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Things to know about Fulltime Families Facebook participation

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The Fulltime Families Facebook group is sponsored by Fulltime Families, LLC, a company that connects and supports traveling families by providing education, support, discounts, and community. This group is a small part of the resources Fulltime Families provides to families living or seeking the fulltime RV lifestyle.

There are many Fulltime Families groups, including several dedicated groups for paid Fulltime Families Members, including a general member group, consisting primarily of traveling families, a bookclub, and a boondocking group.  Some other Facebook Groups sponsored by Fulltime Families, and open to all, are dedicated to Special Needs, Military Families, Solo Parents and more.

We appreciate that the members of all our sponsored groups are kind, respectful, helpful, and show restraint when necessary. We are more than a group about travel or living in an RV, so we allow conversations that aren’t specifically related to those things. However, to keep the atmosphere positive, we will not allow religious or political debates, cursing, or belittling fellow group members. In addition, there are a few topics that we will allow to be discussed for informational purposes, but as soon as they become debates or opinion based will need to be closed for comments. Those topics are traveling with guns, car seats, and safety of motorhomes.

We do not allow our groups to be used for advertising, sales, or market research. If you would like to partner or advertise with us please email info@fulltimefamilies.com. Please do not private message other members or ask them to private message you as a method of selling or obtaining sales people for your organization. If you want to post a job opportunity or fundraiser please private message a group administrator for approval.

If you are looking for information on how we can all afford to travel fulltime, what various acronyms mean, and other FAQs, check out our FILES section.

We’re so excited to have you as a part of our community.  Please review all these tips, enjoy the community and help here, and consider taking the next step by becoming a Fulltime Families Member. We hope to see you down the road!



Membership has it’s Privileges; Top 5 Benefits of Joining Fulltime Families

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The Fulltime Families Membership can save you thousands of dollars, but the privileges of membership go way beyond saving money.

Here are the top 5 benefits our members point to as their favorite thing about being a Fulltime Families Member.

#1 Finding My Tribe!

  • Fulltime Families Members share a common bond that is considered weird by the majority of American Families.   We think less is more… that’s weird!  We’re actually excited about living in 350 sq feet, alongside our family, every minute of the day… that’s weird!  We don’t want to wait until our children are on their own to explore this country… that’s weird!  Fulltime Families Members understand and embrace these “so called oddities”.  If making time with our family makes us “misfits” then we’d rather not fit in.  Fulltime Families supports and applauds You, the risk taker, You the pioneer, You the trail blazer, who is looking for more out of life than just security!

    #2 Making Spaces to Meet in Real Life!

    Fulltime Families hosts events around the country so families enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle can meet in person and make friends.  The reality is lifestyle can be isolating and connecting through Fulltime Families events, provides adults and children alike the opportunity to make friends and form bonds that span the miles.  It is very common for families to establish temporary or long term intentional neighborhoods with the families they click with, after an FtF event.  Just because your family is nomadic doesn’t mean you need to be alone.  Join us for our next event and embark on the next leg of your journey with friends in tow.


    #3 Connecting Families with the Services and Suppliers who commend their choices!

Isn’t it great to do business with someone who values you as a customer?  Isn’t it awesome to know you are supporting businesses that are supportive of your lifestyle choices and actually look forward to serving you? Fulltime Families reaches across all service and supply industries, vetting companies both large and small, to present our members with businesses of the highest level of integrity.  Through both our Resource Guide and our Partnership list, FtF Members are connected to trusted resources that will help you save time and money!

#4 We’ve Got Your Back!

At Fulltime Families, we’ve got your back!  Through our relationships with RV professionals, Home School curriculum providers and the media, we have a unique opportunity to help you spread your message and connect you effectively to the resources that can help you the most.  You’re not out on the road alone and being a part of the FtF family has made an impact through the collective voice and the collective efforts of your other FtF family members.  Case in point, in 2016 alone, FtF served 343 families in person at FtF events and provided over $21,000 in relief to RVing Families!

#5 Saving You Money and Time!

Of course, your Fulltime Families Membership will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted time.  Through our extensive list of partnerships, which currently includes a Free Year of Escapees and a Free Year of Good Sams Membership, our members rack up savings on:

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t you like friends, having fun times with people who get you, businesses that understand and value you, someone who has your back and saving money?  Join Fulltime Families today!  https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/joinftf/





FtF 2017 Family Awards Announced

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This past Saturday night at the FtF 7th Annual Family Reunion Main Event, sponsored by Fass Fuel, the FtF 2017 Family Awards were announced.

