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The Great Wave Lottery

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The Wave. You’ve seen it on screen savers, calendars, post cards, coffee table books, it’s every where! But you have no idea the drama, the suspense, the intrigue that accompanies being one of the lucky few who can see it in person.

Did you know that this protected piece of Navajo Sandstone draws thousands of red earth adventurers every year to the Kanab, Utah Visitors’ Center but only twenty (2-0) hiking permits are issued per day?

Every morning at 8:30 am, a collection of hopeful hikers assemble at the Bureau of Land Management office and fill out applications for the highly coveted golden (or rather green in this case) tickets.


You can register a max group of 6 hikers in your party, but with only 10 permits allotted daily (the other 10 are awarded to online applicants) your chances of getting permits for a large party are pretty slim.

Day 1, Greg Felty went to the permit office.  He filed the application for our then party of 6, and waited for the 9am drawing (more on that in a minute).  No dice.

Day 2, Pieter Hartog went to the permit office.  He filed the same application and anxiously awaited our number, but again, left without a permit.

There is no weighting system.  Every day you go, you have exactly the same odds as everyone else anxiously biting finger nails and teetering on the edge of their seat.  The man I stood next too in the standing room only room attended the lottery EVERY DAY for THREE YEARS before hitting pay dirt (or should I say sand stone).

Day 3, I volunteered to go.  I left the camper at 8am with Tonia in tow.  Even if we struck out a third time, we’d at least have a lovely mother-daughter breakfast in bustling downtown Kanab.

At this point, two of our hikers needed to drop out as they were moving on, so I filed an application for 4 with a variety of back up scenarios, in the rare case our number was drawn when only 1, 2, or 3 spots remained.

Oh yes!  That can happen.  Depending on how the parties are called, with each roll of the bingo ball, the number of permits are decreased, so in the worst case situation, a party of 6 could be called, when only one permit remains and there could be bloodshed.  This alone, should entice you to at least try for a permit 😉

Bingo! <<<< Click Here!

So was it “third times a charm” or “three strikes and you’re out” for us?  Based on the attendance in the room, our odds of scoring a spot were 1 out of 112.

At 9:00am, on the dot, the ranger started spinning the balls and drew the first number…

Number 6 was a party of one, an older Asian gentleman.

Spin, spin, spin

and the next number pulled, 4, was OURS!  With 9 permits to spare, and the drop of a ball, we had just scored 4 of the most sought after hiking permits in the South West!


The next number was for a party of 2 and lastly a party of 3… perfect alignment (no blood shed – but you can’t win ’em all).

And, then came Orientation…

Words, words, words, “death”, “people have died”, “unmarked trail”, “wilderness”, lots of superlatives and more threats of imminent death.

But We Won!  and so, off we’ll go!


But we want you to come with us!  Be our guest and join us for our through the sandstone and over the dunes to the Wave we will go!  See how we prepare for this once in a lifetime adventure, what other beauty this untamed treasure holds, and how we hold up on this 6 mile journey.

You can follow along, right on this page as the widget below will automatically update, or on Instagram.

Come see one of the rarest formations in the world, from the comfort of your computer (where there is a significantly reduced chance of death).  We’ll pack some extra trail mix for you!


Last Chance for Legoland Tickets

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The 4th Annual FtF Roadschool Fieldtrip to Legoland, Florida is Officially SOLD OUT!

If you have pre-purchased your tickets from Fulltime Families, please check your PayPal Email for a confirmation from us.  If you have not received a confirmation email, please email kimberly@fulltimefamiles.com

Here is some info you need to know if you are joining us on Feb. 12th, 2016.

Please arrive at the main gate of Legoland by 9:15am. 
  • If you are attending the Tampa Rally: The Legoland caravan will leave LazyDays, from the front gate, by the office at 8am SHARP.
  • If you are planning on going to Legoland separately, be sure to be on-site by 9:15am
  • Legoland charges for parking and this is not included in your pre-paid tickets.
  • We will take a Group Photo at 9:30am
  • The Flash Mob Dance (see details below) will take place at the front gate.
  • The FtF Group must enter the park as a group so it’s important that everyone is on time.
  • You are welcome to pack a lunch!  If you have a cooler and/or lunch sack, you will be able to take those to a location for storage until needed for lunch.
  • This part of the day is time sensitive.  The rest of the day you’ll be free to enjoy the part at your leisure.
  • If you have a rally t-shirt, please wear it to Legoland.
  • FtF Bracelets will be passed out to all so that we can identify each other inside Legoland.
Be a part of FtF History!  Legoland Flash Mob Info:  Please start practicing this dance.  All roadschooler participants will be receiving a limited edition Lego Minifig for doing their part!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoTV0NGtrrM
We are sorry, but no refunds can be processed at this time and tickets are non-transferable.

