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The Oregon Coast Hangout

Neskowin, Oregon

On Sale Now!




Fulltime Families West Glacier Hangout

Columbia Falls, Montana

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Fulltime Families East Canada Hangout

Sussex, NB Canada

On sale June 6th at noon central for Lifetime members, June 8th at noon central for annual members.





Broken Arrow Service Project

Gallup, NM

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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Experience

Albuquerque, NM





Halloween Hullabaloo

South Fork, CO

On sale June 6th at noon central for lifetime members, June 8th at noon central for annual members



Halloween Beach Bash

Outer Banks, NC

On sale June 6th at noon central for lifetime members, June 8th at noon central for annual members



Red River Gorge Dia De Los Muertos Hangout

Beattyville, Kentucky

On sale June 6th at noon central for lifetime members, June 8th at noon central for annual members




Fulltime Families Baja ROAM Rally

San Felipe, Baja California

 On Sale Now!




Families at Sea Carribean Cruise

Departs from Miami, FL



Tell me more about Fulltime Families events

What Types of Events Are There?

From simple, one-day parties and field trips to elaborate week-long get-togethers, Fulltime Families hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. This ensures there is something for everyone, and it means there is always something great to look forward to.

Events - Fulltime Families


Usually only filling a few hours, Fulltime Families parties are almost always hosted by our location-specific Facebook groups. These events are usually holiday-focused, and tend to occur when a large number of families are gathered in one area. Parties are open to non-members. That said, attendees may be asked to bring a potluck item or something similar.

Field Trips

Fulltime Families field trips are day-long events. These field trip events almost always have a fee attached to cover the cost of admission to the field trip location. However, the attached fee is often less than what one might pay at the gate. Non-members are sometimes allowed to attend field trips, but this is not always the case, so be sure to check before making any plans.


Meetups are members-only events which are hosted by one of the Fulltime Families branches. These are quite small events, with a maximum of 20 families in attendance and can last anywhere from 1–7 days. While a campfire is always planned for a meetup, there are very few (if any) organized activities. Instead, attendees are encouraged to simply relax and hang out in a laid-back setting.

Events - Fulltime Families


More structured than meetups and less so than rallies, hangouts are a great way to jump into the world of Fulltime Families. These members-only events typically have fewer families in attendence and tend to last only 4–7 days, making them less overwhelming than the large rally events. Time at a hangout is filled with potlucks, campfires, games, crafts, coffee talks, a field trip, and other family-friendly fun.


 Finally, there are rallies. A rally is the ultimate Fulltime Families gathering. These members-only events last at least a full week, can include as many as 80+ families, and are jam-packed with potlucks, campfires, games, and crafts.

Rallies also include at least one field trip, coffee talks and byobs, and tons of intentional time for making new friends. The Kids Marketplace is always a hit, the Parade of Homes is a fun way to check out what other families’ rigs are like inside and out, and the dance party is a family favorite.

Heading to a rally and want to be prepared for the awesome (and insanely busy) time you’re about to have? Check out this post.

how should i budget for an event?


Costs for Fulltime Families events are decided mostly by event type and what activities are included in the ticket price. While final ticket prices may vary, these are safe numbers for budgeting ahead of time so you’ll be ready when an event launches:
Family Reunion events – $60-70pp
Balloon Fiesta – $75pp
Hangouts – $150-200 per family
Teen Rally – $150 per family plus $35-50 per teen
*Campsite fees are not included in these prices. Campsite fees can vary from free (Thousand Trails or boondocking) to an average of $400-500 for a week. Fulltime Families does their best to negotiate the lowest fees possible.*
We do respect the fact that each family is on a different budget and we offer a variety of events throughout the year at different price points to reach every family that is prioritizing events as a way to find community.

Where Do They Happen?

Fulltime Families events happen all over the country, and even sometimes in Canada and Mexico. In fact, more events are added to our schedule each year, making it likely that your travels will put you nearby one soon enough!

How Do I Get Involved?

Want to attend a Fulltime Families event? The first step is joining the family. Joining Fulltime Families will give you access to all of our fantastic events and much, much more.

Once you’ve joined, hop over to one of the event pages listed here, read all the important information, and click the register button to save your spot at our upcoming event. With that done, you can sit back, relax, and wait to meet your new traveling family!

Recurring Events

Fulltime Families hosts a few recurring events each and every year. We know that knowing about events in advance makes planning easier, so we want you to know that these will be happening this year, next year, and every year thereafter for as long as we can make them happen.

Legoland Florida Field Trip — February
Family Reunion Rally in Florida — March
Balloon Fiesta Rally in Albuquerque, NM – September/October


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