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Shhhh… The Best Kept Secret in RV Furnishings is…

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For years, I have searched the aisles of Camping World looking for fun and interesting things that would be fully functional and funky additions to my RV. For years I have been disappointed. Spare the clock with the days of the week, I have not found anything exciting in any CW across the country.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t spent a lot of money there, in the form of sewer hoses, vent covers and other RV Essentials, we have. But those interesting, dual functioning, perfectly proportioned items that would make life in my camper easier… were not there.

Then, I found them! All in one place, all affordable and all served with a delicious side of Swedish Meatballs… Was this a dream??? No, it’s IKEA!!!

THE BEST store for fun, functional and funky things to add to your RV at affordable prices.

Check out some of the things I got…

High chair 19.99 – Note this chair is light weight, the perfect height for an RV table AND a picnic table, and it’s totally weather proof! Love it!

Toddler potty 4.99 – Simple, portable, works great in the RV and on the tailgate of the truck – oh and it looks great in the middle of my kitchen too! Atleast I think so!!!

Matchbox car carpet $12.99 Since we brought this home it has seen hours of play time. It’s the perfect foundation to build a Matchbox World on top of. Also works great with our train collection and Tonia loves how her Giant Barbie Dolls can wreak havoc on the entire town her brothers just diligently built.

Butt that’s not alll!


These dog leash holders for $2.99 each are absolutely my favorite. Not only do they help me organize the various tethers I have for our three mongrels, they also make me laugh!!!

Keep in mind, once you go to Ikea one time you will be absolutely addicted because… unlike that dusty Camping World… Ikea offers (are you sitting down) FREE BABYSITTING!!!!

Yes, you can shop in peace! or make it a date and check out the Ikea Cafeteria.

Check out this menu… Sometimes they even offer “kids eat free” http://www.ikea.com/us/en/store/sunrise/restaurant

And get this … Ikea has RV Parking and they’ll even let you stay overnight! It’s like they were built with FtF’s in mind!

Ikea is definitely the best kept secret in RV stores, so the next time you pass that bright blue and yellow sign, hang a u-ie and be sure to keep a lookout for me in the parking lot – it’s my new obsession! ūüėČ




Fulltime Families Just Got Pinteresting

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You may or may not be aware of the fact that Fulltime Families has their own Pinterest Account.

That’s a place where we pin all sorts of ideas for our life, like the Awesome Organization Thingies for your RV, Celebrating Holidays in your RV, Easy RV Crafts, and Ideas for Entertaining Little Ones on your Drive.¬† If you haven’t been to our Pinterest Boards, check them out here: http://www.pinterest.com/ftfamilies/

But that’s not what this post is about!

This post is about a brand new feature we just included on every post in our website.¬† It’s a tiny little red button that says, “Pin It” in the top corner of every post.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 4.10.26 PM

Check out how it works (we’ll wait…).¬† See when you click that little button, it brings up all the pics on that particular blog post and allows you to pin any ones that you want to add to your own Pinterest account.

Happy Pinning!




RV Tire Safety – What you need to know

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This blog post is directed specifically to travel trailer and 5th wheel trailer owners.  Drivers of cargo, utility, horse, or any pull behind trailer will also benefit from reading this article.

The number one safety issue when pulling a trailer is your tires.  If you pull your trailer hundreds of miles, you need to pay attention to this article closely.  This will not only potential save you and your passengers lives (i.e. family and friends and fellow motorists), but will also save you a great deal of money too.

In an effort to keep RV sticker prices low, RV Manufactures install tires intended for weekend (ie; minimal) use. These tires are not appropriate for RV owners who will be putting big miles on their equipment.  It is wise to install solid, reliable tires on your trailer but before we dive into how we can identify inadequate tires, lets see what inadequate tires can do to you and your equipment.

  1. blowntire1¬†Unexpected blowouts can cause a roll over, out of control skids, tear up the RV’s structure, and leaving you on the side of the road wishing you had¬†quality tires, or worse!
  2. Overheating tires which will yield erratic air pressure, poor ride quality and extra expenses for repairing the RV from tire damage not to mention new tire cost.
  3. Angry wife, frustrations on the road, and unneeded emotional stress.

Bridgestone_tire_cross_sectionSo now you are wondering, how do I know if I have these poorly made tires?

That is very easy to identify.  Take a look at the side wall of your tires.  If they say, polyester, nylon, and steel, these are tires that are not appropriate for extended travel.  Polyester and nylon materials weaken from changes in heat and ultimately cause them to snap and then a blowout occurs.  The heat is caused by friction, trailer weight, and road conditions.  A lot of these poor quality tires are made in China. The law requires Country of origin be stamped on the sidewall of the tire as well.

