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The Road Can Be Exhausting

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Life on the road in an RV is not always how you picture it.live


When we first made our plans, we envisioned our life on the road checking off our list of must see items or putting x’s all over the pages of our copy of “1000 Places to See Before You Die”.

But after a few months, burn out began to set in, and we found ourselves rushing through or barely glancing at some of those things we had so looked forward to seeing and experiencing,

While in Portland, a friend mentioned that we would be in the vicinity of one of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls.  Our family loves waterfalls and we were excited to be awash in the spray at Multnomah Falls.

But when we had the opportunity to actually see it, we were all so exhausted that we just sat in the car, in the parking lot, peeking at it between the rushing trucks on the highway.

This scenario was never part of my “life on the road” picture – and yet – there we were – all too tired and uninspired to actually unbuckle.

We never even turned the engine off.  We just stayed in our seats, told the kids to crane their necks so they could see the majestic rushing falls, and then we got back on the highway.

Had you told me this scenario was more than a possibility before we headed out, I would have never believed you. So full of curiosity were we to see and do everything! But in our travels, we have met with a multitude of families on the road, who have very similar stories. Who passed up the Petrified Forest to get a screaming toddler a Happy Meal?  Who missed putting their feet in the Pacific because there were too many stairs?  Who sat in the parking lot and napped at the Grand Canyon?

After this turning point, we decided that our life on the road was speeding past us.  We couldn’t even keep up with it, so we made the conscious decision to SLOW DOWN.   We’ve been spending more time in an area so we can truly appreciate the scenery and the natural offerings there. Setting a new pace has been beneficial to all of us and we are all enjoying our journey immensely.

Kimberly Travaglino is the author of “How to Hit the Road”, a comprehensive step-by-step guide for making your family’s full time RV dreams a reality.  She also serves as the Editor of Fulltime Families Magazine, a company that supports risk takers, pioneers, and enlightened families blazing their own path across the country.


Gardening in Your RV; How to Grow a Garden on the Go

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One of the things I miss from my Sticks and Bricks life, is my garden. The ability to walk outside and harvest fresh grown, organic produce for free is something I know a lot of full time rvers miss.  So when I saw Ashleigh Priest’s pictures of her “garden on the go” on the Fulltime Families Facebook Group, I got very excited and asked her to write an article on just how she made her mobile garden a reality. Here’s what she had to say:

Rver Rver, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Rver Rver, How Does Your Garden Grow?


2015 has brought my family a few epiphanies. We had a rough winter for 2014. Too much of it was spent in our camper, as this Floridian family tried to adjust to a Minnesota winter.  It seemed something was always happening. First our truck needed an expensive repair. Our water access port kept busting every couple of weeks. The truck broke down a second time. A third time. We were behind on all bills.  Bad weather, meant work days missed and money was tight.  Some weeks we had to decide between food or paying the cellphone bill. Food obviously came first.

RV Garden

RV Garden

Boy food is ridiculously expensive! How do people with large families do this?

Here’s epiphany number one.

If only we had a garden we could have healthy food. Too bad we travel.

March came around and my back went out. I’m young. This should not happen. It’s always attributed to my weight. Yes, I’m very unhealthy.

This was epiphany number two.

I NEED to get healthier! I really wish we could have a garden. How can this become something we can do?

I did research. Joined gardening groups on Facebook. Asked if anyone in the traveling groups have a garden. The limited replies I received were in the “that’s a cool idea” vain..  and if I followed through with the garden to keep everyone posted.

Garden on the Go

Garden on the Go

So, I got to work.

I planned out what I wanted to grow. What I’d use for containers. How to make my own compost (what’s a better fertilizer than compost 😉 ).

My original plan was to build planter boxes from pallets, have holes on both sides, put some rope through the holes, and make a loop on each side.

Then take two 2x4s, drill 7/8 inch holes in them and put a wooden dowel in the holes after putting the dowels through the rope and hang up the planter boxes. The 2x4s would have a rubber covering on the top and lean against the camper.

Phew! Let me say if that sounded like a lot of work, it was! With two toddler boys, I was already stretch thin. I got two planters built and that was that.

I planted sweet peas and green beans in the boxes.

Then I simplified.  I used four 5 gallon buckets to plant tomatoes and corn in. Everything got covered at night because there were still cool nights.

Then we got a surprise snow! That storm killed all my plants except my sweet peas. I decided to wait until May to replant.


This time I had a different plan.

I bought some storage tote boxes, soil, pea pebbles.

I took my original 5 gallon buckets, and with a hammer, and a nail, poked 4 holes in the sides of the buckets at the bottom. I put about 3 inches of pea pebbles in the bucket then filled up the bucket about 2/3 full with soil and added my seeds for corn and tomatoes (I feel like I just did this lol). Finally, I watered the seeds and set them aside.

