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Fulltime Families Partners with the Lundy Health Coaches to get you and your wallet on the Road to Health

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You may have noticed some Fulltime Families Members on your facebook group have been shrinking!

Check out these pics from Margie and Allen Lundy (Fulltime Families Lifetime Members #53) who have made their physical health a priority and their financial health a reality!

They are now joining forces as Fulltime Families Partners to bring Fulltime Families Members an exclusive offer for health and wellness, as well as an opportunity for a sound, tested, location independent income solution.

Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness

The Lundy Health Coaches can help you get on the road to health and wellness.  If you are currently on or getting ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, don’t let your lack of health get in the way. The benefits of optimum health include:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased stamina
  • Bolstered self confidence
  • Better sleep
  • A greater ability to enjoy your journey!

Together, the Lundy’s and their mentors the Johnson’s (pictured above) have been able to help hundreds of people achieve their health and wellness goals and live fuller, more satisfying lives.  But there’s more!

Achieve Financial Freedom

The Lundy’s also serve as successful business coaches, leading many full-time rvers to financial freedom while helping their clients reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle.  Margie and Allen, recently detailed their easy to follow steps for financial success on an episode of Roadschool Moms, “Health Coach Benefits to Make Money on the Road” Click play on this episode to learn if Health Coaching the answer you’ve been looking for to fuel your Full-time RV Dreams.  When you tune in, you’ll learn:

  • Can you start health coaching right away?
  • What equipment is required?
  • What previous experience is required?
  • How much money can you make as a health coach?
  • and much more!

First Hand Knowledge

Our family has experienced this transformation first hand, when Chris tapped into the Lundy’s Health Coaching expertise.  They led him on a weight loss journey that resulted in:

  • The loss of 65lbs
  • No more blood pressure medication
  • No more cholesterol medication
  • No more sleep apnea
  • Increased energy, health, and wellness

Exclusive Benefits for Fulltime Families Members

Fulltime Families Members can now access both the health and wellness features and /or  the income building features of this program with an exclusive offer of $25 off your first purchase.  To take advantage of this special offer or get more information, visit: www.lundyhealth.com


How to Create a Healthy Medicine Chest with Essential Oils

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Stock your Camper’s Medicine Cabinet with Essential Oils for good health

First of all…what is an essential oil?  Well it is not oil at all, but the “blood” of the plant that carries nutrients throughout the plant just like the blood in our bodies.  In the typical American diet, it is important to shift to a more whole foods plant based diet and using essential oils is an excellent choice for your health.

You can find essential oils everywhere, but it is important to understand exactly you are buying.  I use the Young Living Brand exclusively with my clients and pets (www.youngliving.com).  They are the highest food grade therapeutic quality available.

4 Grades of Essential Oils:

  • Grade A oils are pure therapeutic quality and are usually made from organically grown plants distilled at the proper temperatures using steam distillation.
  • Grade B oils are food grade; they may contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, extenders, or carrier oils.
  • Grade C oils are perfume grade and may contain the same type of adulterating chemicals as food grade oils. They usually contain solvents which are used to gain a higher yield of oil per harvest. Solvents are normally cancerous.
  • Floral Water is a byproduct of the distillation process, a very high quality if it comes from a Grade A distillation process. Accordingly it is of low quality if it comes from poor quality raw materials and or poor distillation processes. It is usually found in skin and hair products.

Essential oils are the root of pharmacology.  They were around way before modern medicine and you can never become immune to their healing properties.  Each…let’s say…lavender plant is slightly different, so you cannot build tolerance to it like you can with antibiotics that are used repeatedly.  Perhaps you have heard of MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylcoccus Aureus), a bacterium responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections in humans.  This bacterium is resistant to most of the antibiotics we use today and speaks to the overuse of antibiotics.

When diffusing, there are commercial diffusers.  I like ultrasonic diffusers and my favorite is at:  http://www.plantextractsinc.com/diffuser_about.php

OR, you can make a diffuser the old fashioned way…..spray mister!  I love misting oils on my pillow cases at night or keeping one in the bathroom (if you know what I mean….)  When ingesting oils, a drop or 2 can be added to a glass of milk/water or you can purchase empty capsules and drop the oils inside.  Using topically, they are  best used on the bottom of the feet where the skin is a little tougher, but I use them all over my body.  If there is any skin irritation, cut with any oil or cream…even olive oil in a pinch.  Definitely limit to the feet on babies and small children.

Essential Oils have wonderful healing properties and empower you to take charge of your health.  They are completely safe when used properly which is great for children.  Here is my “must have” list for a healthy natural medicine cabinet:  (Please note that not all oils, even if they are of the highest therapeutic level, are ingestible.)