Additional Fees for Parking apply.
You can bring your own lunch into the park. Legoland supplies a group lunch locker and covered picnic tables for our group.
This field trip is rain or shine.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

We are sorry, but no refunds can be processed at this time and tickets are non-transferable.


Johnson Space Center Review by Destination Editor Jen Holt

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Space Center Houston, located on the southeast side of Houston, is the official visitor center for Johnson Space Center. Space Center Houston is an exceptional facility to support educational and entertainment needs and should be on your must see list when visiting the Houston, TX area. Over 1 million (30% international) visitors visited the facility last year and enjoyed learning about the emphasis that science, technology, engineering and mathematics have on our world in a fun and engaging way.

Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston

Now that you’ve made the decision to visit the Space Center, we’d love to give you some suggestions on how to make the most of your day at the Space Center. The number of hours that you have to spend will determine the things you will have time to see. The astronauts even have suggestions for how to spend your time!

We really feel like the tram tour of the Johnson Space Center is a must do, even if your time is somewhat limited. It’s the only way that you can tour the NASA Johnson Space Center. The 90 minute open air tram tour will take you around the grounds of the NASA facility and will allow you to see the anstorant training facilities which include many full size mock ups so that the astronauts can train for their space missions. One highlight for us was seeing the historic mission control where many famous visitors have been. We even sat in the same row as Queen Elizabeth did!

Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston

The tour will also provide you a look at building 9 and the International Space Station training facilities.

Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston

Once back in the Space Center Houston, it will be time to explore all of the exhibits. Everything is included in the price of admission except for the simulator rides. The Space Center Mock Up is a full-scale replica of the space shuttle orbiter. You can see just how many buttons is takes to pull off such a mission. After touring the space shuttle make sure you then go down to the special exhibit “Be the astornaut” exhibit where you can control your own space shuttle on your mission to Mars!

Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston

There are a variety of movies and theatre experiences for you to take part in. If you only have time for one I would suggest the Starship Gallery. It is a short 15 minute film about the history of the NASA program and you can see the actual podium that JFK declared we would make it to the moon! After the film, the theatre opens and leads you into the gallery where you can see replica space artifacts as well as real moon rocks. There is even one that you can touch! Now, how many other places can you touch the moon?

Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston

If you are there for most of the day, make sure you also catch one of the Blast off Theater shows and you will be able to experience the sounds, sensations and sights of a shuttle launch.

Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston

A lot of the Space Center Houston will be a bit advanced for the younger crowd but they will LOVE the Kid’s Space Place! Its an action-packed area for children (especially the under 10 crowd). There is still plenty of learning here but there is a chance for kids to run around and get out their energy a bit!

Photo: Space Center Houston Photo courtesy of: Space Center Houston

Nuts and Bolts:

Information: Space Center Houston is located at 1601 NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX 77058. You can reach them at 281-244-2100.

Parking: Parking is $6 and the surface lot is huge and easy to park in, even for those you us driving bigger vehicles. There is even Bus/RV parking in case you are just passing through and have your rig with you.

Eating: There is a nice outdoor sitting area with lots of picnic tables and even some under a pavilion just outside Space Center Houston if you would like to pack a lunch. Inside there is a cafeteria style area to eat and you can buy food at the Zero-G diner.

What to bring: Since you will probably be there most of the day, its a good idea to bring some snacks and something to drink (these are allowed inside just no coolers). A stroller might be helpful for the little ones and there is plenty of stroller parking for areas that don’t allow them.

Hours: Monday-Friday 10-5 ; Saturday 10-7 ; Sunday 10-6

Pricing: Save $3/ticket and buy online ahead of time! If you choose to buy at the door: Adults $23.95 (age 12-64); Children $18.95 (age 4-11); 3 and under: Free. If you plan to visit more than once the yearly membership is well worth the small up charge and includes free parking!

The Space Houston Center website is an incredible resource both before and after your visit and I highly recommend you take a “virtual” tour of the facility before you go and make a list of exhibits you don’t want to miss. Enjoy!

