Storytelling is a fantastic art form. It can be done in a number of ways, it can open the door to new worlds, and it stretches the imaginations of both the storyteller and those taking in the story.

Because storytelling is such a beautiful artform, and because it can be a useful skill to have, the Fulltime Families Explorers spent the month of November learning all about the subject. They discussed the parts of a story, learned about parts of speech, read new books, and then went to work creating their own stories for us to enjoy.

The Fulltime Families Explorers are Great at Storytelling - Fulltime Families

What We Did

Throughout the month of November, the Explorers dove into the world of storytelling. Many learned about how the best stories are written, some played games to get a feel for the art, and all participants made up stories of their own. Some chose to present their stories in book form, while others picked other storytelling modes. We saw drawings, acting, oral storytelling (sometimes even with props!), and more.

Every Explorer who participated posted their completed project to the Explorers Facebook page. This gave other Explorers a chance to admire their skills, and gave us the opportunity to award them their Storytelling pin and certificate!

What We Learned

The Explorers program hopes to help kids develop new skills that can be used for the rest of their lives. Additionally, we hope to introduce children to new interests and help them find their passions early in life.

By improving their storytelling skills, all participants grew in their creativity, learned how to better express themselves, and a few have decided to dive even deeper into the topic.

The Fulltime Families Explorers are Great at Storytelling - Fulltime Families

Who Participated

The following Explorers participated and deserve to be congratulated on their hard work:

  • Cora
  • Elizabeth
  • Michael
  • Mishelle
  • Mikenzie
  • Mikaeyla
  • Blake
  • Brendon
  • Matthew
  • Andrew
  • Barrett
  • Colten
  • Jocelyn
  • Caleb
  • Zadok

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