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Kimberly Travaglino to Share 1st 5 Steps for Getting On the Road Today! Live!

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Today, Tuesday, November 21st, Kimberly Travaglino, co-Founder of Fulltime Families, joins the Digital Nomad Mastery Summit and it’s founder, Ricky Shetty, on a live seminar featuring the “First 5 Steps to Successfully Launching Your Family on a Full-Time Adventure.

It’s free and easy to participate in this vital seminar.  Simply click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uQ5GOqiKVk&feature=youtu.be

The presentation kicks off live at 1pm ET today.

And don’t forget to tune in as 30+ other traveling family resources equip you for all aspects of the mobile family lifestyle.


7 Tips On Using Your RV To Conquer Black Friday

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Black Friday brings with it many amazing discounts on items and general sales, and is the reason why many people find themselves flocking to their local shopping centers and malls in droves on this particular day. But shoppers must contend with crowds and traffic when in search of amazing discounts and deals, which is never ideal, regardless of your affinity for shopping.
There are a few pitfalls during this shopping madness that you will need to avoid if you are going to snag yourself some bargains, so preparing for your expedition is key. Luckily for you, you are equipped with a Black Friday fortress on wheels: your very own RV. We will look at how this magnificent machine can give you the upper hand on the day, all while maintaining your comfort and sanity. Below are some of our favorite RV solutions to some common Black Friday shopping problems.

#1 Create a Coffee Station

Being able to make fresh coffee for you and your shopping party is a great way to keep team morale at productive levels while fighting off the bitter cold in the early hours of the morning if you find yourself waiting in line.
The more enterprising amongst you would have already thought about the economic benefits of being able to sell some hot beverages to fellow bargain hunters that might not have prepared quite as thoroughly as you.
If the parking lot where you find yourselves stationed allows it, then this can bolster your shopping funds at the same time as providing a valuable service to the frozen crowds of shoppers. Here are some great ideas from people that have done exactly this.

#2 Share and Share Alike

If your location allows you to park your RV overnight, then you can really find yourself in the pound seats come the morning, as the closest parking spaces can usually be snapped up the night before with a little bit of planning.
Other RV campers are no doubt also going to be around, so fostering good relations with your neighbours is a good way to keep your place in line safe the next morning. Sharing your amenities with your new found friends (such as your toilet facilities, for example) can also go a long way to ensuring that your shopping experience gets off on the right foot the following day. And who doesn’t like making new friends?

#3 Storage and Safekeeping

Not only is your RV a fantastic living area and comfortable zone for you and the family to relax in the night before the big shop, but its capacious living quarters also doubles up as a safe place for you to stash your bounty as you complete each new purchase.
That means that your bigger items such as flat screen TVs and other heavy electronics need not wait until the last voyage into the mall. Instead, you can hit each objective and then return to the safety of your RV and deposit your goods into it. You would be amazed at the difference this can make to your stamina and your resolve as you go about your Black Friday rush.
Not having to push around a full trolley from store to store for the whole day can also increase comfort levels and keep you and your group in good spirits as well.

#4 Food, Glorious Food

What better way to enjoy your breakfast and lunch than in the comfort of your own home on wheels? You can prepare mouth-watering leftovers from Thanksgiving that will have other shoppers green with envy. How many fast food places do you know of that serve custom made turkey sandwiches with a side of stuffing? Exactly.
Throughout your expedition you can stop in and refuel with your leftover delicacies and drink as you go about your shopping and storage routine. Lugging around heavy and expensive Black Friday loot is no picnic, so you will need to keep your strength up and stay hydrated.

#5 Rent Your RV Out on RVShare!

Perhaps shopping isn’t your forte and you would rather stay away from the massive crowds and impatient shoppers altogether? Well, you are in luck, as RVShare allows proud RV owners to rent out their prized motor homes while making a decent income from it at the same time.
The service offers you piece of mind as your RV is insured and will be well looked after when it is being used by the service, so if you are open to the idea of renting your wheels out for the day or for the weekend, then you could make some extra cash while staying at home. Brilliant.

