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Quartzsite 2012

Quartzsite 2012

Kimberly 2 comments


The last week of January, 15 families congregated in Quartzsite to tour the World’s Largest RV Show, have nightly campfires and share some fun times.

We loved every minute of our circled wagons.  Being on BLM meant no water, no sewer, no electric hook ups, and no rules, no quiet times, and the opportunity to let our unwashed hair down for a few days!

The show was a lot of fun!  There were beautiful RVs to walk through, tons of equipment and upgrades to inspect and lots of one of a kind goodies to buy.  One of my best purchases was an $8 1/2 flat of strawberries.  The berries were the size of apples and tasted sweeter than candy.  We ate most of them while I was counting out the 8 singles for the man that sold them to us out of the back of his truck.  I looked for him a few days later, but never found him again.


Unbeknownst to me, Chris had a goal to put on a solar panel while we were in Q.  He had lots of help from Rod Garrison, Kent Butterfield, and of course his wing man, Sean McCloskey.  So much help, in fact, he went back the next day and bought / installed a second panel – so now we have two!

I’m not sure what they do for us, but he installed a special plug so we can charge our phones at night when we’re dry camping.  That seems well worth the $500!

On Saturday Night, we went to Michelle Thomas’ revival tent to experience a Quartzsite Revival.  During the revival, I was struck with the idea that Quartzsite is full of pallets and we needed firewood for the evening.  On our way home from the tent, we swung by the area with the most pallets and sure enough – they had a sign on them… it read “FIREWOOD”!

So we loaded up the Mc’s Big Red Truck and then went back for two more truck loads… We learned that pallets burn HOT and FAST!  We spent most of the night moving our chairs back and forth as each new pallet was laid on the fire.  The next day, we set most of the kids on the task of disassembling the pallets so we could control the fire a bit better.

Kent Butterfield showed us all how to make survival bracelets with paracord… needless to say, I am now waiting on $60 worth of paracord in our General Mail delivery… thanks Kent!


Kent also held a Kids’ Gun Safety Course!  Stay tuned for a replay, as we filmed the whole thing!

We played games, had a pot luck, ran “The Real Housewives of FtF” radio show. Shared stories, harassed prank callers, learned new things, roasted a pallet of marshmallows, let the dogs loose and had an all around wonderful time!

I think we all left with smiles in our hearts… and tons of dust in our campers!  Which is fine, since I’ll probably be sweeping the last of it out, just in time to do it all again!

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