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Membership has it’s Privileges; Top 5 Benefits of Joining Fulltime Families

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The Fulltime Families Membership can save you thousands of dollars, but the privileges of membership go way beyond saving money.

Here are the top 5 benefits our members point to as their favorite thing about being a Fulltime Families Member.

#1 Finding My Tribe!

  • Fulltime Families Members share a common bond that is considered weird by the majority of American Families.   We think less is more… that’s weird!  We’re actually excited about living in 350 sq feet, alongside our family, every minute of the day… that’s weird!  We don’t want to wait until our children are on their own to explore this country… that’s weird!  Fulltime Families Members understand and embrace these “so called oddities”.  If making time with our family makes us “misfits” then we’d rather not fit in.  Fulltime Families supports and applauds You, the risk taker, You the pioneer, You the trail blazer, who is looking for more out of life than just security!

    #2 Making Spaces to Meet in Real Life!

    Fulltime Families hosts events around the country so families enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle can meet in person and make friends.  The reality is lifestyle can be isolating and connecting through Fulltime Families events, provides adults and children alike the opportunity to make friends and form bonds that span the miles.  It is very common for families to establish temporary or long term intentional neighborhoods with the families they click with, after an FtF event.  Just because your family is nomadic doesn’t mean you need to be alone.  Join us for our next event and embark on the next leg of your journey with friends in tow.


    #3 Connecting Families with the Services and Suppliers who commend their choices!

Isn’t it great to do business with someone who values you as a customer?  Isn’t it awesome to know you are supporting businesses that are supportive of your lifestyle choices and actually look forward to serving you? Fulltime Families reaches across all service and supply industries, vetting companies both large and small, to present our members with businesses of the highest level of integrity.  Through both our Resource Guide and our Partnership list, FtF Members are connected to trusted resources that will help you save time and money!

#4 We’ve Got Your Back!

At Fulltime Families, we’ve got your back!  Through our relationships with RV professionals, Home School curriculum providers and the media, we have a unique opportunity to help you spread your message and connect you effectively to the resources that can help you the most.  You’re not out on the road alone and being a part of the FtF family has made an impact through the collective voice and the collective efforts of your other FtF family members.  Case in point, in 2016 alone, FtF served 343 families in person at FtF events and provided over $21,000 in relief to RVing Families!

#5 Saving You Money and Time!

Of course, your Fulltime Families Membership will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted time.  Through our extensive list of partnerships, which currently includes a Free Year of Escapees and a Free Year of Good Sams Membership, our members rack up savings on:

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t you like friends, having fun times with people who get you, businesses that understand and value you, someone who has your back and saving money?  Join Fulltime Families today!  https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/joinftf/





Investigating Aliens in Roswell, NM

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We had heard mixed reviews about Roswell, NM. Some families said emphatically “Don’t miss it” while others suggested we could totally skip it without regretting it.

When we realized it was on our route to the rally in Colorado, we decided we’d take the opportunity to finally cross it off our list.

While I can now completely understand the ambivilance to this tourist trap of a city, I am immensely happy we went. Not so much for Roswell itself, but rather for the hidden gem of a campground we found at Bottomless Lakes State Park, a mere 11 miles west of downtown Roswell.

Coming from the south, we drove for what seemed an eternity down a dirt road. All the while, Chris asking me, “are you sure we’re going the right way”. My response… “Yes!” Eye roll, didn’t give away even a hint of my own uncertainty.

Nothing but dusty desert stretched out for miles before us, and then, a single left turn revealed the pristine oasis that is Bottomless Lake.

If you stood on the cliff overlooking the water at Crater Lake, wishing you could dive into that unimaginable crystal blue water, then you would love this campground.

Full hook up set us back a wooping $18 a night.

The night sky revealed a myriad of stars and rolling out of the rv every morning to this stunning swimming hole was a dream come true!

Sometimes we rented paddle boats, sometimes we used our floats and all the time we enjoyed the laid back family atmosphere of his wonderous place.

Of course, we did roll into town and do the “alien thing”.


We skipped the international UFO museum, and opted instead for a $6 (for the whole family) admission to the Alien Zone.

