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What State Should I Choose for my Domicile?

Posted By Gonzalesonthego

One big question all US-based full time travelers must ask themselves is, “What state do I wish to domicile in?” The state you choose can have a big impact on several aspects of your life, so this is something you will want to carefully consider. On top of that,

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02/13/2019 No Comments
How to Make Money on the Road

How to Make Money on the Road – Ultimate Post

Posted By Gonzalesonthego

The number one reason people feel like they can’t live the full-time RV life is the lack of portable work. Not only that, but many people who are already enjoying this lifestyle feel trapped in their current line of work because it’s what allows them to make money on the

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02/05/2019 No Comments
Growing Up Roadschooled - How Homeschooling on the Road changed her life

10 Reasons I Loved Growing Up Roadschooled

Posted By Jill GM

Compared to most other kids, I had a pretty unique (and dare I say awesome?) middle school and high school experience. This unique experience involved traveling around the country full-time in an RV from ages 11-17 with my parents. Growing up roadschooled was an amazing e

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01/29/2019 No Comments

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