This review was created for FulltimeFamilies.com, the resource for Full-time RVing Families by Jennifer Holt of Free2Breathe.com



Fall Fun by the Bushel at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm – Thomas Family Reporting

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Recently, the Thomas Family (FtF Charter #46) went on assignment to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Lancaster, PA.  Here is their report about the agritainment experience.


We had the pleasure of visiting Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania recently and absolutely enjoyed our experience.  The farm, which is open from May through November, is situated on over 15 acres of pristine land and there are over 50+ activities – there is truly something for everyone in your family!

We visited on a busy Saturday ~ there was already quite a crowd at 11am, but parking is free and extremely well organized.   We quickly parked and made our way to the gates.  There were two small lines at the entrance that moved quickly and before we knew it, we had our bracelets on and we were ready for our adventure!

photo 2
What an amazing place Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is.  We were greeted with the sights and sounds of happiness!  Colorful signs, maps and staff pointed us in the right direction…The only challenge was trying to agree on what fun activity to try first!  The farm has a great “flow” and even though there were many families enjoying the day at Cherry Crest Farm, we never felt rushed or crowded.  Almost all of the activities encouraged parents and kids to play together!  We loved this aspect of the farm adventure– instead of watching from the sidelines, we were able to participate right alongside our boys.  From pedal kart races to the “Music through the Decades” themed corn maze to the Farm Tour Wagon Ride, we smiled and laughed all day!  We even made butter at the Discovery Barn!  We especially enjoyed the interactive (and educational!!!) exhibits throughout the farm and really appreciated the fact that the farm had so many activities for our tweens.  It was refreshing that all age groups had been considered when planning this farm experience and that many of the experiences really got our blood flowing!  My boys (11 and 12 years old) could have spent the next two weeks playing in Corny’s Ball-Cade (think soccer, baseball, basketball & footballs flying!)  We will be going back soon to ride the Strasburg Railroad Steam Locomotive that steamed through the farm while we were visiting.  It was so cool to see and hear the train power through the field!

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm has really thought of everything!  There was a wide variety of food concessions to choose from throughout the farm and prices were reasonable.  (Our family discovered the Apple Cider Donut Shop and it was love at first bite.)  There are wagon rentals, a roomy picnic area, shady spots to rest and regroup, and also plenty of restrooms.  They have a Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin area and they even rent out Gathering Barns for special events.
We would wholeheartedly recommend Cherry Crest Adventure Farm to anyone who is looking for a fun, educational, and active adventure this fall!

Top 10 Family Hikes in the USA

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When you’re living full time in your RV with kids, hiking is a great way to see the natural treasures in this country.

Full time rving kids love to stretch their legs and the temperate days of spring provide ample opportunity to connect with nature and get your hike on!

Here are the Top 10 Family hikes in this country.

Ten Best Family Hikes

  1. Sky Meadows State Park, Virginia
  2. Chimney Tops Trail, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
  3. Woodpecker Trail, Big Shoals State Park, Florida
  4. Ohio & Erie Canal Trail, Ohio
  5. Illinois & Michigan Canal
  6. Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Colorado
  7. Muir Woods National Monument, California
  8. Will Rogers Historic State Park, California
  9. Horsetail Falls Trail, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
  10.  Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Washington

If hiking with little ones, Catherine Ercanbrack of HikingChix.com reminds you to look for family hikes with High Wow to Low Effort ratios, targeting short hikes with big payoffs and stretching distances gradually on subsequent hikes.

Recent Roadschool Moms guest, Survivalist Expert, Gregory Davenport, shared his tips for safely exploring the great outdoors in an episode called, “Preparing Your Family for Outside Adventures”.  Be sure to catch the replay so you can be prepared for a great family adventure!




We Dare you to Dance!

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We’re fast approaching the 100th anniversary of our National Park System in 2016!

The birthday of America’s Best Idea is cause for great celebration.  Our National Park system is a treasure that serves as the corner stone of our full time family adventure.

Touring national parks allows us to experience the amazing vistas, dramatic backdrops, and walk in the foot steps of our historic heros.

To celebrate this American Institution, the Roadschool Moms came up with a great idea!  We are dancing in National Parks this year and daring you to do the same!

It’s easy to get in on the fun!

