Fulltime Families is all about creating a community for full-time RV families! After all, traveling isn’t always necessarily about where you go, but about who you go there with. For this reason, we have a variety of ways for our members to meet one another and stay connected throughout their travels.

Facebook Groups

Our Facebook groups are often where FTF members make their very first connections with other travelers. These pages are awesome for asking questions, sharing tips with others, and keeping in touch with other Fulltime Families. The location-specific groups make planning meetings with friends easy, and the topic-specific groups make it easy to find the information you’re looking for.


In addition to the Facebook groups above, Fulltime Families also has a number of interest-specific, members-only branches. Each branch has its own Facebook group where conversations are held and questions can be answered. Branches often host live events and activities as well—these include meetups, campfires, and sometimes even hangouts.

Kids Clubs

Of course, kids deserve community as well! That’s why we have a few different groups and branches just for the younger travelers in your home-on-wheels. These clubs offer digital and in-person meetings—as well as Facebook groups—for keeping in touch and communicating between meetings.






This book club is perfect for the little bookworm in your life. The group reads a new, age-appropriate book each month, which is then discussed via conference call. This is a great way for young readers to stay in touch with friends while also enjoying fun literature. Join the Roadschooling Branch to find more information.

Community - Fulltime Families


Fulltime Families Explorers is a scouting program aimed at children ages 5–9. Members have an opportunity to earn a new badge each month by completing a project and sharing their results in the Explorers Facebook Group. The Explorers also host field trips, meetings, and other events throughout the year.


While Facebook groups are nice, live events are where people can really get to know one another. Therefore, Fulltime Families makes a point of offering a number of amazing in-person events throughout the year to keep our RVing community as strong and tight-knit as possible.
Our events range from holiday parties and one-day field trips to week-long rallies packed full of things to do and people to meet. Check out the events to learn all about the various types of events we offer.

How can i get connected?

You can be a part of our big, happy family too! If you’re looking for a way to connect with fellow travelers on the road, we encourage you to join Fulltime Families today. The support and friendship you will receive is beyond anything you could possibly imagine.