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Looking for Larry in Seattle

Kimberly 3 comments

I love bringing books into our touring efforts!  So when Seattle was on our route, I searched for just the right story and found “Larry Gets Lost in Seattle“.  Although I usually gravitate to e-books, I purchased the hard copy version so we could use it as a bedtime story.

The pages are filled with beautiful illustrations that follow Pete and Larry (Pete’s lost pup) through Seattle’s landmarks.  I decided to use this story book as our actual tour list and made a touring itinerary that incorporated as many of the Pete and Larry’s detours as possible.


So when Pete and Larry checked out the flying fish at the Public Market, we did too!


And when Pete and Larry stopped by Pioneer Square, we did too!


Larry found a hammering giant, so we did too!


And when Pete looked for Larry by the Space Needle, we did too!

Timestamp of snap: 0:01.3

When Larry found a scary guy in Fremont, we did too!


and just like Larry, we didn’t find these people to be so helpful with directions.


We searched the Lake Union Houseboats, just like Pete and Larry.


Some things we did that Larry and Pete missed were:


Eating sushi off a conveyor belt at Blue C Sushi!


Making our own contribution to the Gum Wall!


And drenching ourselves in rainbows at the Chuhily Museum and Garden.

We loved following Pete and Larry’s footsteps through Seattle and still read the story nightly.  It warms my heart to hear DJ squeal, “we been dere” as we turn the pages.

You can bring this post to life by clicking play on our latest episode of “One Epic Adventure”.

And there’s even more good news!  In researching for this blog post, we’ve discovered that Pete and Larry have explored other cities!  Check out the whole list here and see if one of these cities is on your route: Larry Gets Lost Series






The Road Can Be Exhausting

chrisadmin No Comments

Life on the road in an RV is not always how you picture it.live


When we first made our plans, we envisioned our life on the road checking off our list of must see items or putting x’s all over the pages of our copy of “1000 Places to See Before You Die”.

But after a few months, burn out began to set in, and we found ourselves rushing through or barely glancing at some of those things we had so looked forward to seeing and experiencing,

While in Portland, a friend mentioned that we would be in the vicinity of one of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls.  Our family loves waterfalls and we were excited to be awash in the spray at Multnomah Falls.

But when we had the opportunity to actually see it, we were all so exhausted that we just sat in the car, in the parking lot, peeking at it between the rushing trucks on the highway.

This scenario was never part of my “life on the road” picture – and yet – there we were – all too tired and uninspired to actually unbuckle.

We never even turned the engine off.  We just stayed in our seats, told the kids to crane their necks so they could see the majestic rushing falls, and then we got back on the highway.

Had you told me this scenario was more than a possibility before we headed out, I would have never believed you. So full of curiosity were we to see and do everything! But in our travels, we have met with a multitude of families on the road, who have very similar stories. Who passed up the Petrified Forest to get a screaming toddler a Happy Meal?  Who missed putting their feet in the Pacific because there were too many stairs?  Who sat in the parking lot and napped at the Grand Canyon?

After this turning point, we decided that our life on the road was speeding past us.  We couldn’t even keep up with it, so we made the conscious decision to SLOW DOWN.   We’ve been spending more time in an area so we can truly appreciate the scenery and the natural offerings there. Setting a new pace has been beneficial to all of us and we are all enjoying our journey immensely.

Kimberly Travaglino is the author of “How to Hit the Road”, a comprehensive step-by-step guide for making your family’s full time RV dreams a reality.  She also serves as the Editor of Fulltime Families Magazine, a company that supports risk takers, pioneers, and enlightened families blazing their own path across the country.


Last Chance for Legoland Tickets

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The 4th Annual FtF Roadschool Fieldtrip to Legoland, Florida is Officially SOLD OUT!

If you have pre-purchased your tickets from Fulltime Families, please check your PayPal Email for a confirmation from us.  If you have not received a confirmation email, please email kimberly@fulltimefamiles.com

Here is some info you need to know if you are joining us on Feb. 12th, 2016.

