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Snowbirding – In Places other than Florida – Guest Post

Snowbirding – In Places other than Florida – Guest Post

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We’ve all heard of birds migrating to places that have a climate which is better suited for their well being. Snowbirding is the human’s version of migrating to places that have better climates. Technically speaking, people who snowbird leave their place of residence due to its unbearably cold climate and migrate to warmer places in order to lead a more comfortable life.


In the United States, people who live in areas of the Northeast, Midwest; or those living in areas of Pacific Northwest and Canada choose to spend the greater part of winters in warmer areas. This particular practice is called Snowbirding and the people who engage in such a practice are known as snowbirds. A major chunk of the Snowbird population comprises of retired individuals who no longer can bear excessively cold climates. Others comprise of people with RV’s who love to travel and want to get away from the bone chilling cold and those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder among many others.


Where do these Snowbirds seek refuge?


It’s quite clear that the Snowbirds seek refuge in warmer areas; they can either go to Florida, which is a Snowbird’s favorite, or Arizona, California, Texas, New Mexico and around the Caribbean. After Florida, the next favorite destination of Snowbirds is Arizona. Arizona has a very mild winter when compared to places that get buried snow. Places like Scottsdale and Phoenix are the most visited by Snowbirds and during the winter months, the place is buzzing with traffic. Arizona extends the Snowbirds the luxury to relax in temperatures at 65F during the day and 41°F during the night. Snowbirds have a lot of options concerning their accommodation which can range from staying at hotels, lodges, apartments and a few numbered properties in Scottsdale.


  • California is another attraction for Snowbirds and it has a dozen areas where Snowbirds like to settle for the winters, the most popular of them being the Southern Californian areas. Southern California has abundant opportunities for the winter tourists to relax. Some of them include, the hot springs, the desert adventures. With pleasant and close to perfect weather conditions, tourists love this destination. Coachella Valley in Southern California is surrounded by desert cities where most snowbirds flock to.


  • Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta are others places in Southern California that are popular among tourists.Texas is another favorite of the snowbirds as it’s blessed with a consistently warm weather. Besides the weather, Texas also has beautiful beaches lined with palm trees to offer to its tourists. The snowbirds get majorly attracted to the tropical feel that’s emanated by the Southern part of Texas. Corpus Christi, Galveston, Port Aransas and Rockport are some of the destinations that snowbirds are totally in love with.


  • New Mexico is the new favorite of Snowbirds who on hand do want to get rid of the bone chilling cold, but at the same time want to enjoy the wintery sport of Skiing and snowshoeing. New Mexico has an average temperature of 70 degrees in the day and a pleasant weather by the night. New Mexico, with its lakes, rivers, dormant volcanoes, forests, ice cakes and fossils makes up for an interesting destination for Snowbirds.


Popular places in New Mexico include Alamogordo and Albuquerque.


Author Bio:

Jeff Takson is writing this article from his work experience. He is travelling all the time because of his job. So, he always has to stay at hotels or other rentals apartments. Among many rentals companies, his choice is is holiday rentals from Casamundo.

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