It’s there in every campground… the elephant that shows up every time we meet someone and tell them we’re full time on the road.


The stammering, the silence, the polite pause… and then they finally get up the courage to ask the question that has preoccupied them during all the polite chit chat of the last 5 minutes…

“So, how do you guys support your full time rv lifestyle?”

There are probably as many answers to the income question as their are families on the road.  Not helpful, I’m sure, for dreamers looking for quicky solutions to taking their lives mobile.

You don’t have to wait to get on the road, to start getting your income stream in place.

Tonight, on Road Rebelles Radio, Margie and I will be talking with Alan Sills who will be unveiling a concept that you can use right now to speed up your full time rv plans.  Already on the road? Creating a Virtual Business now can help you keep moving!   Tune in tonight and learn how to create a business that will support the lifestyle of your dreams.

When: 10pm est

Where: Your computer or your phone – you decide

What:  How to make money on the road with a Virtual Business

How: Click here to set your reminder and listen in