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6 Things I learned from my 30 day juice fast

6 Things I learned from my 30 day juice fast

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On October 15, 2012 I began a 30 day juice fast.
This is what I learned:
1. I learned the safe way to do a juice fast / detox.
I used Monica Baechler’s book http://www.30dayjuicefast.com/ as my guide. We even interviewed Monica on an episode of Road Rebelles Radio.
2. I learned that juice fasting is not as cheap as you may think.
With Monica’s shopping list in hand I went to the grocery store and purchased all the things you see below.

3. I learned that juice fasting in an RV is messy business.
I cleaned my juicer, my counters, my cups…all day long!
4. I learned that juicing is an easy way to get a huge amount of fruits and vegetables in my daily diet.
It would be even easier if you had a little juicy fairy to clean up after you.
5. I learned there was no way I could make it a full 30 days
In retrospect, I should have started with a much less ambitious goal. Possibly a 10 day, or more likely a 5 day. I made it a full 11 days, but I still felt a bit like a failure for not meeting my month long goal.

6. I learned that I’m worth putting first once in a while.

Embarking on this juice fast really made it nearly impossible for me to be primarily responsible for my family’s meals. After 9+ years of taking care of people, it felt tremendous to put myself first!

I think that’s the greatest lesson and boon to health and wellness I took away from this project.


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