I replanted green beans in the wooden box I used before. I watered them and put the box aside.


I was ready to expand my garden.

Butter crunch lettuce, spinach, green bell pepper, parsley, and basil seeds were all planted in the storage totes, which had been prepped like the buckets, with several holes and pea pebbles topped with soil.

In one tote, I planted the lettuce and spinach together. This way I have an instant salad with the combination of these greens.

The other box was a little more tricky. I went to Dollar Tree and bought two long, plastic planter boxes. I poked holes in them. Next I filled the tote box the way I did the other containers. I then grabbed two pieces of broken concrete blocks we had laying around and placed them on top of the soil in the tote box. Afterwards I placed the Dollar Tree plastic planters, each on the concrete pieces. There was space in between these, which is where the green bell pepper was planted. In one planter I put seed for basil and the other for parsley.

So far everything has sprouted wonderfully. I’ve harvested two large handfuls of sweet peas already. My lettuce has been harvested for salad as I please. My corn is growing along with my tomatoes. My last box has just sprouted in the last couple weeks.


The dirt on dirt.

I mentioned compost earlier. We made our own compost as well. We bought a Roughneck tote box (I think like 3 gallons) in dark blue. We have put in things such as used coffee grounds and filter, banana peels, orange peels, egg shells, ashes, mud, corn husks, and whatever else we thought of. We then bought fishing worms (don’t judge) and added them to the box as well. We read that the worms help aid in the breakdown of the matter and their excretions are good for the soil. I will be adding some compost to each plant this week.

I have been asked how we will transport our garden when we move. We have a bumper pull travel trailer so we are able to put the garden in the bed of the truck. We have a contractors topper on our truck so the garden will be protected during travel. As for crossing borders, we’ve never been somewhere we have been stopped, so we will address that if we ever encounter that problem. So I will say, use your best judgement and plan ahead.

Another option would be to place your garden in your shower during moves.

Rver Garden1

I’m excited to see how well our traveling garden does. I hope to have enough of a harvest to give me the opportunity to learn to can as well.

For those considering gardening on the go, this is my first garden ever. I have not killed the plants this go around (so far). If you put your mind to it and do some research, you can do it! Happy trails!

Ashleigh Priest is a proud wife of a union pipe welder/fitter. Mother of two rambunctious toddler boys, traveling this great land since 2011. Always looking for the best in life to make my family the happiest and healthiest it can be.

You can find her on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ashleigh.huggins1?fref=ts

Roadschool Moms Series Answers the Question, “How to Make Money on the Road?” and Special Offer

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The Roadschool Moms, a weekly, live radio show, hosted on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, just wrapped up a new series geared towards answering the age-old question, “How do you make money on the road”.

Missed it?  Replays are now up featuring real full-time RVers who have real answers for how to fund your RV dreams.


Replays Are Up Now


*SPECIAL OFFER: Listeners of Roadschool Moms can use promo “FTF” to get $50 off the new course “How to Start a Virtual Business so You Can Travel Full Time” from our friends at Crazy Family Adventure!

Listen Live on Sunday Nights

Listeners can tune in live and ask questions, real time, on the chat window at the show’s webpage every Sunday night at 9pm Eastern Time.  Replays will be available at www.roadschoolmoms.com and on iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/road-school-moms/id854587085?mt=2


Kimberly Joins Heath Padgett on the RV Entrepreneur Podcast

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I love how this podcast came out! Usually you listen to podcasts, read books, surf the web, looking for actionable ideas you can implement to further your business.  After you comb through all the mumbo-jumbo, buy the necessary tools, you realize, there were some steps missing and you’re still unsure as to how to start.  I, myself, have been guilty of giving that kind of advice.

But Heath, the host of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast is a seasoned interviewer well beyond his years and he knows how to cull out of his guests the details, the specifics, the tips that make a difference.

If you’re curious about how the business side of Fulltime Families works, then I invite you behind the curtain to witness first hand how a kitchen table became a corporate headquarters and our family was led to an income stream to fuel our dreams.

Looking for more from The RV Entrepreneur?

Consider joining this dynamic group for it’s first RV Entrepreneur Summit!

Heath is hooking up listeners with a discount code for this event! Go to RV Entrepreneur Summit and use the discount code “fulltimers” when you’re checking out for $25 off your ticket price. But hurry this is limited to the first 10 listeners that take advantage of this offer!

This Groundhog’s Day – Free Webinar on RV Inspections

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Don’t let costly RV repairs and potential pitfalls lurk in the shadows of your new RV.  Join us this Groundhog’s Day, Feb. 2nd, 2016 for a free webinar hosted by Terry Cooper, co-founder of the National RV Inspection Association.