LAVENDER:  Think skin:  acne, burns, dandruff, diaper rash; mix into any ointment, skin cream, or shampoo.  And yes, it is calming to the nervous system.  Use right before bedtime or anytime you need to settle yourself.  Great for calming babies and children at night.  (NOT SAFE FOR INTERNAL CONSUMPTION)

LEMON:  Alkalizes the body so 1-2 drops is a must have in your water every day!  Great for cleaning.  Place a few drops on a washcloth in your dryer instead of dryer sheets.  Keep a mister by your sink and clean vegees and fruit!  I mix 4 drops Lemon and 4 drops Melrose in a spaghetti jar with baking soda and layer that with litter in the scratch box to control smell.  Completely safe for the cats and they get the health benefits as well through the pads of their little feet.

PEPPERMINT:  Think tummy:  put a drop in a glass of water for motion sickness, morning sickness, digestive upset, or food poisoning.  Reduces fever naturally:  dilute with carrier oil and rub on back to fight fever or place a drop in hot water and sip.  Great for headaches:  rub directly on the base of the skull or temple…wherever pain is…(be careful near the eyes.  Inhaling peppermint oil increases mental accuracy in students as it is stimulating to the conscious mind.  Mist in your mouth for bad breath.

MELROSE:  A blend of maleleuca, rosemary, and clove.  Think healing:  excellent for cleansing and healing cuts, bruises, scrapes, insect bites, tissue regeneration from damage or injury.  Fights infection and kills anaerobic bacteria and fungus.  Place a couple drops on a piece of cotton for ear aches.  Spray bottle onto anything that needs to be cleaned antiseptically:  pet beds, area rugs, shower curtains etc… (NOT SAFE FOR INTERNAL CONSUMPTION)

THIEVES:  Young Living Signature Blend – Considered anti-plague as it was used by thieves in England to protect them from the plague when stealing form the sick and dying.  The highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-infectious properties of the single oils in this blend help protect the body form the onset of flu and colds.  Immune booster.  Also great for sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, coughs strep, sore throats.  Gargle for canker sores, gum disease, any oral infection.  I use this blend on my son’s and my feet every single day before we step out of the house.  Rub directly on sore throats at the first sign of a problem.  Ingest 1-2 drops 3-5 X a day to fight off any “crud” before it takes hold!

Use oils sparingly because they are highly concentrated.  (One drop of Young Living peppermint oil is equivalent to drinking 250 cups of peppermint tea!)

For more information on all of the Young Living Oils, you can purchase a guide to usage at:   http://www.abundanthealth4u.com/Book_Quick_Reference_Guide_p/1002.htm

Information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice.  IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease. Every individual is different, thus what may work for one may not work for another person. Consult with the professional health authorities of your choice. Remember, taking responsibility for your health is your own personal decision: do your research and choose wisely.

Daryl Hall is the Fulltime Families Magazine Healthy Living Expert


Daryl Meyer-Hall – Health Coach, Certified in Plant Based Nutrition www.nothinbutnatural.com – Young Living Distributor # 941690

6 Things I learned from my 30 day juice fast

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On October 15, 2012 I began a 30 day juice fast.
This is what I learned:
1. I learned the safe way to do a juice fast / detox.
I used Monica Baechler’s book http://www.30dayjuicefast.com/ as my guide. We even interviewed Monica on an episode of Road Rebelles Radio.
2. I learned that juice fasting is not as cheap as you may think.
With Monica’s shopping list in hand I went to the grocery store and purchased all the things you see below.

3. I learned that juice fasting in an RV is messy business.
I cleaned my juicer, my counters, my cups…all day long!
4. I learned that juicing is an easy way to get a huge amount of fruits and vegetables in my daily diet.
It would be even easier if you had a little juicy fairy to clean up after you.
5. I learned there was no way I could make it a full 30 days
In retrospect, I should have started with a much less ambitious goal. Possibly a 10 day, or more likely a 5 day. I made it a full 11 days, but I still felt a bit like a failure for not meeting my month long goal.

6. I learned that I’m worth putting first once in a while.

Embarking on this juice fast really made it nearly impossible for me to be primarily responsible for my family’s meals. After 9+ years of taking care of people, it felt tremendous to put myself first!

I think that’s the greatest lesson and boon to health and wellness I took away from this project.


Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway

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Win a $50 Whole Foods Gift Card

‘Tis the season for eating – and what better stuff to eat than the delicious, organic food stuffs you can find at your local Whole Foods Market.

Just in time for the holidays, we’re making your trip to Whole Foods a little easier on your wallet.  Help us spread the word about the sponsorship opportunities available at this year’s 2013 FtF Winter Rally and

you could win a $50 Whole Foods Gift Card!

It’s so easy!

Highly Effective / Crazy Affordable Sponsorship Opportunities for the FtF 2013 Winter RV Rally

1. Send this link to everyone business owner in your inbox, on facebook, via twitter, post a link to your Pinterest board, do a blog post about it – you get the idea …

2. The person with the most referrers wins the $50 Whole Foods Market Gift Card.

2a.  Are you a business owner interested in the Sponsorship Opportunities?  Be sure to enter your own name in the “Referred by” section of the form.

Contest runs from Tuesday, 12/18/2012 to midnight on 12/27/2012.

Winner announced 12/28/2012.




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