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8 Great Destinations to Watch 4th of July Fireworks – Guest Post by The Road Trip Teacher

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Want to watch 4th of July Fireworks with your Fulltime Families Friends?  Save your spot for our upcoming Hang Out!
This month’s guest post from the Road Trip Teacher blog reveals some of the best places to watch fireworks in the country.  Head on over to her site to get a free copy of her newest Fourth of July Curriculum!

The first Independence Day fireworks celebration reportedly took place in Philadelphia on July 4th, 1777, on the first anniversary of America’s birthday. Although this pyrotechnic pastime has became common for many other holidays and special events, there’s still something extra-special about July 4th fireworks. The Road Trip Teacher crew has these 8 great destinations on their leap list for places to celebrate the country’s independence.


Ever Wonder WHY You have So Much Clutter?

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You purge, you downsize, you weed out.  But every time you turn around, there’s another pile of stuff on your dresser, on your table, seeping out of your junk drawer.  Clutter is everywhere!

Did you know there’s a reason you’re not making any headway against your clutter?  Sure, you might be able to temporarily have an impact, but slowly the clutter creeps back into your life.  Have you wondered why that is?

buried blissI did, so I researched it extensively and found that once I addressed by clutter collecting triggers, I could really get to the bottom of things (and piles).

You know what else I learned, that all that stuff was really making me miserable!   and I bet it’s making you miserable too!

On my quest for clean surfaces, I discovered the 7 Simple Steps to Finding True Happiness by Losing it All and compiled them in one easy to read e-book so you could share the same success and peace of mind.

Now it’s your turn.  Ask yourself if your un-cluttering efforts have worked for you (or maybe just take a quick peek around your home) and if you find the answer is ‘no’ then do yourself a favor and get “Buried Bliss; 7 Simple Steps to Finding True Happiness by Losing it All” .

This time tomorrow, you could finally be on your way to a clutter free lifestyle!

P.S. If you’re finding yourself stuck on what to keep and what to toss, tune into Roadschool Moms this Sunday night at 9pm est, when Mary Beth and I share with you what you really need and what you can re-home.





6 Great Podcasts for Traveling Families

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Whether your hitting the road this summer, or planning a stay-cation in your area, you can use your Apple device to tune in and learn all about the nation’s National Parks!

National Parks Podcasts

When you follow the link above to iTunes, you’ll see hundreds of podcasts that help you and your roadschoolers learn all about places like Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, the Bad Lands, the Grand Canyon, Acadia, you name it!


Here are some other great podcasts for FtF Families:

Happy Camper Radio

Get Kids Ready for Life

Nomad Together

Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

Raising Miro on the Road of Life


and of course…

Roadschool Moms Live Every Sunday Night at 9pm EST

Does your family listen to podcasts?  Comment below with your favorites!

Are You in the Market for an RV? + Printable Maintenance Schedules

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Roadschool Moms CautionAre you in the market for a new or new to you RV?  Are you interested on how to find the best bang for your buck?  Do you have questions about gas vs diesel? Do you want to know how to decipher your rigs GVWR – Do you want to know what those letters even mean?

2014 07 13 Show Button-1Tune in to this podcast to learn:

  • What manufacturers make 4 season rigs
  • What you can tow behind a Class A or a Class C
  • What truck you need to pull a fifth wheel

If you’re looking to buy an RV in the near future, listen in and educate yourself about all the options.

Click here to listen on demand: http://ultimateradioshow.com/ask-the-rv-dealer-anything-with-master-certified-consultant-lisa-padin-of-lazydays-rv/


 Already have an RV?  Here are some

Downloadable Maintenance Check Lists for Towables and Motorhomes.

FtF Rally Wagon Masters

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As our organization grows, the need to connect families across this great nation also grows and these individuals have risen to the occasion to provide their organization, leadership and coordination skills and run their own Fulltime Families Rally!

FtF Wagon Master Buccaneer Bash


Mary Beth Goff, Wagon Master for the Winter 2014 FtF Rally, The Buccaneer Bash, held in Tampa, FL.  From partying like a pirate, to pet shows, Mary Beth pulled off the 3 day event for 40 FtF Families, without a single hitch! To check out the jam packed schedule of events that Mary Beth created for this event, you can click here!