So, what tires should I be riding on to keep my family and fellow motorists safe?

AllSteelBeltedTo keep you going down the road safely, you should be running on all steel belted tires. ¬†Trailer tires do not come this way so you will need to run a commercial truck tire. ¬†From what I have found, you will need a minimum of 16″ rims, but most RVers like to run 19.5 inch rims because you can go all the way up to “G” ply (load range) tires.

The Ply Rating is a¬†load rating that the tire is made to handle (i.e. weight). ¬†Full-time RVers will want a minimum of “E” ply (load range) tires because their trailers are considerably heavier then their weekender counterparts. ¬†The Ply Rating is also listed on the sidewall of the tires.

It is always a good idea to weigh your trailer before purchasing tires so you know you are matching your trailer’s weight to the load rating / ply rating.

But What Tire… Really?

On our trailer we run Michelin XPS Ribs.  Prior to installing these tires, we experienced, numerous blow outs, body damage and excessive tread wear.  It was these critical safety concerns that led me to research the best trailer tires available.  My search led me to discover Michelin XPS Ribs.  Did you know that horse trailer drivers use these tires specifically because they do not blow out and therefore are safer for transporting horses.  These all steel belted tires have lasted us in excess of 30,000 miles and they still look new!

Where can you get Michelin XPS Ribs?

Any tire shop can order or will have them in stock for you.  You can also order them from the web and take them to your local tire shop for installation.  I recommend Discount Tire as I have found consistently they always offer the best price and provide a nationwide warranty, which is paramount for a traveling family  Good Year makes a commercial truck tire and there are some Chinese tires that are all steel belted, but I have never run on these before so I can not say what the performance is like.

Tire Math

What will I pay for the right tires?

So, now here comes the math that we all hate because this is where the money comes out of your pocket. ¬†You can expect to spend somewhere between $250 – $300 per tire depending on brand and size (ours were $250 each from Discount Tire). ¬†You will also need to pay for mounting and balancing of your new tires. ¬†The average on that is about $20.00 per tire. ¬†Yes, good tires are most definitely an investment, but it’s an investment in safety, security and dependability that is well worth it. ¬†Just look at the alternative. ¬†If you blow a tire on your trailer with the cheap tires, you will pay about $100.00 per tire and any body damage you might have incurred. ¬†It would only take you 2 1/2 blowouts to pay for 1 tire. ¬†Not to mention, your new tires have about a 50,000 mile tread life compared to the 15,000 mile tread life on your cheap tires.

What else do I need to know?

tourqewrenchYou need to know the proper way of keeping your rims attached to the hub while driving down the road. ¬†There are many times that RVers have told me that there wheels have fallen off while driving or their lug nuts have come loose. ¬†To keep this from happening, you need to “torque” your lug nuts down every time you travel for the first 3 times after having the rims installed on the RV, then after that, every 1000 miles.

Here is a link to the torque wrench that I use and it works well.

Safe Travels and we look forward to seeing you down the road!

Here is a torque chart for Lippert Components axles:


FtF Mother’s Day Essay Contest – Win Mom a Free Year of Harvest Hosts

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Hey Full Time RVing Families (or those who want to be) It’s time for the Annual Fulltime Families Mother’s Day Essay / Poem Contest!
This year, you could win your mom A Free Year of Harvest Hosts- the membership that allows you to camp at wineries, farms and 1000s of interesting places around the country for free!
Does your Fulltime Mom Rock?
Do you have an amazing RV Mom?
Do you want to win her a free year of Harvest Hosts?
Tell us how much you love your Mom? Tell us why she’s the perfect mom for you?
Now you have a chance to express your love and let her (and everyone else) know just how much she means to you!
ages 5 Р8 Sit with an adult or older sibling and answer the questions about your mother. Have them transcribe your answers if necessary and add them to a home-made Mother’s Day Card.
See Questions below.

ages 9-12 Make a list of amazing attributes that are special about your mom, using the letters M O T H E R in an acrostic poem.
ages 13 Рolder Write a poem, song or story about your mother. Try and see things from her point of view. Enter your piece in the FtF Mother’s Day Contest

Send your submission to¬† kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com¬†by Midnight, May 11th, 2017 so we can announce the winner live on Special Mother’s Day Show on Roadschool Moms Radio

The mom of the winning essayist will receive a free Year’s Membership to Harvest Hosts (an FtF Partner)
This contest is open to all readers of this post.

