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Wondering how to decorate an RV? You are not alone. RV decor is something many people wonder about, especially if they are living in their RV full-time. 

Fortunately, there are tons of great RV decorating ideas out there. Some are drastic, some more subtle, and many are super easy to put together in a single weekend or less, meaning changing up your RV decor should be no problem at all. 

Below, we’ve compiled all of our favorite RV decorating ideas. From RV decorating hacks and RV interior design to outdoor RV decorations and RV christmas decorations, we cover it all. Let’s dive in!

RV Decor: RV Decorating Ideas to Make Your Rig Feel Comfy - Fulltime Families

Image source: Amy Rutherford

RV Wall Decor Ideas

Let’s start with the walls. Most RVs come with pretty bland (and sometimes downright ugly) wallpaper. You could of course paint the walls, and in some cases, that is the best course of action. That said, painting in an RV is a big project that many don’t want to take on. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to spruce those walls up without putting in all that effort. 

Here are some of our favorite RV wall decor ideas:

Choose Multipurpose Decor

One of our favorite small RV decorating ideas is to choose wall decor that serves as both an accent piece and storage of some sort. Cute shelves, colorful pocket organizers, and fun signs with hooks along the bottom are all good examples of this. 

Use Command Hooks and Strips

Putting a screw or nail into your RV wall will cause damage. Not only that, you could also run into electrical wiring and that would not be good. Therefore, we highly recommend the use of Scotch Command Hooks and Strips when hanging things on your RV walls. 

Go with Peel-and-Stick

Peel-and-stick faux tile and wallpaper are some of our favorite RV decorating hacks. They are an excellent way to cover ugly walls without picking up a paintbrush. Not only that, but many peel-and-stick wall papers are actually removable, meaning nothing you do has to be permanent. 

Create Your Own Art

Don’t have a lot to spend on RV wall decor? Consider creating your own art! Paint your favorite landscape on a lightweight canvas, create a collage using old magazines, or choose your best family photos to display. 

What to Avoid

There are a couple of things you will want to avoid when choosing RV wall decor. First, it’s important that you avoid hanging anything breakable like glass picture frames. Second, you will want to skip heavy items that likely wouldn’t be held up by Command strips and might damage your walls. 

Decorative RV Interior Lights

Up next: decorative RV interior lights. Whether you have outdated old fixtures that you’d like to replace or want to add accent lights to brighten the place up, your RV lighting can make a big difference. 

Replacing Old Light Fixtures

Most people don’t think of light fixtures when they think about RV decor. That said, simply replacing tired old fixtures with decorative RV interior lights can change the whole look of the space. 

This video will show you how to go about that:

Using Accent Lights

Another way you can use RV decorative lights to help update your RV is by adding accent lights. In some cases, this might mean adding a string of “fairy lights” above the bed. In other cases, it might mean hanging a paper lantern lamp. Whatever decorative lighting you choose, make sure it’s 100% you. 

RV Decor: RV Decorating Ideas to Make Your Rig Feel Comfy - Fulltime Families

Image source: Brooke Ann

RV Window Treatment Ideas

Another of our favorite decorating ideas for RV living is to change up the window treatments. It’s no secret that traditional RV window treatments aren’t usually very nice to look at. Why not change that with one of the RV window treatment ideas below? 

Hang Curtains

The simplest solution? Take down the valances and the original shades, and add curtains to the windows instead. You can buy curtains from the store and hem them up, or make your own. There are even no-sew ways of making RV curtains out there. You will have to screw the curtain rods into your walls, so be sure you know where wiring is run so you can avoid it. 

Cover Valances

If you like the idea of valances but don’t like the way yours look, you could always just cover them. This can be done by taking the valances down and stapling or gluing new fabric in place over the old. Only need a temporary solution? Some people simply pin the fabric in place in order to avoid making permanent changes. 

Repair Day/Night Shades

Sometimes the only real issue with RV window treatments is the fact that the day/night shades are falling apart. Many times, it’s possible to repair these shades rather than buy new ones. 

This video shows you how to restring your RV shades: 

Replace Shades

Can’t fix your existing shades but still want to stick with shades rather than have curtains? You can replace your RV shades with the same shades you’d put in your house. We especially love cellular shades, which help insulate windows and are easy to raise and lower. 

Frame with Wood

One super cute and trending RV decor idea involves framing your RV windows with wood. This makes them look more like residential windows and is the perfect addition if you’re going for RV farmhouse decor. That said, it is important to keep in mind the weight of the wood and, again, where you are screwing into the wall.

