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Herbert Hoover Roadschool Guide

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum Roadschool Guide

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Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum

Location: West Branch, IA


Reciprocal: None

Full Price Admission Cost: $10 adults; $3 kids; $5 seniors/students/military; under 6 free;

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This museum tells the story of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover, from childhood to their final years. It focuses on their philanthropy and work to end hunger across the globe, as well as Mr. Hoover’s presidency and the Great Depression.

The exhibits were interesting and diverse, with a variety of artifacts, statues, photographs, and historical papers. We enjoyed learning about who they were as people outside of the presidency.

Altogether we spent about 3 hours, including visiting his childhood home a short walk away. That said, we could easily have spent the whole day reading in the museum.

Quick Tips

  • Parking lot in front, and a large lot nearby at the National Historic Site.
  • No food is available onsite, so be sure to pack a lunch.
  • Be sure to visit the National Historic Site next door to see the home Hoover lived in as a child, as well as his grave and the view back toward the house.
  • Plan on a minimum of 2 hours to see the museum.

Herbert Hoover's Homeschooling Tips. pg

Books to Read

For Littles

For Bigs

Videos to Watch

Audio to Hear

Activities to Do

Things to Discuss

  • What historical events might have gone differently had Hoover not been around? How do you think they would’ve gone?
  • If you lived during 1928, would you have voted for Madison? Why or why not?
  • What would you do differently than Hoover had you been allowed to take his place?

Other Area Attractions

Below are some of the other great attractions in this area. We try to keep things affordable, sticking to free and cheap attractions and/or museums and zoos on reciprocal lists. If an attraction is affiliated with a reciprocal program or offers free admission, I have noted that beside the attraction listing. To learn more about saving money using reciprocal programs, see this post.

Closest Places to Stay on a Budget

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Fulltime Families Branches - Building Community on the Road

Fulltime Families Branches – What Are They?

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Joining Fulltime Families is a wonderful way to make connections while traveling fulltime. The Fulltime Families group is so tight-knit that many people claim they couldn’t continue this lifestyle without the community it provides. This is wonderful to hear, and exactly what the group was created for.

That said, Fulltime Families has grown tremendously in only a few years. This means finding “your tribe” within the tribe has become a bit more difficult. This is where Fulltime Families Branches come in. Branches provide an enormous amount of value and definitely help foster even more meaningful connections between Fulltime Families members.

Want to know more about branches? Read on!

What are Branches?

Fulltime Families Branches are sub-groups of the main Fulltime Families group. They provide members with a way to connect over common interests and lifestyle choices, and therefore help spark new relationships and nurture others.

Each branch has a dedicated Facebook page where members of the branch can chat and share ideas that are related to the branch topic. On top of that, many of the branches host special events both independently and during the larger Fulltime Families rallies and events.

For example, the “Boondockers Anonymous” branch will be hosting a boondocking meetup in the spring that is completely independent of any other events. Meanwhile, the upcoming Family Reunion Rally will likely include fires hosted by various branches where members can connect in person.

What Branches are Currently Available?

There are currently 14 branches, and we are always open to new branch ideas. Each one has a very specific focus and brings something special to the community.

Boondockers Anonymous

Boondockers Branch

“The Boondockers Anonymous Branch is a great resource for families looking to trade the hustle and bustle of the RV park for some camping in more secluded areas with no hookups. The branch shares not only valuable info about the boondocking process, but community and fellowship opportunities with other boondocking families.” —Erica Thomas (branch leader)

CAT Workers

“This branch is for those FTF members who are working in the Catastrophe Insurance industry to share experiences and opportunities. It is also for those members who are interested in learning more about getting started in this field. Additionally, it’s a community where CAT Worker families can connect for fun and friendship when they are located in the same area.” — branch leader

Traveling Veterans

“The Fulltime Families Veterans Branch is for veterans, military retirees, and active duty fulltime families. While many of us are nomadic, it gives us a place online to connect and share ideas related to different issues military families can face on the road.” —Jennifer Schillaci (branch leader)

Fulltime Filmers

“The FTF Fulltime Filmers are a diverse collaboration of nomadic creators monetizing memories through video across social media. We support one another and draw from each others’ strengths to lift up everyone’s weaknesses.” —Doug Boudreaux (branch leader)



“The Bookworms Branch is a great resource for adults and children in FTF. We meet monthly by virtual group call and discuss a book. Each month is a different genre, chosen and voted on by members. Overall, it’s a very easy group to be a part of and a great way for adults to connect with adults, and kids to connect with kids.” —Jen Hunt (branch leader)

Games on the Go

“No matter where we travel, there are always adventures to have and places to explore that do not require much more than just getting there. But what about those hidden places? You know, the ones where you may have to solve a puzzle or do some research—or better yet, follow clues. Yes! If something off the beaten path is your thing, then Games on the Go is for you. We will look at Geocaching, Letterboxing, Munzees, Pokémon GO, Orienteering, Ingress, and a bunch of other fun and exciting games that anyone in the family can do on the go!” —Sky Renfro (branch leader)

Traveling Mercies

“The Traveling Mercies branch is all about providing a connection for Christian families on the road. We are non-denominational and love the rich diversity of the full-time community. We have regular Bible studies, meetups, service opportunities, and other Christian resources for families of faith as they travel.” —Ben Skeat (branch leader)

Traveling Secularists

“The Traveling Secularists branch is for secular families looking to connect with other atheists, agnostics, and free-thinkers. We provide a community for these like-minded individuals to come together.” —Christy Lott (branch leader)

IT Professionals

It Professionals_

“The Fulltime Families IT Professionals group is the place for mobile IT pros of all stripes to learn, connect, swap job leads, and help each other through the interesting challenges of technology. If you are already working in IT or have plans to move into the industry, come join us!” —David Geiger (branch leader)

