If you are looking for a great place to take the family that is both historical and educational, then check out the Ingalls Homestead in South Dakota. At Fulltime Families, we help provide ideas for not only RV living and traveling with kids but also homeschooling tips and field trips. Check out our latest roadschool guide below.

Visiting Ingalls Homestead

Location: De Smet, SD

Website: www.ingallshomestead.com

Reciprocal: None

Full Price Admission Cost: $15 for adults and kids; 4 and under free; multi-day tickets available

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This is the land of Ma and Pa Ingalls’ homestead in De Smet, South Dakota. You will step inside the home they lived in, experience a sod house, explore the barn, and meet a teacher at the one-room schoolhouse to learn about education in the late 1800s.

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Inside The Ingalls Homestead

In addition to everything there is to see, there is so much to do. From making a jump rope and a corn cob doll to take home, to pumping water by hand or riding a pony, you certainly won’t get bored here. Visitors even have the opportunity to drive a covered wagon across the prairie to the schoolhouse.

Driving a wagon at the Ingalls Homestead

If you’re a fan of the Little House books, this is a can’t-miss opportunity to walk on the same ground as the Ingalls family. However, even if you’ve never read the books, Ingalls Homestead is a fascinating trip back in time to see how pioneers lived during the time of westward expansion.

For young children, there are plenty of hands-on activities and outside space to run and play. Meanwhile, older kids and adults will love the history behind the place, making this a great all ages activity. Such a great roadschooling field trip!

Quick Tips

  • Open May to October.
  • Ask for a multi-day ticket if you’ll be in the area for several days.
  • Other Ingalls homes in De Smet require a separate entrance fee.
  • Overnight accommodations include a 4-site RV park, covered wagons, a bunkhouse, and tent sites.
  • Prepare to walk on grass, as there are few paths.
  • Private parking lot with room for one or two RVs.
  • Picnic tables and some packaged snacks available.

Little House on the Prairie

Books To Read

For Littles

For 10 +

For Everyone

Videos to Watch

For Everyone

Other Resources

Activities to Do

Things to Discuss

  • If you lived on the Ingalls Homestead, which chores would you like the most? Which would you dislike?
  • Why do you think the Ingalls family chose to travel westward? Would you be brave enough to be an American pioneer?

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Ingalls Homestead Homeschool Trip

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