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I’m Consistently Inconsistent!

I’m Consistently Inconsistent!

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Greetings from Stunning Sedona, again!
Amazingly enough, we are still in Arizona. This officially marks the longest time we have stayed still in our now 19 months on the road.
It‘s a combination of temperate climate, good company, rich landscapes and even a bit of lack of motivation.
Life on the road has proven to be consistently inconsistent. No sooner do I utter our upcoming plans, when I realize, if they have passed my lips they will probably not come to fruition. Not that they aren‘t replaced by something just as grand and adventurous; but it‘s a trend I struggle with just the same.
Being the mom of semi small children, consistency is a very valuable trait for both them and I, but when you live on wheels, opportunities arise that no longer need to be passed on.
When you‘re in a house, in a neighborhood, with a routine, those same opportunities may present themselves but your circumstances make it unfeasible to follow them to their conclusion.
When you have a completely open schedule, the slightest whim may become a compelling goal and before you can say, “What‘s for lunch?” you may find yourself packing up and heading out for greener pastures.
I‘ve spoken to a number of families about this phenomenon and find it to be a fairly common theme among FtFs. The silver lining is the kids encouraging response to the trend. The kids recognize that while plans change, the opportunity for fun does not. Most of the kids declare that the new plans are even more fun than the previously abandoned ones.
So here‘s to another New Year of trying not to plan and going with the flow! I hope we run into you, when your plans change too!
Sincerely, Kimberly


This is the Letter from the Editor, reprinted from the January 2012 Issue of Fulltime Families Magazine.

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