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Why We’re on the Road – January 2012 Group Writing Project

Why We’re on the Road – January 2012 Group Writing Project

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Why did these courageous families decide to full time rv with their kids?

Here are the posts for our first Group Writing Project

Join us for our February Group Writing Project.  Click here for the details.

Livin Our Dash answers the question “Why Did We Do It?”  in her post about the inspirations that set them off and dealing with the setbacks that they ultimately overcame.

The folks at the Strategic Habitat Investigation Team (get it?), answers the “why” to their “what have we done?!?”  Check out their
“ah-ha” moment and see if you recognize any similarities with your own.

David at Poohs web, talks about the various aspects that led them to the discover of Full time family rv living and the steps they took to prepare for their great adventure.  Check out their entry, “What inspired the whole “Living in the RV” thing?”

And Asphalt Dad talks about the moment they realized… if other families were on the road, they could be too, in his post “Why the Road was Taken!

Thank you to all our wonderful contributors!  If you’d like to be involved in our February Group Writing Project – click here for details. 


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