RV Decor: RV Decorating Ideas to Make Your Rig Feel Comfy - Fulltime Families

Image source: Lisa Greene

RV Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Wondering how you might update the look of your RV kitchen? We like the two RV decoration ideas below for a big update with little effort:

Add a Backsplash

We mentioned the peel-and-stick faux tile earlier. This stuff is perfect for creating a fun backsplash behind the kitchen sink and countertops. We love that it’s so easy to install, meaning a whole new look in less than a day. 

Change Cabinet and Drawer Knobs

You’d be surprised what a difference new hardware on your kitchen cabinets and drawers can make. Simply replacing your knobs (and maybe hinges, if needed) will make a drastic difference. 

RV Living Area Decorating Ideas

What about the living area? Not to worry! We have some RV decor ideas for this area of your home-on-wheels as well:

Cover the Couch and Dinette Seats

If your RV couch is peeling or even just looking worn out, you might be thinking it’s time to replace it. The good news? That isn’t actually necessary. These stretchy furniture covers come in a variety of sizes, meaning you can easily cover most couches and dinette seat cushions. 

The covers fit well, but if you have trouble keeping them in place, consider using sheet suspenders to hold onto them. 

Throw Down a Rug

Replacing your RV flooring is possible, but it isn’t easy. If you’d rather avoid that task for now but want to cover ugly flooring, consider grabbing a cute rug to throw down in the living area. Obviously, this can also be done in the bedroom and bathroom if needed. 

RV Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The bedroom might need a bit of attention as well. Besides the decorative lighting, window treatments, and wall decor mentioned above, we also recommend trying the following RV bedroom decorating ideas:

Change the Bedspread

Changing the bedspread is one of the easiest ways to update your RV decor. Choose something you love and use that as a jumping-off point for choosing the window treatments and wall decor in your RV bedroom. 

Add a Headboard

Another of our favorite camper bedroom ideas is to add a headboard to the bed. This doesn’t have to be a real headboard. In fact, it’s probably better that it isn’t. Instead, try one of these faux headboard ideas

Switch the Bed Curtain

If your RV bedroom or bed has a privacy curtain, consider changing it out. We’ve seen people replace the cabover bunk curtain using a tension rod, adhesive tension rod holders, shower curtain clips, and cute decorative curtains. Similar methods could be used around other types of beds. 

Check out this walkthrough of the converted garage of Fulltime Families member Doug Setzer of Learn to RV.

RV Bathroom Decor

Another space that might require some RV interior decorating ideas? The bathroom. The camper bathroom decor ideas below will help you get started:

Change the Shower Curtain

Switching out the shower curtain is an easy enough RV bathroom decor idea. If your curtain is hung using a track in the ceiling, replace it with a tension rod and then hang whatever curtain you like best. 

Add a Backsplash

That peel-and-stick faux tile comes into play yet again in the bathroom. Use it to add a backsplash around the bathroom sink and totally change the look of the room. 

RV Outdoor Decor

When it comes to RV outdoor decor, we recommend keeping it simple. This makes travel day easier, as it means less stuff to pack up. Not only that, it also helps you avoid having a cluttered site. 

That said, there are a few outdoor RV decor ideas that are simple, useful, and tasteful:

Decorative RV Exterior Lights

String lights like these adorable camper lights or these solar lanterns are ideal for decorating your site. Of course, they also serve a very important purpose: lighting your campsite at night. This makes them a worthwhile investment. 

Family Flag or Sign

Fulltime Families members should let other Fulltime Families members know where they are. The best way to do this is through the use of a family flag or sign on your site. This adds a bit of pizzazz while also helping you make friends!

Outdoor Mat

Nobody likes dirt in the RV. An outdoor rug can help you avoid tracking debris inside. Not only that, it also helps keep your site looking tidy and gives you an opportunity to give your site a bit of personality without adding unnecessary clutter. 

Vinyl Tablecloth

Most campsites come with a picnic table. Unfortunately, you never know what was on that table before you got there. Why not cover it up and add some color to your space with a vinyl tablecloth? Use clips to hold it down or invest in a fitted set

Decorating an RV for Christmas

Decorating an RV for Christmas is tons of fun. That said, without the space for a huge Christmas tree, many people feel stuck when it comes to RV Christmas decorations. If you’re having trouble imagining how you’ll deck the halls, check out our article with RV Christmas decoration ideas for some inspiration. 

Hopefully these RV decorating ideas inspire you to make your trailer or motorhome feel more like home so you can be truly comfortable in your space. Be sure to share your end results on our Fulltime Families social media pages!

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