Processed with Moldiv


Take a quick video of your family dancing in National Parks (it can be any natural setting really, we’re not picky) and use the hashtag #dareu2dance.  Upload it to you Facebook and then dare others to dance by tagging them! Once you’ve been dared you have 7 days to upload your video and dare at least 3 others to do the same!

Anyone can do it, so get out there and get dancing!  Help us spread the movement from sea to shining sea and encourage families to explore America’s National Park System!

Get Your Dance Featured and Win the highly Coveted “I Dance in National Parks” Bumper Sticker!

After 100,000 dances have been uploaded, we’ll be making a Giant Flash Mob Dance Video!  If you’re video is chosen for this project, you’ll win a Limited Edition “I Danced” Bumper Sticker!I Dance In National Parks


Experience the upside down adventure! WonderWorks: Pigeon Forge, TN Attraction Review

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WonderWorks is located in Pigeon Forge, TN and instantly catches your eye as you drive into town because it is a giant UPSIDE DOWN building! Below is the information you will need to contact WonderWorks before your visit, if necessary. There are also other WonderWorks locations: look to see if there is one closer to where you are now!Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 6.25.36 PM

WonderWorks is a hands on museum, high ropes course, rock climbing wall, and simulation ride park all in one! This is definitely an all day type of place. Since you can come and go with your ticket there is plenty to do in the morning, take a lunch break and come back for more fun. This is an attraction well worth its cost! Any of these single parts of WonderWorks could easily cost the same as a day at WonderWorks.


“With over 35,000 square feet of “edu-tainment” WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind. The attraction combines education and entertainment with more than 100 hands on exhibits that challenge the mind and spark the imagination.” – WonderWorks.com

Your student can start with space discovery and natural disasters, follow up with the imagination lab and illusion gallery and finish up with physical education! This indoor amusement park is the perfect way to spend a rainy or hot day in the nice air conditioned or heated building depending on the season.

Make sure to be aware of height requirements for some of the amusement rides and physical challenges. There are things here for all ages and thrill seeking levels. My four year old was just as impressed with the giant bubble making zone as the teenagers were with the Coaster and 360 degree Bike Simulators.


The highlight of WonderWorks, in our opinion, was the glow in the dark 4 story high ropes course. Whether this is your first time on a ropes course or you are experienced there is something here to challenge you. There is a 42inch minimum and 300lb (6’8″) maximum for this attraction. Wear a white shirt or something neon to really glow and make the adventure even more fun! Reminder: No dresses or skirts (for obvious reasons) allowed.

The rock wall was very challenging and fun as well. Please note there is a 40lb (with gear) minimum and 250lb maximum for this attraction.


The music area is fun for all ages as well. There are multiple hands on instruments to keep your music lovers entertained for quite awhile. The walk on piano was our favorite.IMG_4128


There are many versions of classic games. You can play a giant four person game of PacMan or build a picture on the bigger than life Wonder Brite wall.IMG_4111


Tickets are good for in and out admission for the day. Below are the general admission prices. There are other prices and packages for the Magic Show and Laser Tag.

Adults: $23.99 + tax

Kids: $15.99 + tax (ages 4-12)

Ages 0-3: FREE



  • If you or your child are sensitive to light and sounds this might not place for you. There are strobe lights, loud noises and other colored lights EVERYWHERE! Settings like this usually don’t bother me, but even I felt overstimulated.
  • Your ticket is good for in and out admission all day!
  • No food or drink is allowed inside the exhibit so leave your things in the car or be ready to purchase food from the concession stand (call ahead to check hours, the stand wasn’t open when we visited on a Sunday).
  • The free parking lot is large and easy for any size vehicle to fit. If you are traveling through with your rig you could find plenty of room to park in the back.
  • Wear closed toe and back shoes. You will need them for some of the attractions!

We LOVED our time at WonderWorks and thank the staff for hosting us!