A converted store front, with limited air conditioning, it’s a veritable treasure trove for those seeking photo ops of the other worldy variety.


Am I glad we stopped at Roswell? Yes. Not so much for the town itself, but rather for the opportunity to recharge and reconnect in a bottomless lake.



The best atv date ever

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This could also be titled, “don’t ride an at 9000 ft, unless you know what the heck you’re doing”.

As you may or may not now, I am writing this with a broken wrist.

Due to my lack of typing ability and keeping in the spirit of this epic adventure, I decided to put this in comic book form.

I hope you enjoy it, and pay special attention to the safety tips at the end.

Safety tips:

The location of the accident and where we had to leave one atv

  1. Be very familiar and well trained on any motorized equipment before you head out on a trail.
  2. Make sure someone knows where you are going.
  3. Take a picture of each trailhead.
  4. Be sure to sign in at the Rangers log and program the Rangers phone number into your phone at that time.
  5. Have a GPS application on your device before you head out. (See pic above)
  6. Wear all available safety equipment!!!!
  7. Bring a small first aid kit along with you.
  8. Make sure you always know where you are so you can tell first responders.
  9. Never go out alone!

A huge debt of gratitude is owed to:

Our friends, the Livingston Family and the Hartog Family who sent their men to retrieve the ATV we had to leave behind and made us delicious treats while helping out with the kids.


To Chris’ parents and grandmother, who made it possible for us to return to Florida for surgery and who continue to nurse me back to health.


And to the countless people who have been praying for us through this entire ordeal.







Rambler Goes to Portland

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today rambler went to vodoo doughnuts

Top 3 Tax Deductions Fulltime RVing Families May Be Missing

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I have participated in many discussions in the Fulltime Families Facebook group, and the most common types of tax questions that pop up involve questions over deductions…what is deductible, what is not, specifically in the context of the fulltime RVing lifestyle.  So as a guest on the Fulltime Families blog, I thought I’d tackle 3 of the most common, most aggressive tax deductions people ask about.

Filing taxes for 2018? Click here to read our latest post that will help answer your questions about filing taxes as a full-time RV family. 

>> Want to learn more about Fulltime Families Membership? Head here for more details and learn more.! <<

1. Can I deduct the cost of my RV?

For most fulltime RVers living in their RV as their primary personal residence, the full cost of their rig is generally not going to be deductible.  Some have tried to take a home office deduction for a portion of their RV, but the IRS has a strict “regular and exclusive use” rule for any portion of a home being deducted as a home office, and it is difficult if not impossible to meet this requirement while living in an RV as your primary residence (see IRS home office guidelines here: https://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Home-Office-Deduction; also see this tax court case where an RVer’s home office deduction was disallowed: http://www.ustaxcourt.gov/InOpHistoric/dunfordmemo.gustafson.TCM.WPD.pdf).  If you financed your RV, you may be able to deduct the interest on your loan.  You also may be able to deduct the personal property taxes you pay to your state for registration of your RV and your tow or towed vehicle.  And in the year you purchase your RV, it may be beneficial to deduct the sales tax you paid upon purchase.  If you make special adaptations or purchase equipment for your RV that is primarily or exclusively used for business purposes (such as a wifi booster, work desk, office chair, computer equipment, etc.), this may also be deductible.

2. Can I deduct my travel expenses?

Travel away from one’s “tax home” may be deductible.  The question of where a fulltime RVer’s tax home is can be a challenge to answer, though.  For most fulltime RVers who do not have a “home base” (i.e. a second home somewhere that they check in with regularly where living expenses are being duplicated), they are considered what the IRS calls “itinerant.”  Itinerants do not by definition travel away from home because their home goes with them where they go.  There may be exceptions depending on your unique situation.  If you do plan to deduct travel expenses, it is important to keep a detailed, written log of your miles traveled (the IRS will ask to see it if you’re audited!).  To read more about deductible travel expenses and record keeping requirements, see https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p463.pdf.

3. Can I deduct my campground fees?

This question is somewhat related to the previous one.  If you can’t prove you’re traveling away from your tax home, then in general, your lodging (i.e. campsite fees) is not going to be deductible.  If you can demonstrate you are traveling away from your tax home, then it may be possible to deduct some or all of your lodging expenses.

