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Tired, Thirsty, Hungry and Rushed Unaccompanied Minors

Tired, Thirsty, Hungry and Rushed Unaccompanied Minors

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Despite my best efforts, I literally threw my two boys on a four-hour flight to Florida with two granola bars, no water, and no opportunity to purchase food.

While I definitely can’t claim the title “most organized mom”, I did really work hard at this.

My older boys (8 and 7) took a flight from Phoenix to West Palm to spend the next two weeks with their grandparents.

I carefully packed them up with sealed bottles of water and $27 in cash, only to find out that the 12 oz water bottles were “too big” and immediately confiscated as contraband… the $27 was useless because they only accept credit cards on the plane.

The best I can gather from the boys’ rendition of what happened on the plane is that a kindly flight attendant sacrificed her own lunch for them.  The boys told me that they were served a dollop of tuna each, straight from the can, onto a plate.  They promptly sent it back.  I’m sure the generous flight attendant curbed her own hunger with their overflowing gratitude.

When we decided that we wouldn’t be dragging the camper all the way to Florida this winter, we had to come up with a compromise as Chris’ family was really looking forward to our arrival.

So, first and second born sons were packed up and sent on a plane to be our Christmas ambassadors.

It’s officially Day 5 and my thoughts are a jumble.

First – I’ve NEVER gotten so much work done.  I can take a thought, from inception through completion, in one single day.  Amazing!

Second – I miss them desperately.  I miss all the interruptions, all the “Mom, come see this”, all the hugs and kisses and all the arguing.  Arguing – did I really just say that? Indeed I did.  Much of the oxygen in our camper is expelled on retorts, whining and *gasp*, dare I say, talking back!

These past five days have been the most quiet in our lives as a family.  A quiet I can only appreciate because I have four kids and two are “on vacation”.  Had I only had two kids to begin with, I know I would be experiencing my normal chaos.

Five days down, nine more to go ‘til my prodigal sons return and we resume our position as a rolling riot!

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