Here are all the details you’ll need for day 4!

Halloween Hangout Schedule Day 4

We are excited for another wonderful day with your families. Please see the information below regarding the locations for 2 different waterfalls and a nature park.

Waterfall 1 – About a 45 minute drive from the park. Jackson Falls from location 1 looks like a fairly short walk but does have some steep parts. From location 2 it’s about double the walk. There’s limited parking so if location 1 is full, you can go to location 2.

Location 1: Jackson Falls, Natchez Trace Parkway, Duck River, TN, 35°41’49.4″N 87°17’37.4″W

Location 2: Bakers Bluff, Baker Bluff Trail, Duck River, TN, 35°41’54.4″N 87°17’16.9″W

Waterfall 2 – About a 15 minute drive from waterfall 1 or 60 minutes from the park. Fall Hollow Falls. Another fairly short trail down, but limited parking. Possibly 5-6 trucks will fit.

Location: Fall Hollow Falls, Fall Hollow Fall Trail, Hohenwald, TN, 35°35’03.1″N 87°25’44.7″W

If your family prefers nature trails that are a little closer to the park, we recommend Bowie Nature park. Bowie is about 35 minutes away, has a playground and multiple trails.

Here is the trail map for the park.


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