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Fulltime Families Christmas Wishes Compassion Event

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This season is so hard on many families.  With freezing temps and cold weather lay offs, many families struggle to keep food on the table, let alone put a little something under the tree for their kids.

Fulltime Families is several things:

  • A Support Organization for Full-Time RVing Families
  • A Collective of Buying Power to solicit discounts from providers
  • A Community of People who share life together as their paths cross
  • And best of all – a group of amazing individuals, with a spirit of generosity – who seek to provide relief to fellow families who are suffering.

Gates of Hope Ministry is several things:

  • A Christ centered Organization focused on serving full-time RVing families on or off the road.
  • A community of Christians from around the US and world
  • An organization dedicated to promote the love of Jesus by finding ways to help those in need.

This Christmas, Fulltime Families is partnering with Gates of Hope Ministries to connect families in need with families looking for opportunities to give of themselves this Christmastime.

Submit Your Wishes

We cordially invite families to submit your wishes through this Google Form.  We can not guarantee that every wish can be fulfilled but we will do our best to connect giving families with those families in need this holiday season.

Make a Family’s Christmas Wish Come True

After November 15th, we will be posting the Wishes Applications for review both on Fulltime Families and Gate of Hope Facebook Pages.   Choose a wish to fulfill and match your time, talents, extra resources or location with a family who needs a helping hand.

Other Ways to Help

Pray, send notes of encouragement, and keep these families in your thoughts.  So many families experiencing hardship, feel alienated and ashamed by their circumstances.  Take a moment to reach out and let them know someone cares about their circumstances.

Thank you for your consideration.  We are immensely grateful for this community and blessed to be a part of it.

Love, The Travs



Member’s Benefits Increases and Resource Releases

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Fulltime Families Brokers Two New Member’s Benefit, New Resources and
Completes Website Overhaul

Anywhere, USA – Fulltime Families, the membership and support resource for full-time RVing families and those interested in exploring the full-time RV lifestyle, announced two new major member’s benefits, the release of two new powerful resources and a complete redesign of their flagship Web property, FulltimeFamilies.com.

Two New Member’s Benefits:

On behalf of their membership, Fulltime Families (FtF) brokered deals with both RV Trader and The RVer Insurance Exchange.

RV Trader, one of the nation’s premier online RV marketplaces, is offering Fulltime Families members $20 off the 12-week, top-of-the-line RV ad placement option on RV Trader.com. This benefit allows members to post 20 pictures and one video of their unit for sale, as well as receive premium placement in search results and a special feature on the homepage. Sellers who post their RV for sale on the website can also choose from a variety of other options to better showcase their RV to potential buyers, making the upgrade process even easier!  The promo code for this exclusive offer is listed in the Members Benefits section of FulltimeFamilies.com

The RVer Insurance Exchange, a website dedicated to helping RVers become informed insurance shoppers while at the same time connecting them to insurance experts whom specialize in products for the nomadic lifestyle has also entered into an agreement with Fulltime Families.  They will be providing members with insurance quotes for all their underwriting needs including:
and Vehicle Insurance

Perhaps the most exciting part of this agreement is the Telemedicine Option FtF Members will now have access to at a significantly reduced rate. Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication (phone/Skype) in order to provide clinical health care and prescriptions at a distance. It helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available in travel lifestyles.
With the RVer Insurance Exchange’s telemedicine plan FtF Members will have access to UNLIMITED virtual doctor visits so that they can save both time and money when in  need of consult with a doctor or nurse.
Family plans are available at a rate of $16.95 per month.  For more information visit: http://www.rverinsurance.com/welcome-fulltime-families/

In addition to these Member’s Benefits enhancements, this fall, Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of FtF is releasing two essential tools for families seeking the full-time RV lifestyle.

Two New Resources

“How to Hit the Road; Making Your Family’s Full-Time RV Dreams a Reality” has been wildly successful since it’s release in 2011.  The 2015 Revised edition, set to hit shelves and virtual bookstores across the Internet, September 1, 2015, has been completely updated with more in-depth information for preparing your family emotionally, financially, and logistically for a full-time travel lifestyle.