 5 Р8 Interview about my Mom Questions:

All about My Mom
1. How old is your Mom?
2. What is your Mom’s favorite color?
3. What is your Mom’s favorite food?
4. How tall is your Mom?
5. What shoe size does she wear?
6. What is her favorite TV show?
7. What time does your Mom wake up in the morning?
8. What is your Mom’s first name?
9. What do you like best about your mom?
Fulltime-Families-Explorers-Logo-FinalSpecial Note to FtF Explorers:  Please review the guidelines in your handbook to earn your badge for this activity. 
FtF Explorer is a accomplishment driven scouting program for adventurous boys and girls. To enroll your students visit: FTF Explorer Program

What’s Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts is  a network of wineries, farms and agri-tourism sites that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight for free! Through a new partnership with Fulltime Families, FtF Members can now get an Exclusive Discounted Rate for an annual membership.  See the Members Only Benefits Section for details and promo code.
Not an FtF Member Yet?  What are you waiting for?  Join the FtF Family today and start reaping the rewards of membership immediately!

Here’s the Winner of the 2016 FtF Mother’s Day Essay Contest and a Brand New Instant Pot is…

16 year old Daisy Jacobs who submitted her poem “The Gardener”
The gardener.
My mom is like a gardener,
Who pulls out nasty weeds.
Who takes the time to water us
Add the nutrients we need.
Roses, Daisys, cherry blossoms,
She has planted many seeds.
And she adds supports to all our stems,
And does many more good deeds.
I hope that we bloom big for her,
And the love she has decreed.
I wish to one day be this gardener
And plant my own colorful seeds.

Honorable mentions from the hundreds of submissions we were privileged to read go to:

5 yo Allisondra shares about her mom Cat, “I like best that she‚Äôs my best friend, loves me as big as the moon and always listens.”

14 yo Josh Arnold shares about his mom, Bunny, “Her favorite place to relax is the beach.
That is why we are there so often.‚ÄĚ

Lauri Johnson‚Äôs son Andrew says what he loves most about his mom is that she ‚Äúgives me money‚ÄĚ.

A member of the Farnsworth Family wrote:
“My mom and I don‚Äôt get along all of the time. Most likely because I am a teenager that wants to be right and she is a mother that normally is.”

According to DJ Travaglino, I am 8 yrs old and 9 ft tall ūüôā

From our Acrostic Poem submissions we have:

Jasia Curren says her mother Erin is Magical

Stephanie Church O = Observant: I’ve never stolen a cookie
Austin James tells us his mom Sara is  T = Terrific
Kendra shares that her mother Robyn is H = Helps her to read
Elijah Salyers his mom is E = Epic
For both Jake and Jessi Gebbi R = Rockin Mom!  Go Heather!

Thank you to all who entered and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!¬† Our next big contest is the Annual FtF Father’s Day Photo Contest.¬† Follow FulltimeFamilies.com for submission guidelines and contest dates.


Guest Post: From Pumpkins To Purpose; Finding Community on the Road

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As my first official Halloween Hangout event draws to a close, I find myself deep in reflection.¬† Somehow, over the course of a few days, my perspective of this wonderful life has broadened to an almost unfathomable depth.¬† People I didn’t even know a few days ago are now amongst my greatest teachers and have inspired me in ways I’m still digesting.¬† How could a modest gathering of like-minded families affect one so drastically in such a short period of time? ¬†img_0599
My family recently joined Fulltime Families and our journey is only now beginning to take shape.  Upon arriving for the Hangout event, we were excited to meet up with familiar faces and enjoy the fun activities planned.  We anticipated the candy and the crafts, the games and the food, however, I had no idea the impact it would have overall.

What began as an opportunity to fellowship with full-time families developed into something much greater.¬† The small talk lead to deep discussion.¬† The crafts turned into service projects.¬† The nightly campfires turned into friendships like none I’ve ever known.¬† Our bond is one of unity in community and so many families chose to serve one another as mentors.¬† Despite knowing our time together would be short, many invested themselves to help those still finding their way.¬† I’m in awe with gratitude and humbled by the generosity of each family.
The days were filled with laughter and squeals of children playing rowdy games of calf-tag.¬† Freshly tie-dyed shirts dried in the sun and colorfully-decorated pumpkins were proudly displayed.¬† A costumed parade of children giggled past creatively embellished campers and candy became it’s own food group for the weekend.¬† The evenings were announced with the burning of the first logs and campsites hosted a place for little ones to gather for movie time under the stars.¬† Memories were made and friendships were engraved into the hearts of children and adults alike.

