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12 Months to the Best You! Chicks’ Challenge starting this week!

12 Months to the Best You! Chicks’ Challenge starting this week!

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In combination with our new book, “Postcards from Chicks Without Bricks“, the 12 Chicks are heading up a 12 Month Chicks’ Challenge to Being the Best Chick You Can Be!


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This is a challenge group geared towards helping YOU be the best Chick you can be. You don’t have to live in an RV to be without bricks (but we all think you’re crazy not to want to;)

If you have a dream you’ve been putting off, then join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/chickswithoutbricks1/.

Be sure to invite your friends. The more Chicks the merrier.

You can join the challenge any time. Be sure to post your progress with each of the weekly goals so we can all encourage one another to ‘Lighten up and LIVE’!


Click here to join the Challenge!

Some challenges to be included are:

  • Preparing for the Best You
  • Loving Yourself Fully (Rolls, dimples, wrinkles and all)
  • Finding Contentment (You’ve had it all along)
  • Tackling Negative Self Talk (If you don’t have anything nice to say… don’t say it to yourself!)
  • And that’s just the first 4 months!

Each month, we will be working on a different aspect, building confidence, self awareness and authenticity!

So grab a friend, your daughter, your mom, your favorite chick and come on over! https://www.facebook.com/groups/chickswithoutbricks1/




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