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Natural Hot Springs are Soaking Spectacular – with Video

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On this episode of One Epic Adventure, the Traveling Travaglinos, together with the Felty Foursome, hiked to Fifth Hot Water Springs in  Diamond Fork canyon, south east of Provo, UT.

This family friendly hike to the springs is approx 2.5 miles along a large and sometimes fast flowing stream.

We choose a spring weekday for this adventure, to avoid the crowds that arrive on the weekends.


During the hike, the skies opened up and pelleted us with hail for about 10 minutes.
When you arrive at the springs there are several sparkling pools that have been made for your soaking pleasure.

The pools closer to the water fall are considerably warmer then the lower ones which you’ll encounter first (and the fact that there was a gentleman bathing au’natural in the first one) made the upper ones far more appealing.


Most of the pools create a convergence between the cool river and the very hot thermal springs.

Depending on your preference, you can find your “sweet spot” where the two bodies of water blend to your perfect temperature.


We loved our time soaking in Fifth Hot Water Springs and recommend you check out this hike when you’re in the Provo Area.

Check out our short video and subscribe to our Youtube Channel to check out our other Epic Adventures.

The Great Wave Lottery

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The Wave. You’ve seen it on screen savers, calendars, post cards, coffee table books, it’s every where! But you have no idea the drama, the suspense, the intrigue that accompanies being one of the lucky few who can see it in person.

Did you know that this protected piece of Navajo Sandstone draws thousands of red earth adventurers every year to the Kanab, Utah Visitors’ Center but only twenty (2-0) hiking permits are issued per day?

Every morning at 8:30 am, a collection of hopeful hikers assemble at the Bureau of Land Management office and fill out applications for the highly coveted golden (or rather green in this case) tickets.


You can register a max group of 6 hikers in your party, but with only 10 permits allotted daily (the other 10 are awarded to online applicants) your chances of getting permits for a large party are pretty slim.

Day 1, Greg Felty went to the permit office.  He filed the application for our then party of 6, and waited for the 9am drawing (more on that in a minute).  No dice.

Day 2, Pieter Hartog went to the permit office.  He filed the same application and anxiously awaited our number, but again, left without a permit.

There is no weighting system.  Every day you go, you have exactly the same odds as everyone else anxiously biting finger nails and teetering on the edge of their seat.  The man I stood next too in the standing room only room attended the lottery EVERY DAY for THREE YEARS before hitting pay dirt (or should I say sand stone).

Day 3, I volunteered to go.  I left the camper at 8am with Tonia in tow.  Even if we struck out a third time, we’d at least have a lovely mother-daughter breakfast in bustling downtown Kanab.

At this point, two of our hikers needed to drop out as they were moving on, so I filed an application for 4 with a variety of back up scenarios, in the rare case our number was drawn when only 1, 2, or 3 spots remained.

Oh yes!  That can happen.  Depending on how the parties are called, with each roll of the bingo ball, the number of permits are decreased, so in the worst case situation, a party of 6 could be called, when only one permit remains and there could be bloodshed.  This alone, should entice you to at least try for a permit 😉

Bingo! <<<< Click Here!

So was it “third times a charm” or “three strikes and you’re out” for us?  Based on the attendance in the room, our odds of scoring a spot were 1 out of 112.

At 9:00am, on the dot, the ranger started spinning the balls and drew the first number…

Number 6 was a party of one, an older Asian gentleman.

Spin, spin, spin

and the next number pulled, 4, was OURS!  With 9 permits to spare, and the drop of a ball, we had just scored 4 of the most sought after hiking permits in the South West!


The next number was for a party of 2 and lastly a party of 3… perfect alignment (no blood shed – but you can’t win ’em all).

And, then came Orientation…

Words, words, words, “death”, “people have died”, “unmarked trail”, “wilderness”, lots of superlatives and more threats of imminent death.

But We Won!  and so, off we’ll go!


But we want you to come with us!  Be our guest and join us for our through the sandstone and over the dunes to the Wave we will go!  See how we prepare for this once in a lifetime adventure, what other beauty this untamed treasure holds, and how we hold up on this 6 mile journey.

You can follow along, right on this page as the widget below will automatically update, or on Instagram.

Come see one of the rarest formations in the world, from the comfort of your computer (where there is a significantly reduced chance of death).  We’ll pack some extra trail mix for you!




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