In conclusion

In my experience, fulltime RVers really do not get any special tax treatment compared to those living in “sticks and bricks.”  If the RV is your primary personal residence, treat it as such, and enjoy the financial savings you reap by not maintaining a second residence while you travel.  Aggressively attempting to write off expenses which are truly personal in nature won’t be worth it in the case of an audit.  For those who own their own business, there may be more gray area.  If yours is a special or complex situation, it would be a worthy investment to work with a qualified tax preparer who can take your unique set of facts and correctly interpret and apply the tax code to your situation.  Remember that you are ultimately responsible for the numbers that are reported on your return, so it’s important to work with a professional who will be fair but not overly aggressive.  Be sure to keep good, organized records so that you may take every deduction to which you are legally entitled to take.

1Leah Johnson (http://www.leahjohnsoncpa.com/) graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and soon after obtained her CPA license.  She has extensive experience in both the private and public accounting sectors.  Leah is an expert in taxation and is passionate about providing personalized, timely service with a high attention to detail for her clients.  Together with her husband, Steven Johnson, they comprise the “Leah Johnson, CPA” team, providing specialized tax, consulting, and bookkeeping services to a variety of clients, including several fulltime RVer clients.  Leah Johnson, CPA is a paperless firm and serves clients completely remotely, making them an ideal firm for those who are comfortable leveraging technology and those with a traveling lifestyle.  Leah, Steven, and their toddler son have been fulltime RVers themselves since June 2015

EXCLUSIVE FtF MEMBER OFFER: Current FtF Members, provide your FtF membership number at the time of your initial consultation for a $25 discount to be applied against your first invoice for services.

Come See the Brand New Fulltime Families Website

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Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.16.50 AMWe’re unveiling a brand new look!

After month’s of redesign, we are ready to pull back the curtain on the new and improved Fulltime Families.com

The new site:

In the coming week’s we’ll be cleaning up all the old posts, updating our blog roll, and adding fun interactive social media widgets.

So please, take a minute to check out our new look and let us know what you think about in the comments section.


Exciting Free Event Packed with RV Information: 2015 RV Summit Event

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Hey FtFs!  We just got wind of this great online event, loaded with over 30 presentations from  knowledgeable and trusted resources across the interweb:

  • Looking for info on Internet on the Road – It’s there
  • Looking for info on expanding your Boondocking Adventures – It’s there
  • Looking for Location Independent Income Opportunities – It’s there
  • Looking for the Inspiration you need to take your dream to the next level…. You Guessed it! It’s there!

Where will you have to point your RV to attend this event?

You can get access wherever you’re parked!  It’s all happening online.

So, how much would you pay for all this amazing, information?

Here’s the best part!  It’s FREE!!!!

All you need to do is click REGISTER and you’ll be able to reserve your spot immediately!

Check out all the great resources amassed in this one corner of the web!

The RV Summit takes place over 7 days and is absolutely free. You don’t want to miss it!

Let’s talk about travel – with a RV or without, retired or not, small to big(ish) budgets. The RV + Travel Summit is packed with information and inspiration, our guests will share fascinating stories and you’ll get insights and practical information you can use to plan your trips right away. Our interviews include a roster of respected travelers ranging from digital nomads to travel bloggers, authors and experts, young to retired all living the dream!


Hollywood Production Company Looking to Cast RVers

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Reality_TV_Casting_CallFor Immediate Release

A reputable Los Angeles based production company is looking to give you your own television show!

  • If you’re a for family with big, eccentric personalities who spend a significant amount of time on the road in an RV (note – you don’t have to be a full time rver specifically).
  • If you make money in weird ways (think workamping, sugar beet harvest, Amazon Camperforce, or really any less standard employment situations)
  • and you employ fun, offbeat methods to educate their kids (like roadschooling, unschooling, eclectic homeschooling), we especially want to talk to you.

Please send 200 – 500 word, detailed description of your family and include your contact information to: mailto:djacobs7@socal.rr.com

If you have more questions or you’d like to discuss this opportunity with them directly, here’s their contact info.

Donovan Jacobs at Skip Films can be reached directly at: mailto:djacobs7@socal.rr.com

or call him at 310-315-7233

Best of luck! and I hope to see you down the road (or maybe on TV!)


