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RVInsurances.com Partners with Fulltime Families

RVInsurances.com Partners with Fulltime Families

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For Immediate Release:

ftf-badge-partnerFulltime Families, the resource that fuels your family’s full-time rv adventures and aspirations has joined forces with RVInsurances.com to provide our members with concierge vehicle insurance services.

Marty Adair, Principle Agent at RVInsurances.com, expands on the benefits of this partnership. “What separates us from other insurance agencies is we specialize in the RV industry.  We represent insurance companies that offer specialty RV insurance coverage for the unique lifestyles.

is a full service multi state licensed agency focused on offering customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re insured with RV specialty insurers and experts. We pride ourselves in dealing only with A+ rated companies that assures our clients the company’s financial stability and fast reliable claim service.

It has been my experience dealing with part time and full-time traveler’s that a lot of RV owners are inadequately insured or have an auto insurance policy on their RV.  A standard auto policy does not provide adequate coverage for this life changing decision or investment.  Full-timer’s especially need to be sure they are insured properly because for most of them this is not just their RV, it is their home.”

Fulltime Families Members can start taking advantage of this valuable partnership immediately by attaining a quote directly from Mr. Adair at marty@rvinsurances.com.

Here are detailed information about the insurance policies RVInsurances.com can provide you.

Total Loss Replacement –

If your RV is a total loss in the first five model years, we will replace it with a brand new one of like kind and quality.

Example: You purchased your motor home for $100,000 in 2007, and during the years 2007 through 2010 it depreciates 40%. In 2011, your motor home is destroyed, and the cost to replace it with a new model is $120,000. Without Total Loss Replacement Coverage your actual cash value payout would be $60,000. If you purchased Total Loss Replacement Coverage the insurance company we would replace the unit, saving you $60,000.

Full Timer’s Personal Liability –

Personal liability for customers who use their RV as a primary residence for more than five months out of the year.  This added coverage stays with (not the RV) you and is similar to personal liability on a homeowner’s policy.

Secured Storage –

Provides coverage for full-timers personal belongings while stored in a commercial storage facility.  Coverage available up to $99,000.

Companion Auto –

We understand that you frequently travel with both your RV and your automobile.  With typical auto insurance, you have to pay separate deductibles if both are damaged.  With some of our specialty RV companies, you will pay just one.

Fulltime Families Members can start taking advantage of this valuable partnership immediately by attaining a quote directly from Mr. Adair at marty@rvinsurances.com.


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