Magic occurred in the hours after dusk.  After children were tucked into bed or settled down to draw their day to a close, many parents gathered their camping chairs and the ring around the fire grew.  As the flames danced, I realized what a heartbeat this time of the day was to those of us who attended.  It was a time of sharing our adventures with one another and those more experienced counseled with great wisdom to those of us eager to receive.  Tales of mishaps and great epiphanies laced their way into discussion and each night, I felt this time by the fire breathed life into why we chose this lifestyle for our family.

img_0534I was encouraged on so many levels, some of which were made through quiet observation.¬† Beyond the advantages of spending time in fellowship while witnessing our children form fast friendships, I saw men gathered under the hood of a truck diagnosing mechanical issues.¬† I witnessed a community of people halt their festivities to assist a camper struggling to back into his site.¬† Collectively, we winced at the potential for damage and action was taken, not knowing if the driver was even one of¬† our own.¬† It didn’t matter because we have all garnered an appreciation for our rig being our home, not our hobby.
As rigs have begun to roll out and the campground sites become vacant, it’s apparent how essential it is we stay connected as we blaze our own individual trails.¬† Not only for our enjoyment, but rather, for our presence.¬† Together we boldly declare the impossible is possible and that with perseverance and tenacity, dreams transition into reality.¬† I cannot imagine one could leave a gathering such as this without being renewed and refocused.
And so I’ve come full-circle and now see clearly how I can be so affected by the incredible families within our community over the course of a few days.¬† It’s because we are families within a family.¬† We have taken it upon ourselves to create a place of inclusion and each member is vital to the health of the full-time family endeavor.¬† It’s not about whether or not we can succeed on our own through independent travel.¬† It’s entirely possible to live this life disconnected and without investing into a community of fellow travelers.¬† The true question to ponder is why would you want to?

Want to join us for our next event?  Check out our Event Calendar and Reserve Your Spot


img_0542Erica Allen is on her way to living life on purpose. She is a full-time RVing mom to 4 energetic kids and wife to her high school sweetheart, Jason. Her blog, Rambling While Rolling – One Mom’s Perspective of Life on the Road, showcases her adventures of life beyond the limits of property lines.

Fulltime Families Resource Guide To Help Keep Business “in the Family”

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Finding resources on the road can be difficult.¬† Wouldn’t it be great to have one place to find everything:FtF Resource Guide

Our first advertisers can now be found at https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/business-directory/

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can quickly find the resources your looking for, while supporting fellow Fulltime Families Members!

Look for a hard copy of the FtF Resource Guide at the FtF Family Reunion in Feb. 2017 (an on-demand download version will be available sooner).

It will be the ultimate resource to connect families to the trusted providers we all need.
Small Business Owners
We want to hear from YOU about your business. Our goal through all of this is to support small businesses in our organization to help them grow.  This is exciting news because our fellow travelers have been looking for one spot to find these resources like yours. We are working hard to give the people what they want and support small businesses in the best way we know how.   Ad rates start as low as $30 per year!
To reserve your spot in this directory, send an email to our Resource Acquisition Director.

HURRY!  The Deadline to get your ad into the 2017 Hard Copy Guide is Fast Approaching!

Exploring the Historic Triangle in Williamsburg, VA by Gage Arnold, FtF Roadschool Reporter

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There are many fun things to do in Williamsburg, and here is a list of my four favorite places I went to; Yorktown, Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and Yankee Candle Factory and facts about them


Yorktown is one of my favorite historical places I have visited. I like how at the Victory Center Museum of the American Revolution, they actually take you through a day in a Yorktown Colonial Encampment in the Revolutionary time so you can know what it is like. I even got to see a real musket being fired!


After going to the Yorktown Victory Center (above) we decided to go to the Yorktown Colonial National Historic Park.

At the National Park there is a museum and they have an up to scale fake British warship. At the top of the ship, there is a children’s exhibit. There also is a map and it can light up the movement of the troops. Historic Yorktown Village is a close drive from the museum. It has 18th century homes and one of them actually has dents and even a cannon ball in the side from the 1781 British siege.

The Yorktown Battlefield is right outside the museum. It is where America won its freedom in October 19, 1781. They have earthworks and siege lines, which are things that tell you the position of the troops. They also have cannons everywhere that are super cool. It impressed me to be able to walk on the very same battlefield that the first Americans fought for our right for freedom.