This year we started a new tradition at FtF to recognize members of our community that help each of us to make our lives on the road easier and more fulfilling!
FtF Family of the Year – lives the DREAM…full-time RV life, explores their surroundings, promotes FtF wherever they go, always presents FtF in a positive light, are unique, inventive, courageous, blazing their own trails across the nation (or the world!)
Nominees are:
Bailey Family
Harkins Family
Royal Family

and your choice for FtF Family of the Year is… The Harkins Family!

The FtF Good Samaritan goes above and beyond to help others in the community, this person is willing to go out of his/her way to come to the aid of another whenever needed.
Nominees are:
Matthew Bookamer
Kent & Dana Butterfield
Chris & Kelly Savory
Jennie Mason
Kaycee Hannen

and your choice for FtF Good Samaritan is… Matthew Bookamer

The FtF Teen Stand Out of the Year exemplifies the attributes that will carry the spirit of FtF into the next generation, this teen is always willing to help during FtF events and help others around the campground, is a good listener, is diligent in all aspects of life

Nominees are:
Jesse Mason
Abbie Bennett
Austin James
Daniel Graf
Jacob, Josh & Zach Pile
Denae James

and your choice for FtF Teen Stand Out is… Jacob, Josh & Zach Pile

FtF Overcomer:  Despite sizable challenges, rises to the occasion and provides encouragement to others, he/she is willing to share lessons learned from said challenges to prevent others from making the same mistakes.

Stacey Schrier
Malissia Doyle Smith

and your choice for FtF Overcomer is… Stacey Schrier

Spirit of FtF *is a recognition of a man, woman or family in our Fulltime Families Community who best personifies the attributes of Fulltime Families which are helpful, supportive, caring, diligent, dependable, generous, and humble.

Keith & Katie Graham
Stephanie Simpson
Church Family
Arnold Family
James Family

and your choice for Spirit of FtF is The James Family!


Congrats to all our families – It is our community who are the real winners to be able to call so many stellar people our family!


Corporate Sponsors Support Fulltime Families Colonial Times Rally

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For Immediate Release

The upcoming Colonial Times Rally is kicking off this September with the support of multiple corporate sponsors.


MORryde Logo Square RGB (3)MOR/ryde, the fabricator and innovator of many custom solutions, including the MOR/ryde Independant Suspension System, has been named the Cuisine Sponsor for both the Colonial Times Pie Contest and the FtF Annual Family Reunion Cuisine Event (theme to be announced later this year).

This is MOR/ryde’s first foray into FtF Event Sponsorship and club co-founder Kimberly Travaglino is excited to see the company supporting the full-time family RVing community.  “As full-time rving families, our whole lives are riding on the foundation of our campers.  We are thrilled to be able to enter into partnership with MOR/ryde at these upcoming events, so we can stress the importance of a solid suspension system.  This summer, we had our ISS with disc brakes installed and the difference in our handling is night and day” Travaglino commented regarding this partnership.

Marketplace-RVTRader-LogoMOR/ryde joins long time FtF Event sponsors, RV Trader, who is hosting the Parade of Homes for both the Colonial Times Rally and the FtF Annual Family Reunion.  RV Trader has been exceedingly supportive of the FtF Community, and even provides an exclusive discount to FtF Families looking to list their RVs on the site’s extensive ad platform, with nationwide coverage and great search attributes to help narrow down listings for potential buyers.  The FtF Parade of Homes is unique to FtF Rallies and gives attendees an opportunity to explore each others homes on wheels, highlighting modifications, layouts, upgrades and unique storage solutions.

letsrv-logo-200Let’s RV, also a long time FtF supporter, is hosting the Themed Trivia Contest.  Attendees are advised to brush up on their Colonial History knowledge as this year’s trivia contest is sure to cull many questions from that time period.