This review was created for FulltimeFamilies.com, the resource for Full-time RVing Families by Jennifer Holt of Free2Breathe.com



Ober Gatlinberg – A Mountain of Fun – Attraction Review

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Ober Gatlinburg is more than just a ski area! We visited in the spring and there was no shortage of activities to keep us busy!IMG_4135_2
Ober Gatlinburg is most well known for its Aerial Tramway which ascends 1,300 feet to an elevation of 2,675 feet. This 10 minute, 2.1 mile trip gives you the best views of the area and will leave you with breathtaking memories of the Great Smoky Mountain area.
Whether you choose to take the aerial tram or drive the 3.1 miles to the top of the mountain, the fun awaits you. The only problem that you will have is deciding what activity to do first. Most of the attractions are outside but the carousel, ice skating, arcades, shopping, part of the wildlife encounter and most of the restaurants are inside. Even if the weather isn’t cooperating there is plenty to do!
We started our adventure with the alpine slide. This dry track simulated bob sled ride will take you winding down one of two 1,800 foot tracks through the woods and ski trails. IMG_4144The scenic chairlift will take you up to the start of the slide or you can continue on for a view of the pinnacle of Mt. Harrison. Kids six and under must ride the alpine slide with an adult.
With an outdoor wristband purchase you and your family will have unlimited access to the alpine slide, chair swing, scenic chairlift, kiddie land which includes small amusement rides and a playground, mini golf and the carousel. We went mid week and it was not busy. It was so nice to be able to get on rides without teaching the kids a lesson in line about patience :).
If hiking through Great Smoky Mountains National Park looking for black bears isn’t your thing, you are in luck! The Wildlife Encounter will give you an up close view of these native animals that are unable to survive in the wild. There are black bears, bobcats, hawks, red squirrels, snakes, river otters and more.
The weather looked like it was going to turn so we headed inside for some ice skating. Skate rental is included in the price of your 3 hour session so there is no need to bring your own. They even have toddler sizes so the whole family can skate. The rink has a metal handrail around the entire perimeter for those that could use a little extra help with their balance. Unfortunately there are no assist devices available for use. Please note: your session ends when you turn in your skates so you have to use the entire 3 hour time at once, there is no re-entry.IMG_4143_2
There are many options when it comes to enjoying Ober Gatlinburg. Please check the link here for the ticket and wristband prices.
  • Bring a coat or sweatshirt for inside activities. It is very cool inside because of the skating rink.
  • Bring socks! They are required for skate rental. They are $3.30/pair if you forget.
  • You have to take the scenic chair lift (most of the way to the top) to do the alpine slide. Be aware incase you have a fear of heights.
  • There is plenty of food and beverages for purchase at Ober Gatlinburg so no need to pack a lunch (although there are outside and inside tables for eating if you do bring your own food).
  • The closest parking is in the lot behind Ober Gatlinburg. It is $5 for standard vehicles (we were only charged $5 for our dually) and $7 for oversized vehicles/buses. CASH only! The parking lot is very big and you would have room to park your rig if you had it with you.
  • Your Aerial tram ticket is good for unlimited aerial rides for 2 back to back days. Make the most of your money and take this trip more than once!
  • There is free Wifi in the indoor area available for use.
Ober Gatlinburg is located at 1001 Parkway, Suite 2 Gatlinburg, TN 37738. They can be reached at 800.251.9202 or fun@obergatlinburg.com

NOTE: Ober Gatlinburg will be closed for April 27- May 7, 2015 for annual preventive maintenance. We take the safety of our visitors extremely seriously, and every year we close down the park to perform park-wide maintenance and repairs.

This review was created for FulltimeFamilies.com, the resource for Full-time RVing Families by Jennifer Holt of Free2Breathe.com

Wreck Ashore! Key West, FL Shipwreck Treasures Museum Attraction Review

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IMG_5750The Key West Shipwreck Museum is found at 1 Whitehead Street in Key West, Florida and is full of treasures and artifacts from the 1985 rediscovery of the vessel Isaac Allerton which sank in 1856. The museum takes you back in time to the late 1800’s when the Florida Keys reef was the end of many ship’s journeys.


The tours start every 20 minutes around the clock and you are given a brief history of the museum and are led inside by the tour guide. The entire guided portion is 20 minutes but if you politely ask to break away sooner that won’t be a problem (we needed to do that with our group of younger kids). The rest of the experience is at your own pace. The three levels of the museum are full of trinkets such as silverware surrounded by coral, bottles, porcelain and medicine from back in pirate time.


The kids enjoyed attempting to lift the 64 lb bar of silver that was recovered. You can too, but only if you dare!


The highlight of the tour for most of the kids was climbing the tower to look for shipwrecks in the Key West water. It is a tremendous view of the entire city and half way up there are two conch shells to sound off (if you aren’t a germaphobe!) IMG_5760


In the basement of the Museum there is a 14 minute video about life in the mid to late 1800’s and the excitement of the wrecks on the rough Florida Keys reef.




