Savannah, Georgia holds a special place in my heart.

Bill and I moved there to escape the brutal winters up north and, while we had a few struggles and setbacks at first, we came to love the area.

There’s an abundance of culture in Savannah that we’d never seen before. There are concerts in the park, a theatre downtown with showings nearly everyday, amazing restaurants, ghost tours, and so much more.

RVing in Savannah did not disappoint, either. You’re able to see the bustling city as well as a calming RV park – both filled with hiking/biking trails.

In fact, we love Savannah so much that we rated it one of the best places to travel in the world in our recent roundup! So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Campgrounds Near Savannah, GA

The following campgrounds are personal favorites – these are what I call “diamonds in the rough”.

There aren’t many campgrounds in Savannah, but there are a few that I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet.

Regardless of where you decide to park your rig, I’m sure you’ll absolutely love your campground (it’s kind of hard not to when you’re in Savannah)!

Savannah Oaks RV Resort

Bill and I loved staying at Savannah Oaks RV Resort. The staff was friendly, the campground was clean, and there was an awesome dock to walk out on (you could even fish there if you want to)!

It’s an awesome place to stay if you have kids, too. There’s a playground, a small basketball court, and a pool (though the pool isn’t open year-round).

You’re able to fill up on gas and snacks for the ride before you leave the campground at the convenience store, both of which are on site!

CreekFire Motor Ranch RV Resort & Campground

Located about 20 minutes from downtown Savannah lies a truly amazing campground – CreekFire Motor Ranch RV Resort & Campground.

Regardless of whether you have an RV or not, this place is more than accommodating. There are tent sites and deluxe cabins that you can rent and regardless of the site you stay at, the views are amazing.

With a pool bar & restaurant, market, and gym on site, how could you not think this was the diamond in the rough in Savannah?

Red Gate Campground

This campground may be your child’s favorite campground to date. Why?

Two words: farm animals.

It’s not everyday you stay at a campground that has farm animals on it! Not to mention, a clubhouse, walking and biking trails, BBQ grills, a fishing lake, beach volleyball court, and so much more.

Who am I kidding, this would be anybody’s favorite campground, farm animals or not!

Pro Tip: Don’t have an RV, or don’t want to drive it to Savannah? You can always get a camper rental for $50-$100 a night and experience the fun of RVing in Savannah without the stress.

Awesome Things to Do In and Around Savannah, GA

Savannah has something for everyone (and trust me, you’ll want to experience all that Savannah has to offer).

Depending on how long you plan on staying in Savannah, you may be able to hit up everything from the list below, but even if you can’t, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Tour the City

Whether you go for a ghost tour, a trolley tour, a walking tour, or a food/pub tour, you’ll learn all about Savannah’s culture.

Tours run all day (some even go until midnight or later), but I recommend taking a tour in the morning or early afternoon so you can visit cool landmarks you learn about while on the tour. I recommend tours to anyone going to Savannah, even if you’ve already been to the area.

You’re bound to learn something new (as well as see things you didn’t know were there before)!

2. Eat, Eat, and Eat Some More

jay wennington n y88twmgwa unsplash

Whether you’re craving a southern classic, a fancy dish, or some street food, Savannah will not disappoint.

In fact, nearly all of my favorite dishes that I’ve had at restaurants have been in Savannah.

Sly’s Sliders is my all-time favorite place to get fries and burgers (if you go, be sure to get the “Lil’ Sandy” and “The Jerk Store” – two of my favorite sandwiches of all time). You also have to get the fries with the garlic sauce, trust me on that one.

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is the place to go if you’re craving some authentic southern food, while Fire Street Food is a great place to get Asain food (and Good LORD is it good).

And, of course, no day would be complete without dessert! You’ll want to check out Leopold’s Ice Cream before heading back to your RV (their banana splits are to die for).

3. Explore All 22 Squares

Did you know that Savannah was built with squares in mind? Originally there were 24 squares, but there are only 22 now.

Each square contains a small piece of Savannah’s history and you’re able to walk to each one! With statues and monuments to view, you’ll be in awe of the culture and history in Savannah.