FtF Wagon Master Roadschool Rally

Jill Denkins, Wagon Master for the Spring 2014 Rootin’ Tootin’ Roadschool Rally, hosted at the World’s Best Roadschool Convention, in Tucson, AZ.  Murder Mystery, Pizza Party, Live Auction, and Ho Down with Live Caller and Band, Jill hosted it all for over 300 attendees without ever breaking a sweat!  She also coordinated the pre and post convention field trips that allowed our families to tour the best of Tucson at amazing group rates!  Wanna see the fun Jill led?  Click here for the complete schedule of this event!

wagon master tampa 2015



Jennifer Miles, together with her family, hosted the Castaway Rally in Tampa, 2015.  Highlights of the four day event included a field trip to the Clearwater Aquarium to see dolphins Winter and Hope, along with the Campground Olympics, parade of homes, several informative seminars, tons of crafting and connecting.

Aided by the coordinators, Leah Varner, Jennifer Schillaci, aided Katie Graham, Jennifer hosted over 40 families and provided entertainment for attendees from 1 – 60 (ish)



Are you interested in being an FtF Rally Wagon Master?


Location Independent Income Solutions Exercise 3

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It’s time to set up your Self Hosted WordPress Site.  If you listened to our first “Dream Job Podcast” then you know not to get freaked out by the ‘big words’ or techie terminology.   We are just going to keep taking baby steps together until you are all up and running.  So go ahead and get started on Exercise 3 and start getting the framework of your website in place.

Fulltime Families Members Receive Exclusive Savings on…

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bumper sticker

Did you know that your FtF Membership Card gets you exclusive discounts at great Nationwide retailers and providers?  Before you click ‘buy’ on your next purchase, be sure you’re not missing out on your savings!

Here’s the list right now!  But know that we at FtF Headquarters are working on making your FtF Membership even more valuable.

If you’re not a member yet, you can click here to join.

  • RAND McNally
    • Ftf Members receive 10% off RVND 7710, RVND 5510 GPS’s, and all other products store wide.
  • Passport America
    • 1 year reg. $47.00 FtF Members pay $41.00 plus receive 3 months free, a total savings of $16.00
    • 2 year reg. $82.00 FtF members pay $71.00 plus receive 3 months free, a total savings of $30.00
    • 3 year reg. $112.00 FtF members pay $102.00 plus receive 6 months free, a total savings of $55.00
    • Ftf Members receive 10% off HATCHLIFT Products
  • RV Sunshades
    • Ftf Members receive 10% off RV Sunshades – Promo Only Good From Todd and Renee Seeley, Distributors
  • TV4RV
    • Ftf Members receive 10% discount on any order of $125 or more (not including Clearance Items, Replacement Parts, Shipping & Handling charges or Insurance)
  • Thousand Trails
    • Rebate details – New Zone Pass purchases receives $25.00 or new upgrades to existing Thousand Trails memberships receive $40.00 rebate.
  • Mountain Directory
    • FtF Members receive 10% off your entire order from Mountain Directory
  • Woodall’s
    • FtF Members receive 50% off the NCD11 (Woodall’s 2011 Campground Directory)
  • Nature-Zyme
    • FtF Members receive 10% off your entire order + Free Shipping from Nature-Zyme
  • Workamper News
    • FtF members receive a bonus two months when joining with a yearly membership to Workamper News – giving you 14 months for the price of 12!
  • Wi-Ex
    • FtF Members receive 25% Off zBoost SOHO Cell Phone Amplifier – For a limited time
  • Power-Hunt
    • FtF Members receive 10% off their entire order from Power-Hunt
  • Hocus Focus
    • Ftf Members receive 20% discount at Hocus Focus
  • Pilot Travel Centers / Flying J
    • Instant fuel discounts at the pump on diesel, gas, and propane
      • $0.03 off diesel
      • $0.02 off gas
      • $0.10 off propane
      • $5 off dumping fees
    • Register your card to earn special members-only offers
    • Unlimited fuel discounts (no max gallons)
    • Pump Start (Truck diesel lanes only)
    • Members-only benefits such as the Coffee Club, buy 5 hot beverages and the 6th is on us!
  • Hippy Motors
    • FtF Members Recive 10% Any Order from Hippy Motors


Let the Games Begin! FtF Summer Scavenger Hunt; Powered by Lazydays The RV Authority

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FtF Summer Scavenger HuntThis year’s FtF Summer Scavenger Hunt is better then ever!  Better hunts, more points and bigger prizes!!!