Tickets are good for in and out admission for the day. It is a great way to cool off in the air conditioning and explore all the hidden treasures!

Adults: $15.04 (buy online ahead of time for $13.54 and save!)

Kids: $8.59 (buy online ahead of time for $7.73 and save!)

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.33.37 PM

If you are interested in the Key West Aquarium as well there is a combo ticket available here.


  • Go to the bathroom before you enter the Shipwreck Museum, there are no bathrooms inside. The closest bathroom is in the mall right near the museum (take the escalator to the 2nd floor).
  • There is air conditioning so this is a great spot to stop and take a break from the Key West heat
  • Bring your camera. The lighting is very dark but you will see treasures from hundreds of years ago
  • Streets are very tight in Key West so street parking is limited and impossible for big trucks to fit into. One free parking option is to park at the Florida Keys Eco Discovery Center and walk to the aquarium (just under a mile). The parking lot is large and easy for any size vehicle to fit.

We enjoyed our time at the Key West Shipwreck Treasures Museum and think you will too! Thanks to the Shipwreck Museum for having us!

This review was created for FulltimeFamilies.com, the resource for Full-time RVing Families by Jennifer Holt of Free2Breathe.com





4 RV Destinations To Inspire Your Young Ones – Guest Post

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4 RV Destinations To Inspire Your Young Ones

If you’re making your RVing plans for the next year, do yourself a favor and bookmark this post.  From East to West,  North to South, where ever

Andi Singer writes about travel destinations and RV tips and tricks for www.yourrvconnection.com. She enjoys exploring new cities and taking pictures of everything in sight.

The best family vacations are those that are educational, inspirational, and most importantly– fun for everyone. Here are 4 great destinations to nurture and encourage your young one’s wildest fantasies.

For the Cowboy: Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Wyoming

If you’ve got a young cowboy or cowgirl, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming is one stop you won’t want to miss. This location consists of five museums, including the Buffalo Bill museum, Plains Indian museum, and a Western art museum. You will find a rich history of William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill), as well as an interpretive collection of the American cowboy.

If you are looking for a campground nearby, the Ponderosa Campground in Cody continues to expand on the theme of the old west. It offers teepees for rent as cabins, and for RVers it includes full hook ups, sanitary dump, and wireless internet. The Wal-Mart Supercenter in Cody, WY is also known for being RV-friendly, so if you are on a tight budget you will not have a problem staying free for a night.

hall of fame
For the Sports Star: Baseball Hall of Fame, New York

For the baseball fanatic, you won’t find a better place than the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. For Father’s Day weekend, the museum holds an event called the Hall of Fame Classic, which draws both hall of fame legends as well as a large variety of major league baseball players.

This museum has three stories of exhibits ranging from baseball movies to baseball cards, with an entire exhibit dedicated to Babe Ruth. It’s not all about the boys either– if it’s your daughter that’s the sports star, there is also a room showcasing the influence of women in baseball.

Cooperstown has several RV parks, most notably the Shadow Brook Campground. It can be pricey depending on the season you visit, but it includes a fishing pond, pool, rec room, and a variety of different sports.

Allstate 400
For the Racecar Driver: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana

Indianapolis, IN is famous for the Indy 500- a 500 mile automobile race held on Memorial Day Weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. During the event itself, there is plenty of opportunity for RV camping and weekend tailgating.

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, the Speedway is open year-round with a museum and track tours by bus. You will find 75 or more race cars on display at any given time, as well as equipment, trophies, and a 48-seat theater.

You may have difficulty finding free overnight parking, however you can stay nearby at the Indy Lakes park for only $28 a night including electricity, water, sewer, and internet.

ElectroStaticHair 025
For the Scientist: COSI, Ohio

If your son or daughter dreams of becoming a scientist, or if you want to spark their interest in science, the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, Ohio should do the trick. COSI has over 300 interactive exhibits where your children can experience energy and transportation, outer space, or even lift up a 2,437lb car with the help of air power.

The COSI Lab Space is one of the more notable and inspiring exhibits where guests can witness the real-life laboratory experiments of Ohio State University researchers.

Some visitors have had luck with free overnight parking at nearby Wal-Marts, however it may be best to call ahead to make sure that it is allowed. You can also find reasonable rates for full-hookups at Cross Creek Camping Resorts in Columbus.



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