The Fulltime Families community is made up of a HUGE number of amazing volunteers. Without all their hard work and willingness to help out, Fulltime Families wouldn’t be the community that it is. These individuals help out at rallies, coordinate potlucks at campgrounds and moderate the Facebook groups that Fulltime Families provides for their members.


The community has grown SO much over the last 10 years. There are many tasks that need to be done on a daily basis to provide our members with the in-person and online community that they talk so much about. Therefore, we’d like to introduce you to our current Fulltime Families Team!

Meet Our Team - Fulltime Families

Stephanie Barnard

Community Coordinator

Stephanie, her husband Steve, two teens and dogs, have been traveling fulltime since summer of 2017. Stephanie creates Facebook content, develops  group branches, and oversees our free programs such as Raz Kids Reading, Minecraft, and Roblox. She is often found hosting multiple events and educational classes for our families in Florida during the winter. Stephanie is also our right hand in community assistance; reaching out to the families in need and connecting them with resources.

Meet Our Team - Fulltime Families

Tara Pike

Membership Coordinator

Tara, her husband, Derek and their 2 kids have been RVing full-time in their Travel Trailer since May of 2018. Tara helps Fulltime Families with membership activities, new member relations, and other projects.

Meet Our Team - Fulltime Families

Brandon Cave

Graphic Designer

Brandon, his wife Brit, and their three children have been traveling and RVing for years. Brandon runs his Graphic Design business remotely and is the guy behind all of the amazing rally logos and other graphics you see on the website, Facebook groups and more.

Meet Our Team - Fulltime Families

Chelsea Gonzales

Content Creator and Explorers Coordinator

Chelsea and her husband Chris live on the road full-time with their son. Chelsea is the writer behind much of what is provided on the blog at Fulltime Families. She also runs the Explorer’s Program!

Meet Our Team - Fulltime Families

Matt Bailko

Web Developer

Matt, his wife Kristy, and their 3 kids live and travel in their 5th wheel. Matt runs his software development business remotely and is the developer behind the new website and is our go-to when it comes to development projects.

Meet Our Team - Fulltime Families

Ana Johnson

Facebook Coordinator

Ana and her husband Dan have been RVing full-time since 2015 with their 3 children. Ana works hard to coordinate the volunteer moderators on the Fulltime Families Facebook groups, interact and answer questions with new members of the groups and keep things running smoothly.

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