5 Ways You Can Help Oklahoma

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eli sp ga 240

Ticknors Ready for Recovery

  1. Give Money.  You can give to the Ticknor Tribe. This family of 12 on the road, has construction experience, disaster clean up experience, and helpful spirits.  For more info, click on their link above.  You’ll find they are making preparations right now to head down to Oklahoma.  If you feel moved to help, find their donation button on their blog, or just send them money through PayPal via ticknortribe@msn.com
  2. Give Miles.  Did you know that Delta, United Airlines and US Airways have all partnered with the Red Cross and you can give them your airline miles to help get staff to key locations?
  3. Give Money. You can give directly to the  OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund to help with “long term medical care, emotional help and education” to those affected by this week’s tornados.
  4. Give Diapers. Feed the Children has set up five locations in Oklahoma City to accept donations to help victims of the Moore tornado. The organization is accepting items including diapers, canned goods, non-perishable food, snack items, water and sports drinks.
  5. Give Blood. Just give blood to your local blood bank. Every drop counts.

If you’re interested in going to the area for disaster relief, look for this information in the June Issue for Fulltime Families Magazine.


Why I do what I do

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I had an epiphany today. Which led me to a few other thoughts. I’ll start with those thoughts first and then move on to my newest awakening.

Spoiler Alert: This post has NOTHING to do with RVing, so if you’re only interested in our RVing life, click on a different post. This post is directly related to how I see the world, no matter if my house has wheels or not.

Many years ago, I made a conscious decision to do the following:

1. Banish envy from my life. I realized in my early 30s that envy was a complete waste of time and energy. What you can find to be envious of (better body, nicer home, more money) is but a SINGLE aspect of that person’s life. Would you really be willing to give up all the positive (and negative) attributes of your life to have that single ideal? I doubt it – therefore, being envious of that single aspect is pure folly. No need for that, so envy is out!

2. Address people by their name. I seem to be blessed by a face that’s easy to forget. Time and time again, I have been around people who have seen me in their daily life (at our childrens’ school, in my woman’s group, at the office) who I will run into somewhere else, like in the grocery store. I will go up to said person and say ‘hello’ to which I will be rewarded with a confused / skeptical / panicked look and a stilted ‘hi’. As I got older, I gave up skulking away like the non-person I used to feel like. I have been known to completely embarrass people by calling out their lack of acknowledgement with a, “yes, you know me, I see you every day in the school pick up line”.

In an effort to turn this situation around, I decided over 2 decades ago to lead by example. To PAY ATTENTION when people introduce themselves to me and then REMEMBER their name, so I can address them by it later. It’s not rocket science; no secret power is required, just a dedication to paying attention to people. And why shouldn’t we pay attention to people? We can sing one hit wonders by heart, we can recite commercials for products we don’t even buy, we should remember the name of the people we meet face to face.

For all you people who tell me, ‘I’m not good with names’, I am calling you out! There’s one reason you’re ‘not good with names’ and that’s because you’ve stopped paying attention to the people you’re talking to. Stop being so busy and start ‘being good with names’.

And now the part you’ve been waiting for… my epiphany!

So, today I was bemoaning the fact in my head, that I can’t “see” my family with unbiased eyes. I can’t see my kids like you can. I can’t see my husband, or even my two dogs, the way you can. With your level headed mind. You know how you can look at someone else’s situation and clearly see the solution? But you can’t see your own solutions? That’s the kind of blindess I’m talking about.

Therefore, if I can’t see my own family, how is it possible for me to judge anyone? Somewhere in the last 5 years, ‘being judged’ has become my #1 fear. Being judged as a mom is on the top of the list, but being judged as a business owner, as a wife, as a person who full time rvs, its all there too.

I realize ‘judging’ is a part of human nature, and it helps us to protect ourselves and our loved ones, but judging moms, dads, or other people’s kids is not necessary and so now, in my first year of my 4th decade on earth, I am giving up on both judging and feeling judged.

If I can’t see my own family in an unbiased light, then chances are, you can’t either, which leads to a lack of ability to judge on your part as well.

Phew! I feel so much better! How ’bout you?





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