It may take a good portion of your day, but it’s something that I wouldn’t miss out on if I were you. Don’t worry about your feet hurting, either – there are benches to sit at at each square!

4. Visit the Beach

image from ios

Tybee Island is a beautiful beach located about 20 minutes from downtown Savannah – it’s the perfect place to swim, tan, hang out, or bring your adventure cat (like we did)!

Apart from hanging out on the beach itself, Tybee Island is filled with shops, restaurants, and famous attractions (like Fort Pulaski and the Tybee Island Lightstation).

5. Visit the Parks

Forsyth park (the park in the featured image) can be found in the heart of downtown Savannah. It’s filled with flowers in the spring, hosts concerts and a farmers market in the summer and fall, and is a perfect place to unwind.

There are two playgrounds for children, walking paths, tennis courts, and you’re sure to find an abundance of dogs there!

Tom Triplett Park is one of my favorite parks to visit when I’m in Savannah, too. It’s not as popular as Forsyth park, but it’s a hidden gem. There’s a long walking path around a pond, workout “stations” every few miles, tennis courts with these amazing head tennis racquets, and a pavilion that you can rent out for parties! It also has a disc golf court which, if you’ve never done before, you HAVE to try!

6. Visit the Aquarium

caroline hernandez yl1wevqey8k unsplash

One of my favorite things to do is visit aquariums. Fish are one of the coolest things to watch (and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like pond snails).

At the University of Georgia Aquarium, you’ll be able to see coastal fish along with amphibians and reptiles. There’s also a touch tank if your child is brave enough!

If you want to dive a bit deeper, you’re able to check out two teaching labs (an art and computer lab) to learn more about the critters you see inside of the aquarium. Heck, you could even adopt a wetland while you were there if you wanted to!

7. Check Out the Museums

There are an abundance of museums to check out while in Savannah. My favorite museum (to date) is the SCAD Museum of art which houses famous works of art from artists like Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Worhal and more.

If art isn’t your thing and you want to go to an educational museum, I recommend either the Davenport House Museum (where you can learn about Savannah’s culture and the staff gives out scavenger hunt sheets to children) or Old Fort Jackson (where you can walk through the history of the fort and battles from the Civil War).

Lastly, there’s also an aviation museum which is considered to be one of the best things to do in all of Savannah! If your kids (or you!) like planes, it’s definitely worth checking out.

8. Live Music & Rooftop Bars

kelly sikkema 1zmb4xbsvrg unsplash

Sometimes, we need a break from the everyday hustle (I’m looking at the parents, here). No trip is complete without taking some time for yourself.

What better way to do that than walking into downtown Savannah on a Friday night to hear live music while making your way to an incredible rooftop bar? I can’t think of anything better!

Bill and I went to the Top Deck Bar on River Street and we were in love. The drinks were amazing, the staff was great, and the views? Oh man – were they perfect.

There’s nothing like sitting with your best friend while sipping on a drink as you overlook a beautiful city. It’s a romantic way to end (or start) your trip to Savannah, GA!

If It Were Up to Me…

If I were to plan your trip for you, I’d advise you to go to the Red Gate Campground. There are so many things to do at the campground itself that you won’t need to travel into Savannah everyday to have fun.

Apart from that, I’d highly suggest you check out Sly’s Sliders and the Foundery Coffee Pub, visit the museums, take at least one tour, and check out Tom Triplett Park.

If you have time, though, try to book a show at the Historic Savannah Theatre. The actors are amazing and you’ll be at the edge of your seat the entire time. We went and it gave us goosebumps. They were so good!

Regardless of what you do while RVing in Savannah, it will hold a special place in your heart (and you’ll want to take frequent trips back).

About the Author

Kayla Widmer is a travel-loving entrepreneur, and the co-founder of The Wandering RV, a blog about the RV lifestyle. When she’s not traveling or hanging out with her awesome husband Bill, she loves to cook and share recipes on her food blog, The Sustainable Harvest!