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Fulltime Families Ambassadors – The Mason Family

Fulltime Families Ambassadors – The Mason Family

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What is a Fulltime Families Ambassador?  The goal of the Fulltime Families Ambassador Program is to continue to build a meaningful, inclusive and strong community on the road. To achieve this, we find a family who will:

  • Be warm and welcoming both online and in-person.  An example of this would be to continue what you already do, by Welcoming new members on Facebook group as they are announced.
  • Share about Fulltime Families wherever they go and encourage membership.
  • Help current FtF Members to connect with each other.
  • Be well versed in the benefits of Fulltime Families and share events, updates, new products, partnerships and FtF news via their personal website, and/or social media avenues.  
  • Look for ways to be inclusive of others, by hosting potlucks, field trips, and potentially Fulltime Families Hangouts as opportunities arise.  
  • Communicate with Fulltime Families Corporate how the membership can be enhanced and other ways to make FtF even better.

We currently have 9 FtF families in the Ambassador program that we will be introducing to you!

The Mason Family

Let me introduce you to our FtF Ambassador’s, the Mason’s; Ian, Jennie, Jesse, David, & Veronica. They started considering living on the road because Ian’s job was too much. Jennie and the kids never saw him. Due to work, their family was rarely able to take vacations. The Mason’s were tired of the ‘rat race’ that typically comes with the traditional lifestyle. They made the decision to go on the road in January of 2015, bought the rig in April, bought the truck in May, moved into the rig in June and lived stationary for a few months while Ian finished out his work commitments. Then, they hit the road in September of 2015.

They knew they wanted to travel for a year or two at least, but currently have no end in site! They LOVE this RVing lifestyle! They have no plans for a s&b (sticks and bricks) house ever again!

Jennie and Ian both agree that the #1 benefit to having a Fulltime Families membership is community. Jennie said, “The biggest thing I love about this lifestyle, in general, is sitting around chatting and getting to know people on a deeper level.”

When asked what people may not know about your family, they said, their kids are all 3 adopted and are 1/2 siblings.

The Mason’s family favorite pass-times are exploring the National Park system and volunteering. However, they enjoy this lifestyle most because, in their words, “We’ve found our tribe. Some relationships we’ve built on the road are deeper than any we’ve ever had because of the likemindedness we share.”

Over their years of travel the Mason’s have learned a ‘few’ things! Their biggest lesson has been financial. Jennie said, “Income is not a guarantee. You don’t have to have the biggest & most expensive rig to live on the road. You don’t have to have hefty payments. In fact, you’re better off if you don’t.” Knowing what they know now, they would pay cash and have no debt on the rig and truck.

The Mason’s only regret is that they wish they would have started living the nomadic lifestyle sooner. “This life is doable and it’s amazing,” they said.

We, at Fulltime Families, are thankful for the Mason’s. They have become an amazing asset to our community! Jennie is now employed, for a few hours a week, with Fulltime Families. She in currently in charge of FtF Branches (FtF’s smaller niches where our community can connect around the things they have in common).

Each Ambassador family is so important to us and we look forward to introducing the next one to you soon!!!

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