Please arrive at the main gate of Legoland by 9:15am. 
  • If you are attending the Tampa Rally: The Legoland caravan will leave LazyDays, from the front gate, by the office at 8am SHARP.
  • If you are planning on going to Legoland separately, be sure to be on-site by 9:15am
  • Legoland charges for parking and this is not included in your pre-paid tickets.
  • We will take a Group Photo at 9:30am
  • The Flash Mob Dance (see details below) will take place at the front gate.
  • The FtF Group must enter the park as a group so it’s important that everyone is on time.
  • You are welcome to pack a lunch!  If you have a cooler and/or lunch sack, you will be able to take those to a location for storage until needed for lunch.
  • This part of the day is time sensitive.  The rest of the day you’ll be free to enjoy the part at your leisure.
  • If you have a rally t-shirt, please wear it to Legoland.
  • FtF Bracelets will be passed out to all so that we can identify each other inside Legoland.
Be a part of FtF History!  Legoland Flash Mob Info:  Please start practicing this dance.  All roadschooler participants will be receiving a limited edition Lego Minifig for doing their part!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoTV0NGtrrM
We are sorry, but no refunds can be processed at this time and tickets are non-transferable.

Additional Fees for Parking apply.
You can bring your own lunch into the park. Legoland supplies a group lunch locker and covered picnic tables for our group.
This field trip is rain or shine.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

We are sorry, but no refunds can be processed at this time and tickets are non-transferable.


The Proper way to Defrost Your RV Refrigerator

Kimberly No Comments
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New Youtube Resource for Full Time RVing Families

Kimberly No Comments

A fellow FtF Family has launched a brand new youtube channel, chock full of RVing info and, one of my favorite topics, location independent income streams to fund the lifestyle of your dreams.

RV Living, Travel and Adventure was created by entrepreneurial couple, Rachel and Jamison Haponenko, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2013 Winter FtF Rally in Florida.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.08.02 PM

The Haponenko’s have created this resource to provide valuable information for individuals and families seeking the RV full time lifestyle.

I was honored to be interviewed on their show and pleasantly surprised by the unique and thoughtful questions they asked me, to share with viewers what life on the road is really like – all of it.  The ups and downs.

Want to know what our most challenging aspect of our full time lifestyle is?

What we wished we’d done differently?

The mistakes we’ve made along the way?

Check out all the nitty gritty details below.

Touring Key West on the Conch Train

Kimberly No Comments


conchtrainThe World famous Conch Tour Train is the best way to see all the highlights of Key West without running out of steam on foot. This 90 minute tour passes by dozens of places of interest and has four stops that you can get on and off at if you choose. There are 15 trains departing every 20-30 minutes from 9-4:30, 7 days a week.



The true start and end of the tour is at 303 Front St and is referred to as Stop 1. Stop 1 highlights many of the big attractions in Key West including the Key West Aquarium, the Shipwreck Treasures Museum, Mallory Square, Festival Market Place, El Meson De Pepe’s Restaurant, Mel Fishers, Audubon House, Harry S. Truman Little White House and the sunset at Mallory Square

Stop 2 is very close to the beginning as well and is easy access to Duvall St. attractions

Stop 3 highlights the Hemingway House, Lighthouse Museum, Southernmost Point, Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

Stop 4 has access to the Historic Seaport, Yankee Freedom II Dry Tortugas National Park Ferry, Schooner Western Union, Ferry Terminal and other shops and restaurants.

I would highly recommend starting the tour in the morning and having the whole day to get off at stops and browse around.

Key West is home to some beautiful landscapes including one of the three oldest Banyan trees on the island. They are unique with their aerial root system. Look closely at one and you will see that its trunk really isn’t a trunk at all and is a root system.IMG_5642

Beautiful flowers line many of the Key West streets and continue to bloom all year round.IMG_5644There are three beaches on Key West and the tour takes you past Higgs Beach which boasts its sandy beaches and beautiful water. Hint: There is free parking in this area if you decide to head back for a day at the beach!IMG_5651

Key West is the southernmost city in the continental United States and for centuries was victim to looting and attacks from pirate ships. The U.S. Navy arrived in 1823 and was followed by other military branches. Mel Fisher was a world famous treasure salvor and you will see his name many times across the island.
IMG_5658 The famous Mile 0 sign is just one of the many touristy shots you can take from the tour without having to roam around in circles looking for it.


Sloopy Joe’s Bar is one of Key Wests oldest and most famous bars. It is said that Hemingway lived in Key West during most of his productive years and was known to play at Sloppy Joe’s on Duvall St. The tour also takes you past his previous home.IMG_5664


The best part of the tour for families is that kids 12 and under ride Free! This is a rare attraction that really benefits large families and allows them to experience the train tour at the same price as a family of two. Tickets are also good for the day after you first use them if you plan to be in Key West on back to back days.

Adults: $30.45 (buy online ahead of time for $27.41 and save!)

Kids: FREE!


