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Which RV Membership is Right for You?

Posted By GreenHeartAdventure

One of the top questions that we receive on the forums is “Which RV memberships do you recommend” and with so many out there offering so many different benefits it can be quite confusing to determine which are the best ones for you.  Hopefully this will shed some light

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04/07/2018 No Comments

19 Ways to be Prepared for your First Fulltime Families Rally

Posted By GreenHeartAdventure

  Are you getting ready to attend your first Fulltime Families Rally? Or, are you thinking of signing up for one but do not know what to expect? Our traveling family of 6, just attended our first rally and had the time of our lives! Yet, we didn’t quite know wh

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04/02/2018 No Comments

Things to know about Fulltime Families Facebook participation

Posted By GreenHeartAdventure

The Fulltime Families Facebook group is sponsored by Fulltime Families, LLC, a company that connects and supports traveling families by providing education, support, discounts, and community. This group is a small part of the resources Fulltime Families provides to families

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03/27/2018 No Comments

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Ellen Marrs

I'm so thankful to have found this website. Each time I begin to worry about a certain aspect of going full time in an RV with our family, I find a post or someone who has "been there, done that". Thanks, Kimberly for all the work that you and your family are doing to lay the groundwork and go before us to help find family friendly campgrounds and special discounts. Your book was a huge inspiration to us last year and I enjoy your posts regarding other resources.

Walton Tarry

Thanks to your encouragement through your book, videos and website we are going full time! My wife Alisha and our three kids will be on the road and I look forward to meeting up sometime in the future.


Hi, Just wanted to thank you for the support that you are offering to families looking to make the transition to the road. I just downloaded the chicks without bricks book for my Kindle. The intro is so so right on.

Judith Clayor

Hello Kimberly, I just wanted to thank you for providing such a fantastic and informative website! I just read your book this week: "How To Hit The Road...", and I've been reading all the information on your website. I was so happy to find that there are other families out there that want to be full-time RV'ers.

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