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It’s not “if” its always “when”

It’s not “if” its always “when”

Kimberly 1 comments

“What was that?”, I said after I heard that awful crash and the last shockwave rumbled through the cab of the truck.

After 2+ years on the road, it had finally happened and Chris matter-of-factly stated those words I NEVER thought I’d hear…

“I think we dropped the fifth wheel”.

What?!? How can that be?!?  We are experts! Pros!  Highly adept! Master rv’ers!

We had heard all the horror stories.  Nodded our sympathies and then quietly muttered to one another.. “that will never happen to us… we ALWAYS check the hitch!”

But happen to us it did!


Right there at the main artery of the campground as we were leaving the FtF Rally.

The bed of the truck tore down the center as we had dragged 10,000 pounds, which finally came to rest precariously on the mangled metal we had once called the tail gate.

On lookers and helpful hands poured out of the pool area and ultimately we limped down the road to a NJ collision center, where our camper and truck now sit awaiting their reconstruction.

So, when you hear the stories, nod and quietly tell yourselves.. that won’t happen to us… don’t take solice in those words.. cause you just might be eating them sooner than later!  Although I hope you won’t.




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