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FtF Summer Scavenger Hunt, Powered by Oil Can Henry’s We Have a Winner!

FtF Summer Scavenger Hunt, Powered by Oil Can Henry’s We Have a Winner!

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Maybe you’ve seen them, snapping pics of rusty items, taking treats to the firehouse, or asking other people to play along… or better yet, maybe you’ve been the one behind the lens!


Well, are four-week challenge has finally something and we have a winner!  Here is our Top 10!

  1. Savory – 33,770
  2. Graf – 33,340
  3. Gardner – 32,610
  4. Schrier – 32,500
  5. Foster – 31,070
  6. DeLeon – 30,820
  7. Mann – 29,170
  8. Howery – 27,890
  9. Perry – 27,690
  10. Simpson – 24,820

Over 25 families competed in our first annual FtF summer scavenger hunt!  FtF snd Oil Can Henry’s want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and your creativity in the first annual FTF summer scavenger hunt. It has been a true pleasure to see all your smiling faces as you completed the tasks! Thank you also to Renee Seeley who so graciously took over during my injury! I hope you will play again next year and help us spread the word about our amazing FtF community and Oil Can Henry’s! Congrats to the Savory Family who are awarded our grand prize of $100!


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