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The holiday season is here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about your RV Christmas decorations. Decorating the inside of your RV requires some amount of creativity, and we cover a lot of that right here, but what about the outside? For that, we recommend RV Christmas inflatable decorations!

Inflatables are the perfect outdoor RV Christmas decorations for a couple of reasons. Unlike RV Christmas lights, they are easy to set up and take down, making travel a lot easier. Best of all, you can find Christmas RV inflatable options that stick with a camping theme. This is of course just perfect for decorating an RV for Christmas!

Santa in an RV Christmas Decoration

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Santa Claus in Trailer With Christmas Tree

First up is this super cute Santa Claus in a trailer. We love that Santa is peeking his head out of the door to say hello. It’s the perfect classic RV Christmas inflatable. It’s very affordable and big enough to stand on its own should you choose to use it as your only campsite decoration this year.

Santa and reindeer roasting marshmallows campsite decoration

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Campfire Santa and Reindeer

Campfires are great in summer, but they are even more wonderful when the chilly season rolls around. For this reason, it only seems fitting that Santa and his reindeer would enjoy sitting around roasting marshmallows just like they are in this cute inflatable.

Santa and flamingo decoration

Image source: Amazon

Giant Santa and Flamingo

If you’re like many full time RVers, you might be spending the holidays in a tropical climate. In this case, this Santa on a flamingo floatie is the perfect option for decorating an RV for Christmas. No, this isn’t technically camping-specific, but we love it anyway!

RV Christmas decoration

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Santa Claus with Trailer, Christmas Tree, and Gifts

Another version of Santa with a travel trailer, we really like the addition of a wreath on the door here. Instead of being inside of the trailer, Santa stands outside of his home-on-wheels, waving at all who happen to walk or drive by. Clearly, this is one of the best outdoor RV Christmas decorations.

Snowman RV Christmas inflatable

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Inflatable RV with Snowman, Christmas Wreath and Gift Boxes

If you like the RV Christmas inflatable above but prefer the look of snowmen over Santa decor, this is the inflatable for you. Overall, this is almost identical to the Santa and trailer blow-up linked above. The differences? A cheery “Merry Christmas” sign instead of a tree on top of the rig, and a smiling snowman in the place of Santa. 

Snowmen roasting marshmallows inflatable

Image source: Amazon

Snowman Around Campfire Roasting Marshmallows

Another campfire option, this snowman around a campfire inflatable really couldn’t be any cuter. It’s a bit silly because, of course, snowmen couldn’t possibly sit so close to a fire in real life. Luckily, the magic of an LED-lit campfire makes it possible for these icy friends to enjoy roasting marshmallows just as much as you and I. 

Gingerbread travel trailer RV Christmas decoration

Image source: Amazon

Gingerbread Trailer

Perhaps our favorite Christmas RV inflatable, this gingerbread trailer blow-up is pretty fun all on its own. Adding in the fact that Santa opens and closes the door in order to peek out at passersby makes it even better. This is definitely the inflatable to buy if you want your site to be the talk of the campground. After all, who could forget the inflatable that moves all on its own?

Class C Christmas inflatable

Image source: Amazon

Santa with Reindeer and Penguin Friends in Holiday RV

If you’re a motorhome RVer, you might prefer a motorhome inflatable over the trailer inflatables mentioned so far. That’s where this fun Santa in a holiday RV decoration comes into play. Santa and his reindeer buddy drive along in their class C RV with a penguin hitchhiker catching a ride on the roof. We love the added touch of Santa’s sunshades!

Uncle Eddie’s RV inflatable

Image source: Amazon

Inflatable Uncle Eddie’s RV

We mentioned in our RV movies article that National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a must-see Christmas movie. If you love the movie as much as we do, you might just want to include this Uncle Eddie’s RV National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation inflatable in your outdoor RV Christmas decorations. No, it isn’t exactly pretty, but “that there’s an RV” and it’s all decorated for Christmas, making it a funny and fitting inflatable to add to your campsite. 

Clearly, RV Christmas inflatables are the ideal outdoor RV Christmas decorations. Better yet, you have a lot of options when it comes to RV-themed inflatables, so you can pick something unique and fun that is sure to spread an extra dose of RV Christmas cheer!

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