“The Fulltime Families rallies are exceptional events and I really look forward to attending them whenever I can,” said Greg Gerber, editor of RV Daily Report and Let’s RV. “When these very active, year-round RVing families come together it’s guaranteed to be a wild-and-crazy time, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to learn from the RV lifestyle evangelists.
“The people attending these rallies interact with tens of thousands of other RVers throughout the year as they travel the country working on the road and roadschooling their children. It’s a great way for me to get a pulse on what’s happening in the industry from an RV owner’s perspective,” he added. “The education provided at these events isn’t based on theory. The products, services and businesses they recommend to others are based on the members’ practical experience with the companies.”
FASS Fuel, the leading manufacturer of aftermarket diesel fuel pump and accessories for light duty and heavy duty diesel engines, has signed on at the Main Event Sponsor for both the Colonial Times Rally and the upcoming 7th Annual FtF Family Reunion (FL, Winter 2017).  Family Reunion attendees will be able to witness this fuel system in action at the FASS Mobile is slated to attend the event and educate attendees on the importance and benefits of these aftermarket fuel pumps.
YBCRSCol.HiResJellystone Park Camp and Resorts is also sponsoring two events on the Fulltime Families calendar.  With a focus on family fun, it’s no surprise that Jellystone will be bringing fun to FtF Events as the Family Highlight Game Sponsor.  The Colonial Times Highlight Game is a homemade boat river crossing complete with it’s own General Washington, motivating boaters across river.
Here is the list of Sponsors helping to the upcoming Fulltime Families Events to fruition!  We thank you for supporting these activities and learning opportunities!


We are currently seeking sponsors in the following market segments:

  • RV Dealerships
  • Camping Equipment Suppliers
  • Technology for RVers
  • Anything that makes RVing families lives easy

If you’d like more information or to sponsor an activity at these events and reach this growing market, email kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com

If you’d like to attend these events visit: https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/upcoming-events/


Roadschool Moms Wrap up 4 Weeks of Love and Announce Upcoming Bible Study

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The whole month of February, Roadschool Moms Kimberly Travaglino (of Fulltime Families) and Mary Beth Goff (The Road Trip Teacher) have been exploring the aspects of Love in Roadschool.  This four part series wrapped up with a live show this Sunday night, 2/28, at 9pm EST about the Love of Community on the Road.

During the show, special guest De’Etta Goecker, faciliatator of the upcoming Roadschool Moms Made for Community Bible Study, spoke about how to get involved and what to expect from this first initiative to dig deeper into the Word.

Tune into our previous Love Shows here:

Love of God: http://ultimateradioshow.com/love-part-1-love-of-god/

Love of Family: http://ultimateradioshow.com/love-your-family-well/

Love of Country: http://ultimateradioshow.com/teaching-your-kids-to-love-their-country/

Love of Community: http://ultimateradioshow.com/love-part-4-finding-community-on-the-road/

or subscribe to the show on iTunes and catch all the replays.

For more details or to sign up for the Roadschool Moms Made for Community Bible Study, be sure to join the Roadschool Moms Facebook Group.

Make yourself a priority and give yourself the gift of refreshment and encouragement every Sunday night at 9Pm est.  Tune in at www.roadschoolmoms.com.  Next week’s topic – Finding Encouragement for your Roadschool.

Announcing a New Partnership between Fulltime Families and Escapees

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The mission of Fulltime Families is to support the needs of full time / extended time / family rvers and those seeking resources for the full time rving with kids lifestyle choice.

In the past 5+ years, we’ve worked diligently to provide our members with exclusive ftf pricing on the best services and products in the marketplace.  By establishing corporate partnerships with leaders like Thousand Trails, OvernightRVParking.com, Passport America, Time4Learning, as well as small businesses to provide you excellence in Accounting Services, RV Insurance, Photography, we’ve sought to help you make the most of your adventure while saving your time and money. To see the complete list, click on our members’ benefits page.

Last Spring, we rolled out many new membership enhancements,  starting with our partnership with Escapees RV Club.

Escapees has been supporting the needs of RVers since 1978 and they have established an extensive network and support system, including their award winning mail forwarding services.

Fulltime Families has entered into a full reciprocal partnership with Escapees meaning that current and future FtF members will receive a free year of Escapees online membership*.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.46.39 AM

Current Fulltime Families Members can take advantage of this offer by calling 888-757-2582 and having their Fulltime Families membership number in hand.  Don’t remember your membership number?  Email me at Kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com and I will be able to supply that for you.

Not a Fulltime Families Member yet?  It’s a great time to join, as rates will be going up next week!

Click here to join the premier resource for your full time / part time rv family organization.