#6 Plan Ahead

Make sure that all of the aspects of your trip are planned out well in advance, before you find yourself heading out to your preferred location. Call the management of the particular establishment and find out what their camping policies are.
Ask about security and other essential criteria that you would normally need to camp out for the night, and ask if you are allowed to sell snacks and beverages if that is also part of your plan. Some of the larger retailers specifically cater for campers, and have camping policies set out for people that wish to do so.
Finding out ahead of time will certainly help you to make the best of your upcoming trip. If the location where you choose to stay is in another area far away from home, then also look at what activities there are around the region.

If you have the kids with you, then finding fun activities for them post shopping spree can be a great way for the whole family to unwind and relax after a stressful day.

#7 Clean Up Before You Go

This goes without saying, but as with any camping trip, you need to make sure that all of the mess that may have accumulated throughout your stay is all picked up and thrown away before you leave. Perhaps some of the disposable coffee cups that you were fortunate enough to sell in the morning are now littering an area of the parking lot?
If so, then it is a good idea to grab as much of it as you can. If the centre management sees that you are making an effort to clean up for yourself, then you are far more likely to be allowed to do the same thing again the following year.

Nobody likes a litter bug, so even though you aren’t the actual culprit, it is guilt by association that may derail your future Black Friday shopping campaigns at that particular establishment in years to come.

Rick Rose of Portable Advisor is an Irish-American husband, dad of three and RV fanatic! He and his wife Sandy have been RVing since the mid-nineties after embracing the boondocker way of life. They now practice what they call the ‘Portable Lifestyle’ – the ability to ‘get up and go’ and explore new places throughout the year while maintaining their income.

Top 5 Tips for Thanksgiving in your RV

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Hip Laura Show Button

Living in an RV requires daily routines that involve words like small, manageable, and minimal. Thanksgiving dinner, no matter where you cook it, has a tendency to be big! This week on Roadschool Moms, Kimberly and Mary Beth share their 5 Top Tips for whipping up Thanksgiving Dinner in Your RV and it involves two words: Instant Pot!

  1. Get an Instant Pot! If you don’t already own an Instant Pot, this is the time to seriously consider investing in this amazing kitchen appliance. Both Kimberly and Mary Beth were skeptical at first of one more kitchen gadget. But both are in agreement that it has transformed their RV kitchen and cooking routine for their families!
  2. Gather your favorite Instant Pot Recipes. Thanksgiving day is not the time to experiement with new thoughts or ideas on how to make tried and true recipes in the Instant Pot. Roadschool Moms put together their Instant Pot Thanksgiving Recipe Book to help guide you through the day!
  3. Make a list and check it twice! Although living in an RV doesn’t always resonate with bulk food shopping or storing grocery items for days, this is definitely the week to find that extra refrigerator or counter space to do just that! Go through your recipes and make your shopping list. Ready, set, GO! (This is a great time to enlist the help of your roadschoolers in estimating the ingredients needed, actually handwriting the shopping list, and helping in the kitchen!)
  4. Don’t wait until Thursday to get the party started! Do as much pre-Thanksgiving day planning and cooking as possible. If you already own an Instant Pot, now might be the time to go out and invest in an extra pot and lid for this already amazing kitchen appliance. Go ahead and cut up any vegetables for ingredients, such as celery or onions, a few days ahead and store them in containers. If you are making deviled eggs, boil your eggs a day in advance. (Just don’t forget to go ahead and peal the eggshells so the inside yolks do not turn green.) Every minute you spend before Thursday is one more minute you can take out of the kitchen to enjoy your family on this special holiday.
  5. Share the Thanksgiving spirit. You don’t have to have come over on the Mayflower to share your Thanksgiving feast. This is a great time to be neighborly and take advantage of your nomadic surroundings. Sharing the cooking load with friends and neighbors takes some of the the heat off your kitchen and also makes for a memorable holiday meal. Kimberly and Mary Beth shared Thanksgiving dinner together during their first Fulltime Family meetup! It’s a great time to make new traditions and memories!


To listen to the Roadschool Moms’s take on an Instant Pot Thanksgiving Dinner in the RV, tune into the November 15th episode of Roadschool Moms over at iTunes!

Roadschool Moms is a live, one-hour weekly broadcast dedicated to the needs and challenges facing today’s roadschool moms. Kimberly Travaglino, of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time, working in current events and featuring a mix of expert guests.

Why My Garage Stinks…

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This morning, I logged onto facebook and found one of those gut popping, tears rolling blog posts that moms write and other moms find hysterical.

