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Day &*#$% – It’s all a blur now

Day &*#$% – It’s all a blur now

Kimberly 7 comments

Day 5 (or possibly 6) I’ve completely lost count (one of the side effects of losing your mind).

This morning I opened my eyes and was greeted by visions of soft tendrils of smoke escaping from… my mouth!  Yes, I could actually see my own breath!

As my foggy brain tried to comprehend why this phenomena was occurring, I realized my nose was running and my teeth were chattering and I was completely FREEZING!

A quick glance at the thermostat confirmed what my body was already telling me – it was 58 degrees in my bedroom!  It seems the batteries had run out juice and the furnace had stopped running hours ago.

After I chiseled my body out of the iceberg that was my bed, we set about heating things back up again so we could thaw out the kids.

After breakfast and morning chores, I took the kids back to the local museum for another two hour joint of model train spotting.

(they actually spend most of their time on the inside – but they love this layout from every angle)

And then the Bakers (another full time rving family) met us at the campground lodge for a pizza party.

We had a great time hanging out with Missy, Charles and Janey but like Cinderella at the ball, we had to rush out at 8pm to run our generator for an hour before quiet time (9pm) rolled around.

Tomorrow, we’re supposed to be getting some company out in the desert – I’ll let you know if they chicken out or not.  I haven’t done a very good job of “selling the boondocking” experience so far.

This is part of a 7 part series (If I can just make it one more day)…

Day 1 – Here we go a Boondocking

Day 2 – Boondocking Challenges

Day 3 – Dry Camping – Is it supposed to be this dry?

Day 4 – What’s the meaning of Christmas?

 Day &*#$% – It’s all a blur now




Kimberly Travaglino is the author of “How to Hit the Road”, a comprehensive step-by-step guide for making your family’s full time RV dreams a reality.  She also serves as the Editor of Fulltime Families Magazine, a company that supports risk takers, pioneers, and enlightened families blazing their own path across the country.

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