This part is by Josh Arnold, (my brother)

In 1607, 104 men arrived at Chesapeake Bay. They came on three ships Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery. The trip was funded by the Virginia Company. Its main purposes were to set up a colony and find gold. Unfortunately no gold was ever found.

A triangular fort was built by the original colonists. It was named Jamestown after King James. This became the first permanent English Settlement in North America.

The first few years were rough in trying to find food, build houses, and befriend the Natives. An Indian girl named Pocahontas befriended the colonists. After their leader John Smith went back to England, the connections with the natives got worse. During the winter of 1609, Chief Powhatan and his warriors laid siege to the fort, trapping 300 settlers inside. Food was scarce, and lots of people died from starvation. When one girl died, other settlers resorted to cannibalism. Only 60 of the 300 survived.

When we went there, we got to see an archeological dig site, along with a reconstructed house. The archeologists there have found around 3 million artifacts, but currently only about 1 million have been cataloged! Lots of these are in the museum, including: coins, animal bones, weapons, bottles, and lots more. They even found a loaded pistol in a well and a strange silver box in a grave!

The island Jamestown Fort was built on is eroding quickly. Parts of the land that the original fort was built on are already underwater. Scientists predict that in about 50 years the whole island will be gone!

As you are leaving the fort you can stop at the Glasshouse. This is a working glass factory built on the location where archeologists have found the original Fort Jamestown glass factory from the early 1600s. People make reproductions of bottles and glasswork found around the fort. It was fun to see the glass furnace and watch the artists shape glass. You can also see the ruins of the original glass factory from Jamestown Fort.

Jamestown was a fun trip. The National Park Service runs the Jamestown Fort, where the original fort was built. That was my favorite of the two. The Jamestown Settlement is a living history museum where the replica ships and Powhatan Indian village are. I loved seeing the artifacts and hearing the stories of the settlement. I recommend that you go to both next time you’re in the area.


Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is another village from the Revolutionary time. Today, it has 88 original buildings and over 50 restored buildings. You have to buy a ticket to go in the historic buildings but we didn’t get the ticket and it was still fun walking around the buildings and streets. All the people working there are dressed up in costumes and acting their parts all day long.


There are lots of reenactments you can see at different times of the day about what it would be like back during the Revolutionary Times. There are Ghost tours at night. You don’t need a ticket to see the reenactments.

There is a little sheet you can get at the visitor center and you read about different buildings and match them up with pictures. Once you are finished you turn it in for a free pin.

Yankee Candle Factory

Yankee Candle Factory is a really cool kid-friendly candle shop. Inside it is built to look like a town square and shops on all sides. There is a Christmas room and it snows every 4 minutes, but it’s just soap bubbles. Santa Clause visits here sometimes and you can see if your in the naughty or nice book. I even found my name in there with 13 good marks.


At the Candle Emporium, you can make your own jar candle, dip little wax figures in colored wax, or even dip your hand in wax and slide it out and color it to make a wax statue! I think the shop was pretty cool and it is one of the coolest stores I’ve been to. I made a wax statue of my fist, and got an airplane and painted is red white and blue. It was kind of expensive but worth it just because it is unique. Also the hand is very fragile, so you can’t blame me for not telling you!




Gage Arnold is a 10 year old roadschooler. He has been traveling full-time since he was 7. Minecraft, Terraria, and Roblox occupy most of his free time. He loves science and math, especially algebra. His happiest memories are the  times spent with his Fulltime Family friends across the country. He also loves spending so much time with his big brother Josh.

Air Lift Review and Installation

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Have you ever been towing your trailer, at night, and noticed your headlights were pointing up at the trees?

Have you ever noticed your truck‚Äôs back-end ‚Äúsquatting‚ÄĚ when it‚Äôs attached to your towable?

Would you classify your ride as bouncy, feeling the suspension bottom out, or bumpy?

All these circumstances could be indications that your tow vehicle could use a set of spring assist airbags.


bagWe decided to contact Air Lift to see how they could help us and the other Fulltime Family members resolve this issue. The

solution was the Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate. The product is top of the line and includes the exclusive design of a jounce bumper inside of the air spring providing the ultimate in ride comfort and safety and towing performance.

Now to install it! I recruited a friend to help.  I hate getting under the truck hence the help. We laid everything out to make sure we had all the parts that were required and got to work.

I definitely love the fact that there was no drilling!