Here it is: http://putdowntheurinalcake.com/2012/07/so-your-bathroom-smells-like-pee/

and it’s call to action was to no longer feel shame for the unpleasant aromas kids’ cause in your home…

So, here’s my confession, by which I purge my shame about both killing animals and why my garage stinks:

#1 You should know that my bathroom too smells like pee too!  But more troubling is that our garage smells like a combination of wet dog and… something vile that you can’t quite put your finger on.

I know what it is, but I can’t quite put your finger on, or better said… I can’t find it.

Month’s ago, in a campground so overridden with frogs you might mistake it for the plague, one Mama (that would be me) decided it would be a great home school activity to dissect a few of these frogs.  So how to prepare the frogs for their ultimate donation to science and the education of blood thirsty child (a disturbing euphemism for ‘how to kill the frogs’)

After much debate, it was decided we would freeze the frogs… if you’re a mama – you probably know where this is going!

So, freeze the frogs we did.  And they selflessly died in the perfect pose for dissection – such wonderful frogs really, I’m kinda sad we killed them.

Frozen Frog goes well with Peas

But now, we had frozen frogs and I had lost the nerve to filet them and start pointing out guts.

I thought the nerve would return so I kept the frogs in the freezer…. I should restate: I KEPT THE FROGS IN THE FREEZER!!!

But if you have kids, you know their curiosity is ceaseless and one of them (all of them actually) was sure if we defrosted the frogs, they would come back to life.  🙂

So, someone did just that… defrosted a frog and simultaneously lost it, in the garage of our camper.

Maybe it did come back to life and its death smell is a curse it cast on us / me.  But more likely, somewhere in that garage is a limp, soggy, rotting frog carcass and that’s why my garage stinks!

So when guests come to check out how the crazy people live in their camper, I mean ooh and ahh about our ‘spacious accommodations on wheels’, I feel compelled to blow in their face, and let them glance from the threshold the area the represents half of our 500 square feet living space!

Until the frog is no more….

Is there a stench in your home?  Share it and feel shame no more – that’s why air fresheners are a billion dollar business!

How many pics will Chris let me take of his butt???

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Some how, we decided instead of hanging out in NC and SC, after our time in VA, we’d head straight to Florida, spend a week with Chris’ parents, and then head to the Keys where I could turn 40 island style…

Florida or Bust…

But as usual, Franken-Truck had other plans for us.  It started just 40 miles into our 957 mile journey, not a good sign for sure.

Chris glanced out the right side view mirror and said, “Why is that piece hanging off the side of the camper?”  At precisely the same time, a befuddled motorist passed us on the right and rolled his eyes… I took that to mean, “you’re screwed”.

We pulled off the road and into a gas station and started making some phone calls.  We were pretty sure we had snapped one of our leaf springs (this has happened to us before so we’re kinda experts now – in diagnosing at least) and the roadside tech confirmed it.

Yup! We done busted it!

We are so used to repairs at this point, we’ve developed a system.  There’s no more yelling, struggling, tears or gnashing of teeth.  Just quiet patience, usually some ice cream and check writing.

It took the mechanics 2 hours to replace both the left and the right leaf spring and we were back on the road, $941 lighter.

917 more miles to go.  Glad we got the mandatory TTR (Traveling Travaglino Repair) out of the way, we continued down I95 confident we wouldn’t have to stop again. Little did we know the best was yet to come!

We pushed ourselves and drove to South Carolina to try to make up some lost time.  We slept in the South Carolina Welcome Center and headed out in the morning.

611 more miles to go.  Ya know, 957 miles is a long long drive.  The kinda drive that tests your resolve as a family, but we made it to the tip of Florida by night two and spent that night in the Florida Welcome Center.

The next morning, we woke to a pack of wild hogs roaming the parking lot, after 2 1/2 years, we were back in our home state and I guess this was the Welcome Committee.

Chris went out to start the truck and I vaguely remember it didn’t turn over on the first try… the thought of “that’s odd” was quickly replaced by the thought of “I definitely don’t want to leave my cup of coffee on the counter again – I remember that did not go too well the last time”.

325 more miles to go. We loaded up and headed off, totally energized by the fact that in a mere 6 1/2 hours we’d finally be ‘home’.

100 more miles to go. 225 miles later, we pulled into a truck stop and Chris matter-of-factly announced he needed to change the fuel filter.