During this free webinar you’ll learn:

  • The importance of an independent RV Inspection
  • How to find an RV Inspector in your area
  • How to weed out RVs that are money pits
  • How you can fund your travels as a certified RV Inspector
  • and so much more!


Space is limited, so click here to reserve your spot today: https://nrviatoday.leadpages.co/ftfinspectionwebinar/

What: Free Webinar about RV Inspections

Where: Your Computer / Mobile Device

Who: Hosted by Terry Cooper – co-founder of the NRVIA and sponsored by Fulltime Families

When: Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016 (Groundhog’s Day) at 8pm EST


Winner Announced in the Favorite 12 Joys of RVing Instagram Picture

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The Grand Prize Winner has been announced in the 12 Joys of RVing Instagram Contest.
By gathering the most votes, @boondockedmedia, Dana Haines has won the Grand Prize which includes a $50 Amazon Gift Card and a bag of swag from Go RVing!
Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.51.30 PM


Here are the finalists:
Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.02.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.05.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.07.59 PM
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.29.23 PM
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Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.31.42 PM
 Thank you for all that submitted Instagram Pics and participated in the contest.  There is a lot of joy in RVing and so many of you did a great job of capturing and spreading it!!!


This promotion isn’t sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.

Meetup in Austin, TX – You’re Invited!

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Fulltime Families & Ditching Suburbia Meetup in Austin, TX

Dreamers – Meet Doers.

Think about ditching the suburbs? Meet families currently fulltiming in their RVs – living on the road and schooling their kids along the way.

Currently a Fulltime Family? Other families would love to know what life on the road is like – tell them your stories!

Wonder what it’s like to go back to the suburbs? Meet some folks who’ve done that as well!



We’re just asking you sign up so we have a better idea of the size and makeup of the group coming.


17th January 2016.


We’ll be there starting around 10:30AM.

Potluck eating starts at 12:00.

Stay until..whenever!


Dick Nichols District Park, 8011 Beckett Rd, Austin, TX 78749.

The park has playgrounds, trails, ballcourts and more. We have a ‘just down the street’ backup location in case of inclement weather (we’ll announce that if the forecast looks unfavorable).

What to Bring?

  • Drinks
  • Dish to pass
  • Chairs
  • Outdoor games & sporting equipment
  • Stories
  • Questions

What To Get?

We’ll have a small giveaway of fun prizes:


  • Select 1 ticket per family.
  • In the ‘special requirements’ field let us know your family structure (2 adults/4 kids) etc.

Sign Up!

On the following page use the ‘Organization’ Field to let us know your blog/road name (ie ‘DitchingSuburbia’).


Is 2016 Your Launch Year?

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Get the Tool to turn your Dream into a Reality.

Let 2016 be the year you launch your family on the ultimate adventure!


What will yours be filled with?

“Our Journey Journal” is a one of a kind journal for the trail blazing family.
The prompts in this book have been thoughtfully compiled to help you and your loved ones, with each step of this lifestyle transition.
You’re about to embark on a huge adventure and within these pages is your place to record:
your reasons
your hopes
your desires
your impressions
your reservations
your achievements
your downsizing efforts
your bucket list
your packing guide
your budget
your home on wheels shopping experiences
and ultimately your launch.
With timelines, interactive projects, worksheets and
places to include family photos, this book can be the catalyst to
a whole new life for you.


Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.02.48 PM


Journaling and preserving your impressions through your own hand writing now,
will help motivate you through the more challenging times and
will surely become a treasured keepsake for generations to come.


Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.01.35 PM


Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.01.55 PM


Give yourself, your family and your future generations the gift of
your insight into the aspects that encouraged you all to take this
leap of faith and the steps that allowed you to realize this monumental goal.
Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.02.13 PM


Be intentional, live the life of your dreams, and tell your story.


Available in e-Print on Demand or Professionally Printed Spiral Bound Edition.

Choose Your Edition


Top 5 Money Making Tips for New Bloggers

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On a recent episode of Roadschool Moms, Mary Beth and I shared our top 5 tips for new bloggers looking to make money with their blog.  While blogging is not a get rich quick kinda’ thing, with consistent effort, it can be lucrative and can serve as an income stream for your full time rv adventures.
Here are the tips we discussed.  If you’d like to hear (and hopefully skip) the mistakes we’ve made along the way, then tune into the  show here: http://ultimateradioshow.com/top-5-money-making-tips-for-new-bloggers/

1) Establish an idea.

We’ve talked about it before and we’ll say it again, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to have an
edgy, new business plan. A fresh spin on an old idea can be just as profitable as the “next big thing.”

2) Register a url.