Medical Nomads

“Are you a fulltime traveler working in the medical field? Travel nurses, physical therapists, MDs, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, radiology techs: This FTF branch is for you.” —Katrina Martin-Foelsch (branch leader)

Taste of Travel

“Do you find yourself taking pictures of your food? Searching out the great dive joints and 5-star restaurants? Can’t pass up stopping in a distillery, winery, or brewery? Do you fancy yourself a home-trained chef, a gastronome, a foodie, or a palatician? If you answered yes to any of the above, then Taste of Travel is the branch for you. This branch brings together nomads with a passion and love for all things food and drink.” —Leah Varner (branch leader)

Families Afloat


“This branch is for those families who love travelling fulltime on land but are looking for new adventures. Do you already sail part-time or are you still dreaming? Join now to set sail for new adventures…or perhaps you’d rather motor along with us? However you choose—full- or part-time, all waterway travelers are welcome!” —Brooke Foster (branch leader)


“The Artisan Branch is a place for artists & artisans to share their craft, info about shows, and more.” —Amy Rutherford (branch leader)

Traveling Trades

“Fulltime Families Traveling Trades is for those whose families are part of the traveling trades (linemen, pipeliners, electricians, millwrights, welders, heavy equipment operators, and so on) to be able to connect and help each other navigate the joys and challenges of this unique lifestyle.” —Tara Wilson (branch leader)

Why Join a Branch?

This is all great, but many people are left wondering why they should join a branch when the larger Fulltime Families community has served them perfectly well. This is understandable. After all, if something isn’t broken, why fix it? However, branches can provide so much more in terms of connection.

Fulltime Families Branches

Joining a branch means you will be joining a community of people with common ground. This makes it easier to connect and can set the stage for some very strong bonds. Additionally, many of the branches are amazing resources, providing members with a great place to go for information on a particular topic.

For instance, the Fulltime Filmers Branch page is very active, with many of the posts discussing camera and lens types as well as tips on using YouTube. This is perfect for anyone still learning the ropes, or even for seasoned pros who are just seeking new ideas.

“Fulltime Families has provided the opportunity to find and nurture a sense of community within the lifestyle for us who have left their traditional community. With it being such a large and diverse group, Fulltime Families branches allow members to seek out a more intimate connection with fellow travelers who share the same interests and beliefs. Being part of the Secularist branch has allowed me a safe place to commune with new like-minded people and has enhanced long-standing friendships as well.”

Katie Randol (FtF member)

Joining the FTF Filmers branch gave us friends and resources that helped us reach our storytelling goals! Being part of a community of people who are interested in the same things you are, living a similar lifestyle, and overcoming the same challenges makes such a huge difference when you’re traveling and don’t have that locally.”

Tammy Smith (FtF member)

How Do I Join?

Any paying member of Fulltime Families can join branches. There is no limit to how many you may join as long as you are genuinely interested in each branch focus, and there is no fee to be a part of any of the branches. To join, simply search for a specific branch group on Facebook and request to join, making sure to answer the questions before submitting your request (you will need your Fulltime Families member number). Or, click here to see all the branches and click a link to the specific Facebook Group.

Once your request is approved, you’ll have access to a new awesome branch community. Be active in the community, ask questions, share suggestions, attend events, and plan meetups. The more active you are, the more you’ll get from your Fulltime Families branch experience!

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All About the FTF Explorers Program

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The FTF Explorers program is completely revamped and better than ever! We have tons of fun and learning planned for the younger kiddos in our group, and we can’t wait to get started.

That said, before we do jump in, we want to answer all the questions you probably have, and we’re going to use this blog post to help you fully understand what this fantastic program is all about.

Explorers Program for full time RV families

What is Explorers?

Many of you are probably wondering what in the world Explorers is, so we’re going to start at the very beginning.

FTF Explorers is a mobile scouting program for the kids of Fulltime Families. Participants will learn new skills, make friends, and earn some super cool pins while they’re at it. All of this is done via online communication and optional in-person meetups at rallies and other FTF events, making it possible for traveling families to participate fully.

Who Can Participate?

Members of Fulltime Families ages 5–10 can participate in this exciting new Explorers program. Siblings are also welcome to join in the fun by helping their scouting brothers or sisters with projects and activities.

Children ages 11 and up who would like to be a part of a scouting program should look into joining the FTF DIY Kids group, which is a bit more complex and geared toward older kids and teens.

DIY Kid's Group for Fulltime Families

How Can We Get Started?

The new Explorers program will launch on January 1st, 2019. At that point, Fulltime Families members may sign up for the program at fulltimefamilies.com/explorer. The cost to join is $25/year per family for annual members, and free for lifetime members of Fulltime Families.

After signing up and submitting your payment you will be added to the Explorers Facebook group, where you will receive your first assignment, chat with other Explorers, and find fun resources for completing the monthly badge requirements.


What if we miss a month?

Explorers was created to mesh with your travel schedule. We know that sometimes this means you’ll have an especially busy month and won’t be able to work on projects. That’s okay! While you won’t have another opportunity to earn that month’s pin, you can jump right back in the next month.

Explorers Program Fulltime Families Community

How do we receive our badges?

Each time you earn a pin you’ll receive an award email. This email will contain a special link to the badge you earned, where it is listed in the Explorers shop. From there, you can order your pin whenever it is most convenient for you.

Do Explorers have uniforms?

Yes! All Explorers will be expected to order a hat, which should be worn to all Explorers events. Earned pins should be added to the hat, so Explorers can proudly display their accomplishments.

Hopefully, this article answered all your questions about this fabulous revamped program. However, if it didn’t, you can always ask in the comments section below or by emailing us at explorers@fulltimefamilies.com.

Roadschooling with Explorers



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