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Traveling with Teens can Make Things Happen!

Johhny at our seats!

Traveling with Teens can Make Things Happen!

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Johnny with his two front row center seats

For the past several months, Johnny McCloskey has been badgering, pestering, begging, pleading, requesting that we attend Wicked on Broadway.

Although he’s not my 13 year old and I would be proud to call him so, I can clearly see how having a teenager on the road is more complicated than my brood, the oldest of which is 9.

Every moment of the past few weeks has been filled with…

“When we get to Wicked…”

“This song is from Wicked…”

“I hope we can get tickets…”

Do you think we should just buy the $250 tickets so we can be sure to get in?” Gulp!

$250 a seat! No Johnny, I think we should just hope we can get tickets in the lottery.

For those of you who are not familiar, there are two ways to get discounted tickets for Broadway Shows.

The first is TKTS, a box office in the center of Times Square which offers a select number of discounted seats (between 20% – 50% off) for the same day shows.  If you go this route, be sure to leave PLENTY (read 4+ hours) of time to allow for the line and then getting yourself to the theater.

Of course, Wicked does not send any tickets to TKTS, but what they do offer is a lottery.  Those who show up at the box office at 12:30pm, have the opportunity to put their name on a scrap of paper.  At 1pm sharp, the scraps of paper are all tossed in a jumble cage and 20 scraps are picked at random.

These 20 lucky individuals then have the opportunity to purchase two front row seats for an astonishing 90% off – or $26.50!

Well, we got to the box office early, put our names in and low and behold, Logan (Johnny’s younger brother) got called.  He was gracious enough to give up the pair of tickets to Johnny and a guest and the McCloskey family was extra gracious to insist I be the guest.

The show was magnificent. Although being that close to the performers made me a bit self-conscious… was acting like a appreciative and appropriate audience member?

We were so close, we could see the Orchestra members checking their facebook!

Was I enthralled enough?  Was I providing good feedback?  In order to quell this discomfort, I decided to just sit there with my mouth agape for the entire performance.  That way the actors would think I was in awe the entire time (or that I was a mouth breather). 

But more than the show, I thoroughly enjoyed sitting next to a young boy who through his own sheer will and persistence had manifested a mini dream come true.  So much can be said for kid’s single-mindedness.  As adults, we can even be sometimes annoyed by this laser focus, but I think we can all agree, it produces amazing results and maybe we should utlize this tool more often to bring our goals to life.

Johhny at our seats!

After the performance, we headed to the stage door and got autographs!!! What an amazing day!

Johnny and I with Elphaba

Thank you Johnny and the rest of the McCloskey family for letting me be a part of it!

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