*Offer applies to new Escapees members only

We Did It! Fulltime Families Hits 1000 Members!

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1000Fulltime Families, the membership organization for families living and dreaming of full-time or extended RV adventures, announced Tuesday, they have reached and surpassed their 1000 Member Strong goal, and at press time, had 1008 members on their roster.

The club, which aims to support the unique needs of family full-time RVers, hosts rallies across the country, runs a large social media platform to encourage and connect traveling families, and supplies resources and mentoring for families looking to transition from a traditional lifestyle to a fully location independent mobile lifestyle.

Kimberly and Chris Travaglino, founded the organization in April 2009, when they noticed a lack of resources for younger RVers while exploring the full-time RV lifestyle for their own family.

“I was furiously searching the web for information on what children’s birthdays, holidays and other familiar milestones would look like for a nomadic family, and found many articles focused on retiree RVers.  I knew our challenges would be different since we’d need an income on the road, resources to educate our children and opportunities to meet other like-minded families” noted Kimberly when recalling how the idea for Fulltime Families came to her.

Since it’s inception, Fulltime Families (or FtF as it’s referred to in the RVing world) has hosted 9 nationwide events, several large scale field trips to theme parks, and facilitated many meetups across the country.

In September 2014, the group launched two large scale initiatives;


The Fulltime Families Family Friendly Campground Directory highlights campgrounds nationwide that are interested in hosting families, have kid-friendly amenities, and will waive the Extra Person Fee (or kid tax) for FtF Members. To date, there are 206 campgrounds in the directory with a dedicated Campground Acquisition Director adding more locations weekly. Fulltime-Families-Explorers-Logo-Final

The FtF Explorer Program is a family centered program intended to support leadership, creativity, and community centered activities for full-time RV boys and girls between the ages of 5 to16.

The FtF Explorer Mission is: To foster strong family values, leadership, creativity, safety awareness, community spirit and individual exploration. Explorers earn badges for demonstrating proficiency in such activities as Good Campground Citizenship, Elderly Appreciation, Entrepreneurship, RV Maintenance, and monthly community building initiatives.

Members also have access to a large list of benefits and exclusive savings from RVing partners such as Escapees, Passport America, Thousand Trails and homeschool partners like online curriculum provider Time4Learning.  A complete directory of benefits is available at: https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/family-members-2/ftf-members-area/

Kimberly attributes the success of the club to the generous and supportive attitudes of FtF Members.  “Our most prized membership asset is the access to our incredible members themselves.  The knowledge, time, talents, resources and support they each share with their community is the foundation Fulltime Families was built on.  Each of the families behind the numbers are what make this organization amazing!”

On Friday, October 9th, 2015 at 7pm Fulltime Families hosted an On Air Google Hangout to draw a winner for it’s 1000 Member Strong GoPro Giveaway.  To watch the replay click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwJNHmLsZT4





Fall Fun by the Bushel at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm – Thomas Family Reporting

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Recently, the Thomas Family (FtF Charter #46) went on assignment to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Lancaster, PA.  Here is their report about the agritainment experience.


We had the pleasure of visiting Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania recently and absolutely enjoyed our experience.  The farm, which is open from May through November, is situated on over 15 acres of pristine land and there are over 50+ activities – there is truly something for everyone in your family!

We visited on a busy Saturday ~ there was already quite a crowd at 11am, but parking is free and extremely well organized.   We quickly parked and made our way to the gates.  There were two small lines at the entrance that moved quickly and before we knew it, we had our bracelets on and we were ready for our adventure!

photo 2
What an amazing place Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is.  We were greeted with the sights and sounds of happiness!  Colorful signs, maps and staff pointed us in the right direction…The only challenge was trying to agree on what fun activity to try first!  The farm has a great “flow” and even though there were many families enjoying the day at Cherry Crest Farm, we never felt rushed or crowded.  Almost all of the activities encouraged parents and kids to play together!  We loved this aspect of the farm adventure– instead of watching from the sidelines, we were able to participate right alongside our boys.  From pedal kart races to the “Music through the Decades” themed corn maze to the Farm Tour Wagon Ride, we smiled and laughed all day!  We even made butter at the Discovery Barn!  We especially enjoyed the interactive (and educational!!!) exhibits throughout the farm and really appreciated the fact that the farm had so many activities for our tweens.  It was refreshing that all age groups had been considered when planning this farm experience and that many of the experiences really got our blood flowing!  My boys (11 and 12 years old) could have spent the next two weeks playing in Corny’s Ball-Cade (think soccer, baseball, basketball & footballs flying!)  We will be going back soon to ride the Strasburg Railroad Steam Locomotive that steamed through the farm while we were visiting.  It was so cool to see and hear the train power through the field!

