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Learning about Civil Rights at the Arkansas State Capitol

Learning about Civil Rights at the Arkansas State Capitol

Kimberly 1 comments

We woke up at the crack of dawn. My alarm is so foreign to all of us that we all stumbled around dazed and confused searching for the ringing source for 10 minutes.

One of my favorite cities

We had a 9am appointment to get the axel issue fixed at Little Rock Camping World.

After we delivered the camper to the service department, we found ourselves with free time on our hands and decided to go tour the Arkansas State Capitol, ie, former office of President Bill Clinton. This is something we missed the last time we came to Little Rock.

We stopped and smelled the roses

I was also excited to see the monument to the Little Rock Nine, that was erected on the north lawn.

The eternal flame

We've been to a bunch of capitols by now, including the US Capitol so we knew what to expect.

The AR Supreme Court

We skipped the tour and even the handout for the self guided tour and just started poking around, opening doors and checking out the rotunda, the Supreme Court and the senate chambers.

The we walked the grounds and found the sculpture I was very excited to see. I must admit, it was slightly off putting. As Dominick noted, “the looked zombies!” But it gave of the opportunity to discuss desegregation and the courage of these 9 high school students.



Then, it was back to camping world and ultimately to Crater of Diamonds State Park to “pick up” the diamond they have waiting for us. 😉



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