Each kit includes everything you need, easily installed in 2 hours or less. Most popular kits require no drilling into the frame.

Step 1:  Read over the entire installation manual so you know what to expect.  This is very important with any type of installation.  You want to make sure you understand what you are going to do before you dive into the project.

Step 2:  In this kit, you’ll start by removing the factory installed vehicles jounce bumpers.  This is also known as bump stops.  This equipment stops the suspension from hitting the frame of the vehicle in the event of overloading or too much suspension movement.

Step 3:  Install the upper (side) bracket. The instructions requested us to lower the suspension. Neither I nor my friend wanted to go through the trouble, so we left it and our installation was successful without the need to lower the suspension. Be sure you don’t tighten the big bolt on the frame in this step since you’ll want some wiggle as you piece everything else together.

bag2Step 4:  Attach the lower bracket. Be careful of the brake lines and any other lines. You may need to un-attach the lines to keep them out of the way of the install. Our air spring was attached to the bottom bracket, so we had to squeeze it together to get it in place. During this step we decided to invert the long lag bolts so that the nut would attach above the air spring. Since the instructions suggested this we were able to avoid any contact with the sway bar under the axel.

Time to repeat these steps on the driver’s side.  Everything is very similar to the passenger side, but make sure you read the instructions and check for what hardware you will be using.

Step 5:  It’s time to run the airlines.  Take the full length of the air tubing and gently fold it over not allowing the link to kink.  Find the middle and cut the tubing with a straight razor.  Run your airlines from the airbags to the rear of the vehicle on each side zip tying them up as you go.  Where the airline might be exposed to heat, use the provided heat shielding to protect the airline from melting.  Once you have the airlines run, drill two holes in the plastic bumper step. Just find a convenient place, but think of where you may be stepping. Then attach the hardware for the hose fittings.

Step 6:  It’s time to get pumped!  Inflate those airbags to 30 PSI and leak test the airbags air valves and inflation valves with soapy water.  Let the air back out to about 10 PSI.  This is a good setting when you’re not towing or have a heavy load on the vehicle.

That’s it, you’re ready to tow at the proper height!

We left Orlando and headed to Indianapolis with our new set up. We couldn’t be happier with how the product has performed. In the 1000 mile journey we hit huge bumps and made sharp turns coming down 5% grades in the mountains. Knowing we had this set up gave us peace of mind. The ride felt like we were on clouds and no one felt nauseous and no one was jarred. Now if Air Lift could figure out how to silence the kids we’d be golden!

Where can I get a set of these for my vehicle?

Step1: Go to https://www.airliftcompany.com/products/air-springs/loadlifter-5000-ultimate/ and find the proper part number for your vehicle.
Step2:  Go to Amazon using this link and search for the part number of your Air Lift System

Motorhome, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer? Take the Quiz and see what’s your family’s best fit!

Kimberly 1 Comments
Are you lost in a sea of RVs? Wondering what is the right rig for your family?¬† Should you ride in style, making lunch on the go,¬† in a luxurious motorhome, or is a truck more up your alley?¬† When it’s time to park, do you want that homey, apartment feel, a fifth wheel provides, or do you not mind, putting the kids beds away every morning.
The Motorhome vs. Towable debate is age old and the answer depends on you!
It depends on the size of your family ‚Äď as towable accommodates more kids with 2 ‚Äď 3 bedroom layouts.
It depends on your driving style ‚Äď as a motorhome is a much more comfortable and convenient ride ‚Äď allowing you to cover much more ground in a single day.
It depends on your length of stay ‚Äď as a towable has much more living space if you are going to be spending considerable time in between travel days.
It depends on your budget ‚Äď as towables are much more affordable, but motorhomes maintain their resale value better.
Still confused?¬† Take the quiz and see what RV best fits your family’s style.

How to Get Health Care on the Road – Free Webinar

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When considering the transition to a full-time RV lifestyle with your family, you may wonder “What will we do for health care on the road?”

In this episode of the “How We Roll” Series, Kimberly and Chris Travaglino, co-founders of Fulltime Families, present viable, affordable options and answer your questions*.

Space is limited, so be sure to set an appointment on your calendar to join us, Monday, May 9th, at 4pm (est) from your pc, mobile device or via the phone.

Topic: HealthCare on the Road
Time: May 9, 2016 4:00 PM (GMT-4:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/840789873

Or iPhone one-tap:  16465687788,840789873# or 14157629988,840789873#

Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 840 789 873
International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=PLQBtgWSmSLOm6Ir-IiFtT9H-uXrauWk


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