When you’ve come up with a viable plan for your new
business/blog, it’s time to nail down a business name. Research by simply going to
Google to be sure the name is available and not already trademarked, overused, or otherwise already taken. It is tempting to use catch words or unique spellings, but save yourself a huge number of headaches down the road and
stick to the correct spelling of the website name in the url.

3)Develop a mailing list.

The blogging world is mammoth and there are numerous ways to share your business venture; however, there is no better connection to your direct customers than a mailing list comprised of valid names (and email
addresses) of those who subscribe to your business. The website home page
should have an opt-in button or link so that potential customers can sign-up for your mailing list. The best way to entice them to do this is with a free product of some kind, usually an e-book or e-list that can be downloaded immediately after
valid information is entered into the mailing list subscription. The mailing list portion of a new business/blog can all be managed with a service such as Mailchimp or aWeber to target customers, send autoresponders, and a host of
other nifty ways to keep in touch with the prospects on your list.

4)Grow social media presence.

Social media can be a business’s best friend:
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and others. These avenues will help build
your reputation or brand while showcasing your products to those who might not
see it otherwise. In addition, social media can drive traffic to your website as well
as provide great customer feedback.  Before launching a new website/blog, be
sure your ducks are in a row with established social media accounts and the
proper links.

5)Produce content.

Once your idea is put into motion and is rolling down the road
to financial success, keep the momentum going by producing timely and relevant
content. The key words to producing content are consistent and regular. Now,
this does not mean that a new post must appear on your website every morning
at 9 am. It does mean that new content should post at routine intervals to your
site/social media so your potential customers are regularly reminded of your
fabulous niche in the market. As a sidenote, the best investment a new blogger
can make in this area, is a professional and fool-proof editing method so that
content is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
Budding entrepreneurs hungry for a new, profitable blogging business can
feed their success quickly by making these top 5 priorities a must in launching their
next, exciting idea to hit the market. Are you ready?!?
Created by Mary Beth Goff, The Road Trip Teacher exclusively for

We Did It! Fulltime Families Hits 1000 Members!

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1000Fulltime Families, the membership organization for families living and dreaming of full-time or extended RV adventures, announced Tuesday, they have reached and surpassed their 1000 Member Strong goal, and at press time, had 1008 members on their roster.

The club, which aims to support the unique needs of family full-time RVers, hosts rallies across the country, runs a large social media platform to encourage and connect traveling families, and supplies resources and mentoring for families looking to transition from a traditional lifestyle to a fully location independent mobile lifestyle.

Kimberly and Chris Travaglino, founded the organization in April 2009, when they noticed a lack of resources for younger RVers while exploring the full-time RV lifestyle for their own family.

“I was furiously searching the web for information on what children’s birthdays, holidays and other familiar milestones would look like for a nomadic family, and found many articles focused on retiree RVers.  I knew our challenges would be different since we’d need an income on the road, resources to educate our children and opportunities to meet other like-minded families” noted Kimberly when recalling how the idea for Fulltime Families came to her.

Since it’s inception, Fulltime Families (or FtF as it’s referred to in the RVing world) has hosted 9 nationwide events, several large scale field trips to theme parks, and facilitated many meetups across the country.

In September 2014, the group launched two large scale initiatives;


The Fulltime Families Family Friendly Campground Directory highlights campgrounds nationwide that are interested in hosting families, have kid-friendly amenities, and will waive the Extra Person Fee (or kid tax) for FtF Members. To date, there are 206 campgrounds in the directory with a dedicated Campground Acquisition Director adding more locations weekly. Fulltime-Families-Explorers-Logo-Final

The FtF Explorer Program is a family centered program intended to support leadership, creativity, and community centered activities for full-time RV boys and girls between the ages of 5 to16.

The FtF Explorer Mission is: To foster strong family values, leadership, creativity, safety awareness, community spirit and individual exploration. Explorers earn badges for demonstrating proficiency in such activities as Good Campground Citizenship, Elderly Appreciation, Entrepreneurship, RV Maintenance, and monthly community building initiatives.

Members also have access to a large list of benefits and exclusive savings from RVing partners such as Escapees, Passport America, Thousand Trails and homeschool partners like online curriculum provider Time4Learning.  A complete directory of benefits is available at: https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/family-members-2/ftf-members-area/

Kimberly attributes the success of the club to the generous and supportive attitudes of FtF Members.  “Our most prized membership asset is the access to our incredible members themselves.  The knowledge, time, talents, resources and support they each share with their community is the foundation Fulltime Families was built on.  Each of the families behind the numbers are what make this organization amazing!”

On Friday, October 9th, 2015 at 7pm Fulltime Families hosted an On Air Google Hangout to draw a winner for it’s 1000 Member Strong GoPro Giveaway.  To watch the replay click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwJNHmLsZT4







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