky Screen Tent

  • 94 square feet
  • 8-person capacity

Another option in the Escape line of screen tents, the Escape Sky Screen Tent is a wonderful option for the stargazers out there. This model comes with a screen ceiling, making it easy to let in natural light or stare at the night sky. A built in roof flap allows you to close things up should inclement weather roll in.

This tent is also offered as part of a camper package. This package includes the Escape Sky Screen Tent, a rain fly, wind panels, and a floor.

Escape XL Screen Tent

  • 110 square feet
  • 8-person capacity

For those looking for something even bigger than the classic Escape, the Escape XL Screen Tent is advertised as an 8-person tent. That said, we wouldn’t be surprised if you could squeeze in one or two more people. This is a great basic option for those who like big gatherings.

Pavilion Screen Tent

  • 110 square feet
  • 8-person capacity

The Pavilion Screen Tent is no bigger than the Escape XL. That said, it is a bit fancier. This option comes equipped with built-in wind panels that can roll down to protect you and your friends from the elements. On top of that, the wind panels have built-in windows, meaning you can still let some light or a bit of breeze in when the panels are down.

This is another tent that can be purchased in a camper package. The package comes with the tent, as well as a compatible floor.

Excursion Screen Tent

  • 188 square feet
  • 16-person capacity

The biggest Clam tent, the Excursion Screen Tent is the perfect option for those who enjoy large gatherings. It has room for up to 16 people, meaning those big dinners with friends will fit easily and everyone will be protected from bugs.

Cabin Screen Tent

  • 112 square feet
  • 8-person seating capacity
  • 4-person sleeping capacity

Finally there is the Cabin Screen Tent. This one was designed with overnight campers in mind, and is ideal for those who plan to sleep in their screen tent. It can be split into two separate spaces to create a sleeping space and a living space—or, the center panel can be left open to create one large room.

While one half of this tent has actual polyester walls, the other half is a screen room that comes with built-in wind panels. Additionally, this tent includes a rain fly and a floor, meaning it’s ready to go on an overnight adventure right out of the box.

As you can see, Clam screen tent shelters are the ideal solution for RVers who like to spend time outdoors and want a bit more living space, but don’t want to deal with bright sunshine and bugs. While these canopy tents are a bit more expensive than others might be, the Clam brand is a quality one, and we know you’ll be happy with any products ordered from them.

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