RV Hunt Logos New 2

FIRST PRIZE IS $250! Sponsored by Lazydays The RV Authority

Second Prize is a $100 Gift Card to Oil Can Henry’s!

Third Prizes – Explorer Packs from the Road Trip Teacher

This Summer Fulltime Families.com  is hosting the 2nd Annual Summer Foto Scavenger Hunt!

Part scavenger hunt, part educational activity, part family bonding opportunity and 100% fun, this photo scavenger hunt is a point based competition that will unfold on Facebook, with competitors posting pictures to gain points and race to become the Ultimate Explorer and win $250!!!!

The race has been created so family teams can participate anywhere in the world!

Full time rving is not a requirement. Criss Crossing the country is not a requirement.

Having a camera, a family and an sense of imagination is all that’s required!

Join this group now (https://www.facebook.com/groups/fulltimefamiliesscavengerhunt/)so you don’t miss a minute of the fun! and find out how you could win $250 and be crowned FtF’s Grand Prize Winners!

Here’s some of the fun that’s already begun!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.05.40 AM

A pic of an insect

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.04.19 AM

family members swinging

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.03.21 AM

an aquarium full of fish

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.02.42 AM





Get Yourself Published! We need your tips and advice for “How to Hit the Road; 2014”

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HTHTRCoverAZ_renderedOur best selling book, “How to Hit The Road; Making Your Family’s Full Time RV Dreams a Reality” has sold hundreds of copies and made full time rving a reality for hundreds of families, since it’s release in June 2010.  We’ve received rave reviews for our book, which comes with a packing list and a full time rving budget worksheet, but some information has changed and the time has come to release a brand new version.

The new version will be multi-media enhanced, with links to additional resources such as audio files, on-line articles and videos!

We’ve been putting the finishing touches on it and now it’s time to get your input.

Each version of “How to Hit the Road” has incorporated advice and tips from families already living the dream like this one:

Renee and Todd Seeley of Livin’ Our Dash want to share with you their single best motivational tip.  “Go to the blogroll at FtF’s website and check out how other families are spending their time on the road.” Renee says, “During the months that our family was preparing for our launch, Todd and I would sit in bed at night and go through all these traveling families’ blogs.   It really got us excited to see all the things we could do and places we could visit. “  When you find yourself running out of steam.. take a break and let the blogs reenergize you.

Here’s another great tidbit from an ‘on the road’ family that readers will find in the book:

Margie Lundy of the Lundy 5 notes: “Flexibility is the key for our fulltime family.  When we started, I thought I knew exactly what to expect and that was comforting. After almost two years of traveling, I never know what to expect, and now that is comforting!  Instead of Alaska, we decided to go to Maine. On our way to Maine, we detoured to California.  Sometimes we travel quickly, with many adventures along the way. Other times we sit still for weeks and do nothing.  We enjoy nice campgrounds with full hookups and many activities, but we also enjoy boondocking in the desert with nothing to do but explore.  We remodeled, then remodeled again.  If we no longer use something, we give it away.
At first, we felt the need to stick to the plan.  After all, we’d put a lot of thought into our route, our setup, our equipment, even our meals.  But we quickly learned that better opportunities existed and “the plan” went out the door.  New routes bring new adventures.  Bunk beds work better than the loft.  This desktop is more convenient than that cabinet.  This induction burner saves propane, but that grill is free.
Because we’re flexible, our plans can change without causing stress.  East or West next?  Either way will bring adventure, so who knows? And that is half the fun!

Your submission should be between 100 – 250 words and should include a link to your blog so readers can follow you and your family’s adventures while they’re preparing themselves for the journey of a lifetime!  In addition, all submissions will receive a link in the blog roll at the end of the book.

Authors of accepted submissions will receive a complimentary e-copy of the new release and increased affiliate commissions.

Another great feature of “How to Hit the Road” is that it’s a perpetual book, meaning all past purchasers receive updates for life!  If you’d like to purchase a copy today, you can get it from our bookstore!

Be a part of the next great chapter!  Submit your tips today!

The deadline for entry is June 30th, 2014 so start writing yours today!



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