Also on September 1st, a companion guide, “Our Journey Journal” will be released. This professionally designed one-of-a-kind journal has prompts and spaces for families to record the story of their most daring adventure, their launch into a full-time RV journey. Both print on demand and spiral bound editions have pages to record bucket lists, RV shopping notes, launch dates and milestones along the way.  “Our Journey Journal” is a powerful tool for this transitional time and will also serve as a place to record the details of families adventures and ultimately will become a treasured family keepsake.

Both books come with downloadable budget worksheets, packing lists, and free lifetime e-updates.
To take advantage of the pre-sale discount on these resources visit: https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/press-releases/presale-announcement-how-to-hit-the-road-and-our-journey-journal-bundle/

One Great Place to Find It All

To highlight these new benefits and resources, as well as all the logistical support Fulltime Families, the recognized leader in full-time rving with children, provides, the FulltimeFamilies.com Website has been completely redesigned.  The new streamlined highly engaging, experience, allows users to easily find the information their seeking.  With a fully responsive mobile design, readers can access the latest information for traveling families across any device platform.


Dealing with NaySayers and Negative Nelly’s

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Naysayers Show ButtonAnyone that has ever aspired to be anything less than traditional has been faced with discouragement in one form or another. If you live in an RV fulltime and homeschool your kids, chances are you have already traveled on Negativity Highway with friends and family members. In a world where many look to others for the measurement of success, it is easy to follow the dreams of another. Commonly, achievements of the modern American family are based on the size of a house, the level of participation in extracurricular activities, and estimated annual income as evidenced by beautiful pictures on social media accounts.

As a fulltime traveling roadschool mom, I have faced my fair share of naysayers. In the beginning, I was respectful and complacent. I listened to the many forms of less than encouraging words and looked away from the faces of disapproval. To be honest, sometimes I wondered why in the world I wasn’t satisfied with the rat race that everyone else seemed to be enjoying. For many months, I tried to paint the picture of my life so that others would see it in the same light. When I came across this quote from author, John Eliot, I was immediately inspired:

History shows us that the people who end up changing the world – the great political, social, scientific, technological, artistic, even sports revolutionaries – are always nuts, until they are right, and then they are geniuses.

From that day, I found these five ways to intentionally CRUSH the naysayers from my everyday life:

Consider the source. I take a close look at cynical conversation and quickly analyze if I want to be where that person is in his or her life. If the person I am talking to is not an expert or has experience in the subject, I discount the advice being given. I do not let someone steer me down the path of their own dreams or more importantly, away from their own fears. A short evaluation of the naysayer’s background will undoubtedly lead you in the opposite direction.

Remember your vision. Think about your dreams. Tackle your fears. The best way to do all of these things is to surround yourself with enablers. Instead of facing negativity, invest your time with positivity. How can you expect to do amazing things unless you have amazing dreams? Reflect on your past, concentrate on the present, and look to the future while always keeping the prize in focus.

Understand your position. You are the person who holds the key to your destiny. Decide who you want to be, not what you want to be. Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will get you there.” By developing a strong sense of who you are and the goals you have for yourself, following a clear path to success will come naturally.

Safeguard your aspirations by keeping your goals from the killjoy that is waiting to tear apart your ambitions. Naysayers are skeptical in nature and will do nothing more than inject negative energy into your otherwise positive existence. They will point out all the horror stories that may possibly occur while weighing you down with emotional baggage. Your dreams are precious, keep them safe and free from the suffocation of a wet blanket.

Have faith.When I intentionally activate my faith, I am reminded that I will persevere. I am aware of my fears but do not let them serve as a guide to where I go or will not go. Fear is only faith that something will not work out. Do not let the naysayers voice of gloom snuff out the spark that ignites the fire of your dreams. Energize yourself with faith and carry on!

There will be trials and tribulations in everyday life. Routinely, road blocks will require detours in the journey ahead. Being intentional in achieving your goals and crushing naysayers from your immediate future will put keep you moving in the right direction of your dreams.

To hear more about tuning out the naysayers in your life and how Mary Beth and Kimberly handled this issue themselves click here: http://ultimateradioshow.com/dealing-with-nay-sayers-and-negative-nellies/

This episode produced by Forge Fire Media.  The Roadschool Moms recommend Forge Fire Media for your audio needs.

Roadschool Moms is a live, one-hour weekly broadcast dedicated to the needs and challenges facing today’s roadschool moms. Kimberly Travaglino, of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time, working in current events and featuring a mix of expert guests.



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