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Fulltime Families Explorer Program

 Fulltime Families Explorer Program

If you’re worried about the kids missing out on scouts while you travel the country, the FTF Explorers program is for you! This fabulous program gives Fulltime Families members ages 5–10 a chance to be a part of an awesome club while still exploring the wide world around them.

Participants of the Explorers program will:

  • Be added to our active and fun Facebook group where they can receive info and communicate with other Explorers.
  • Learn amazing new things, strengthen their problem solving skills, and express themselves through monthly project assignments.
  • Earn super cool badges which can be proudly displayed at all Fulltime Families events and anywhere else the Explorer wishes.
  • Have the opportunity to attend live meetings and other events.
  • Make new friendships and connections which will grow as the group learns together.
  • Prepare for future participation in the DIY Program which is greater toward older children and teens.

All of these amazing benefits are available only to Fulltime Families members. The cost to join is $25/year per family for annual members, and Lifetime members may join for free.

Please note: All Explorers will be required to purchase a vest or hat, and Explorers pin before attending their first live meeting. These items add up to a total cost of between $20.00-$30.00. 

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