One of the best things about traveling is the ability to learn about different ways of life in person. As RVers, we have the opportunity to expose our kids to the various ways of life represented here in the US. Focusing on doing this, and making a point of introducing kids to the other world cultures, is an excellent way to encourage our children to respect all people.

Because respecting people from all over the world is so important, the Fulltime Families Explorers spent the month of October learning all about world cultures.

The Fulltime Families Explorers Know About World Cultures - Fulltime Families

What We Did

Throughout the month of October, the Explorers learned everything they could about the culture(s) of their choosing. They read, watched videos, ate new foods, and listened to new music. Some Explorers chose to learn about one culture, while others focused on a variety of different ways of life.

Every Explorer who participated told us about their world cultures project using videos, photos, or words. This gave other Explorers a chance to learn even more while also admiring the work of their friends.

What We Learned

The Explorers program hopes to help kids learn new things. Additionally, we hope to instill a sense of kindness in each and every Explorer that they will carry throughout their lives.

In learning about world cultures, the Explorers came to understand that there is no one right or wrong way of doing things. Their minds were opened to the idea of different ways of life, fostering respect and encouraging children to embrace differences with open arms.

The Fulltime Families Explorers Know About World Cultures - Fulltime Families

Who Participated

The following Explorers participated in the world cultures project and deserve to be congratulated on their hard work:

  • Elizabeth
  • Alexander
  • Cora
  • Blake
  • Brendon

Want to join Explorers and learn some valuable life skills? We always have room for more. Go to this page to find out how you can jump into the fun!