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm has really thought of everything!  There was a wide variety of food concessions to choose from throughout the farm and prices were reasonable.  (Our family discovered the Apple Cider Donut Shop and it was love at first bite.)  There are wagon rentals, a roomy picnic area, shady spots to rest and regroup, and also plenty of restrooms.  They have a Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin area and they even rent out Gathering Barns for special events.
We would wholeheartedly recommend Cherry Crest Adventure Farm to anyone who is looking for a fun, educational, and active adventure this fall!

Top 10 Family Hikes in the USA

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When you’re living full time in your RV with kids, hiking is a great way to see the natural treasures in this country.

Full time rving kids love to stretch their legs and the temperate days of spring provide ample opportunity to connect with nature and get your hike on!

Here are the Top 10 Family hikes in this country.

Ten Best Family Hikes

  1. Sky Meadows State Park, Virginia
  2. Chimney Tops Trail, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
  3. Woodpecker Trail, Big Shoals State Park, Florida
  4. Ohio & Erie Canal Trail, Ohio
  5. Illinois & Michigan Canal
  6. Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Colorado
  7. Muir Woods National Monument, California
  8. Will Rogers Historic State Park, California
  9. Horsetail Falls Trail, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
  10.  Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Washington

If hiking with little ones, Catherine Ercanbrack of HikingChix.com reminds you to look for family hikes with High Wow to Low Effort ratios, targeting short hikes with big payoffs and stretching distances gradually on subsequent hikes.

Recent Roadschool Moms guest, Survivalist Expert, Gregory Davenport, shared his tips for safely exploring the great outdoors in an episode called, “Preparing Your Family for Outside Adventures”.  Be sure to catch the replay so you can be prepared for a great family adventure!




Full Time RVing Families Flock to Branson for One-of-a-Kind Event

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Reprinted from Hometown News

BRANSON, Mo. – In the coming days, 45 fulltime RV families from around the county will be traveling to Branson to take part in the Not Going Back to School Rally.

Starting on September 10, these families will be parking their RV’s at America’s Best Campground in Branson, for four days of family friendly activities. This event has been created for students whose families have adopted a road-schooling lifestyle, according to event organizer Kimberly Travaglino.

Activities include: Smore’s Gash Bord Campfire Creations, Field trips to Titanic and Jonah, Going Solar and RV Weight Seminar, Color Run, Kid’s Entrepreneur Workshop and the main event, an 80s prom!

Download the Sample 2015 NBTS Rally Schedule

From the area’s unique history to the Hard Work U attitude at College of the Ozarks, Travaglino says, she and other families will be using the Branson area as a learning tool for their children. While this event is currently sold out, Travaglino says they will be extending day passes to homeschooling families in the area who are interested.

The organizers are also looking to feature local attractions in their “Must Do Branson Attraction Guide”. People or organizations interested in getting a day pass or learning more about this event can email kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com for the details.

Fulltime Families would like to thank the following businesses:

Thank you to our Sponsors

Lazydays, The RV Authority

Instant Pot
RV Trader
Let’s RV
National Pilot Car Association


Preferred Attractions in Branson

These attractions have generously provided rally prizes for our event.  Please consider giving them your business while in Branson!

Tiger Sanctuary
Butterfly World
Toy Museum
Cantina Laredo
Pirate Adventure Golf

FtF Entrepreneurial Partners
Special thanks to these FtF Members for providing prizes from the following companies.

31 Gifts Jen Holt
Jamberry Nails  Jen Schillaci
Custom Vinyl Creations – Bush Creative
Young Living Oils – Misty Lively
Usborne Books – Stephanie Simpson
ItWorks – Jamie DuVergy
RV Sunshade Company – Renee Seeley
Beachbody Fitness – Kimberlee Wilkes
AJ Hendrickson Pilot Cars – Mary Beth Goff
Ruby’s Closet – Dianne Connelly Moreno
Especially Created For You – Jennie Ennis-Mason
The Lundy Family
CampgroundViews.com – Mark Koep




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