  • Pack snacks and drinks- The first 45-50 minutes of the tour are non stop so we found having treats and water for the little ones to be very helpful.
  • Wear Sunscreen/Hat/Sunglasses. The first row and last row of each train cart are very sunny. Do yourself a favor and grab one of the middle rows for the most shade
  • Bring your camera. You have to snap quick but there are many opportunities to take home memories of many Key West hot spots
  • The first stop is right outside a souvenir shop (that has ice cream!) so you’ll have a minute to pick up a postcard or snack if you want.
  • Streets are very tight in Key West so street parking is limited and impossible for big trucks to fit into. One free parking option is to park at the Florida Keys Eco Discovery Center and walk to Stop one of the Train Tour (just under a mile). The parking lot is large and easy for any size vehicle to fit.

We really enjoyed our time on the World Famous Conch Tour Train and think you will too! Our only regret is not getting there at the beginning of the day to experience a full day of the train tour!

This review was created for FulltimeFamilies.com, the resource for Full-time RVing Families by Jennifer Holt of Free2Breathe.com

2015 FtF Valentine’s Exchange

Kimberly 3 comments

FtF Kids across the country are welcome to join in on the 2015 Fulltime Families Valentines Exchange.

Kids participating in this year’s exchange will receive tons Valentines from other FtF Kids via the mail.

To get in on the fun, add your family’s info to the document in the Fulltime Families Members Only FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/notes/fulltime-families-members/2015-ftf-valentines-day-exchange/758316557555606

Children can document where their Valentines came from by using this optional document below:

Valentine Exchange Map


It’s Rally Time!

Kimberly 3 comments

Legoland 2014It’s the most anticipated time of the year! Fulltime Families Rally time!!!

Time to make new friends, catch up with old ones and create timeless memories of your on the road adventure!

This year, Fulltime Families will be hosting not 1 but 3 winter events!

We are currently in early bird sign ups for current Fulltime Families Charter, Lifetime and Annual Members.  Click the links above to reserve your spaces.

Spots are limited so make plans to join us this winter at one or all of these fantastic events!

Want to take a sneak peek at the family fun that awaits you at an FtF Rally? Check out the video here:

The Perfect Floor for Your RV – Video Tour

Kimberly 5 comments

If you’re like me your completely confused by rv builders who put cheap beige carpet on the floor of camping units. Whether your a full time camper or a weekend warrior, you’ve got a solid 5 seconds before this carpeting is absolutely FILTHY!

Kids, pets, camping, and exploring the great outdoors turn beige carpeting into a color that resembles dirty snow! Yuck!

In our last camper we tore out the carpeting, left the linoleum and put in a floating “pergo-like” wood floor.

It lasted about 6 months, due entirely to our travel itinerary. Had we stayed in a dry climate for the majority of our travels, it would have lasted longer, but instead we spent two weeks in San Franscisco in September and the moisture caused bubbling through out the entire living area.

When we tore it out, the linoleum was like a gift from the rving Gods, a testament to “you don’t know what you got til you cover it up”.

We warmed ourselves for a few weeks by using the planks for our campfire needs. Man did that stuff burn HOT! Causing me to question just how dangerous it would have been in the event of an rv fire…

In the meantime, we picked up two bounded remnants to place over the naked slide floor and we were pretty pleased with the condition of the floor.

Flash forward to Fulltime Families Mobile #2, affectionately called Bride of Frankentruck (a very long story indeed), which came again with cheap beige carpeting.

We were willing to live with it for a while, but one of our dogs loved to pee on it. She loved it so much, she’d entertain us for hours on walks, only to rush in and pee right in front of the tv.

It didn’t take long to make it unbearable in the camper, necessitating another flooring solution.

A quick trip to Home Depot revealed Vinyl Planking, the look of wood, the durability of linoleum and so easy to install, the kids could do it (of course they didn’t, but they could have).

It was available in a variety of stunning designs, but most of them were special order, and we are not the patient type, so we went with the readily available Oak option, which in retrospect, I’m very happy we did because we miscalculated (we’re not the good with math type either) and we needed three additional boxes to complete the camper.

I estimate it cost us about $500 to do the entire camper and I’m thrilled with the final result.

If you want to check it out, take a virtual tour with me…




Slide Makeover

Kimberly No Comments

I really hated how rv our camper looked. One of the easiest ways to make a place look homey and inviting is by adding curtains so I scoured the web searching for the perfect material.

When I found it, it was game on!


We took out the booth dinette, painted the walls and ceiling, removed the day/ night shades and transformed one slide!

Step 1: tape


Step 2: put kids to work

First coat

Second coat



I still have to finish the seat cover for the couch, but now I’ve got the bug and Tonia’s slide is next!





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