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Make Your Own Paper Creeper

Kimberly 1 Comments

It’s official! Minecraft has infilitrated our RV. It’s available on every screened item in our home. So when Blaise saw a Youtube video on “How to Make your own Paper Creeper” I knew it was only a matter of time and ink before we were in full blown creeper creation.

It was actually quite easy to make this little guy. All you need is some paper, glue, tape and scissors.

Oh and this print out helps too: http://pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/4f1b1e1a6f923f8035000002/creeper

So if you’re interested in making your own paper creeper, it can be done!



I Left my floor in San Francisco

Kimberly 1 Comments

Mark Twain is falsely credited with the witticism, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”  Well, if he didn’t say it, he should have!

We visited the famed ‘City by the Bay’ in the middle of September, while it’s California sister cities were experiencing a brutal Indian Summer, San Fran was locked in a dense foggy 60 degrees.

The irony of this was the fact that our RV parked on a crumbling ledge (really, there were signs and caution tape and missing chunks of asphalt) overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Overlooking is quite an exaggeration as we never actually got to see the Pacific from our risky perch, but we did get to hear the crashing waves that threatened to deliver our wheeled home to Davy Jones himself when our parking spot gave way.

A brief moment of clarity

A brief moment of clarity

The first attraction we visited in Frisco was The Exploratorium, which still today, holds a special place in our hearts among Science Museums.  The Exploratorium is hands down THE BEST museum of its kind we have visited in all our travels.

In the 7+ hours we spent their, every single one of our senses were tantalized and challenged.  The kids took part in a Cow’s Eyeball Dissection, Chris was ensconced in a great ball of energy and color, baby DJ explored his magnetic personality and Dominick drank out of a toilet.

eyeball anyone dj magnetic dominicksthirsty

On Day 2, we walked the length of the Golden Gate bridge and then toured Chinatown.


From a quick FourSquare search we were able to find a Chinese Fortune Factory.  Having been on my fair share of factory tours, I expected more than the hallway that serves as the main production floor, but that’s really all there was.  A hallway, a couple of Chinese people, some lazy susans and a thousands of round flexible discs being turned into the fortune telling wonders we all know and love.

fortunecookieOn the 3rd day, we all went  to prison.  Of course, I’m talking about Alcatraz which was an awesome tour!  If you’re considering it, I strongly urge you to reserve your Alcatraz ferry tickets in advance.  As a National Park, Alcatraz is free, but there’s only one way to get there, and the ferry is known to sell out on a daily basis.


We loved our time in San Fransisco, but as the title of this post implies, our trip there did cost us our floor.  Several months prior, we had installed a wood floor  (click the link to see the video of that installation), but the humidity of San Fran, wrecked havoc with it and when we pulled out of Pacifica 6 days later, it had buckled and swelled in several places.   Months later, we ripped it out and used it as firewood.

I should also tell you, one of the most awesome places we have found in this country, we found while parked in Pacifica.  Across the other bridge, in Berkley is Adventure Playground.  That place was so awesome it deserves its very own blog post!  So click here to learn why no matter what age your kids are, you should NOT MISS Adventure Playground!


Interesting Events- Bonnie and Clyde festival

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You may be interested to know that each year, Gibsland, Lousiana, the town where Bonnie and Clyde took their last breathes, hosts a Bonnie and Clyde Festival.



Bring your family and friends and join the good folk of Gibsland, LA, each May, as they remember the historical ambush of the infamous outlaws Bonnie & Clyde, with fun festivities, great food, music and authentic re-enactments.




This annual festival is not meant to glorify the life and crimes of Bonnie & Clyde nor to celebrate their tragic death. It is an annual get together of family members, historians and authors so they can share their interest in the history and the mystery. The town welcomes anyone who wishes to attend and learn more about the history of Bonnie & Clyde.



If you’d like to take a detour to attend the Bonnie and Clyde Festival, click here for more info: http://www.findfestival.com/gibsland/2014/bonnie-and-clyde-festival/



Secret mission envelopes

Kimberly 2 comments

They awoke like a fever on Christmas morning. It was 7 AM and it was all tearing of envelopes and yelling, “what’s the secret mission? what mission do you have?”

It was the first day of our newest endeavor; Secret mission envelopes.

A secret mission envelope system I was hoping would encourage the kids to take care of their morning duties And be ready for what the day might bring.

The last few days, home alone with a broken wrist,I realized the necessity of busywork. It helps the hours pass and provides a quick and easy sense of accomplishment.

It’s also was been missing from my kids lives As has the responsibility of getting themselves entirely ready for the day.

Rather than put that tasks on Chris, I Decided It Was Time for the Kids to Make the leap.

In a foggy day dream I came up with the idea.

Each day, each kid, an envelope.

And in each envelope a list of tasks followed by a secret mission.

Nothing crazy, just a bunch of fun things the kids would look forward to doing And of course the great motivator, candy.

My mother-in-law helped make it a reality with me and within 15 minutes we had a week’s worth of envelopes.

The best part is it’s working. The kids wake up with a renewed sense of purpose, the tasks get done in a jiffy, and everyone is feeling fulfilled and happy And ready for what the day may bring.



Life After the Road

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What’s life like after the road?

Can you go back to a normal sticks and bricks existence?

How long will it be until the itch comes back … and then what?

I can only guess, it’s different for each family, but this month in Fulltime Families Magazine, we interview a family fresh off the road.  Find out what their new life is like and what their plans are for the future!



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