Oil, Oil Everywhere – But None in the Engine!

“Really?”, I said, “In 2 1/2 years on the road, I don’t think we ever stopped to do that.  Why do we have to do it now?”

Trying not to alarm me, he made up some story about the truck seeming sluggish and it would be a quick change and blah blah blah.. I totally know where this is going. There is NEVER EVER such a thing as a ‘quick fix’ for us.

I hear grunting coming out from under the hood… Problemo #1: Whatever doo-hicky is holding the fuel filter on can not be budged.  But that’s nothin’ compared to Problemo #2: Which is that the engine has white smoking pouring out of it.  I’m totally not buyin’ that this is a fuel filter kinda thing.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2012/10/clip-2012-10-12-114047.mov]

Still 100 more miles to go.  We’re pretty sure the engine is shot and we make the decision to limp to Chris’ parents house.   This is accomplished by something resembling a Chinese Fire Drill every 20 miles.  Keep in mind, we are making this completely broken engine tow our 42 foot home!  Every 20 miles, we pull over, Chris and I jump out of the truck, open the hood and dump as much oil as she’ll take, to keep the engine from seizing.

It takes 5 stops, but we make it.  Everything is covered in oil because the engine has been spurting it out as fast as we’ve been putting it in.  We are all exhausted but we’re home and everything else can be handled in our own time now.

Tune in later this week when we discuss.. how to buy an engine. 😉








Fulltime Families Christmas Wishes Compassion Event

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This season is so hard on many families.  With freezing temps and cold weather lay offs, many families struggle to keep food on the table, let alone put a little something under the tree for their kids.

Fulltime Families is several things:

  • A Support Organization for Full-Time RVing Families
  • A Collective of Buying Power to solicit discounts from providers
  • A Community of People who share life together as their paths cross
  • And best of all – a group of amazing individuals, with a spirit of generosity – who seek to provide relief to fellow families who are suffering.

Gates of Hope Ministry is several things:

  • A Christ centered Organization focused on serving full-time RVing families on or off the road.
  • A community of Christians from around the US and world
  • An organization dedicated to promote the love of Jesus by finding ways to help those in need.

This Christmas, Fulltime Families is partnering with Gates of Hope Ministries to connect families in need with families looking for opportunities to give of themselves this Christmastime.

Submit Your Wishes

We cordially invite families to submit your wishes through this Google Form.  We can not guarantee that every wish can be fulfilled but we will do our best to connect giving families with those families in need this holiday season.

Make a Family’s Christmas Wish Come True

After November 15th, we will be posting the Wishes Applications for review both on Fulltime Families and Gate of Hope Facebook Pages.   Choose a wish to fulfill and match your time, talents, extra resources or location with a family who needs a helping hand.

Other Ways to Help

Pray, send notes of encouragement, and keep these families in your thoughts.  So many families experiencing hardship, feel alienated and ashamed by their circumstances.  Take a moment to reach out and let them know someone cares about their circumstances.

Thank you for your consideration.  We are immensely grateful for this community and blessed to be a part of it.

Love, The Travs



20 Resources to help you Roadschool Through the Holidays

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Holiday Roadschool Show Button

This time of year can be hectic no matter what kind of lifestyle you enjoy. Many families on the road take time off to travel back home for the holidays or simply enjoy their surroundings for the season. No matter what your holiday schedule, the Roadschool Moms team encourages you to Roadschool through the Holidays. These are the favorite homeschool holiday resources on the RoadSchool Moms Approved list this year:

Language Arts & Cross-Curriculum Resources

Homeschool through the Nativity from Intoxicated on Life

All About Christmas from Meet Penny

Holidays Around the World from Teachers Pay Teachers

The History of Santa Claus from Lesson Plans Page

All About Rudolph from Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures

Christmas Vocabulary Puzzles from Road Trip Teacher

Truth in the Tinsel from Oh Amanda


Christmas Science Labs from The Science Penguin

Christmas Nature Study from Our Journey Westward

Tie-Dyed Christmas Ornaments from Happy Hooligans


The Twelve Math Days of Christmas from A2Z Homeschool

Christmas Math Facts from ABCya

Writing & Copywork

The Christmas Story Copywork from Mom’s Mustard Seeds

December Scripture Writing Plan from Sweet Blessings


Advent Book List from My Humble Kitchen

Christmas Chaper Books to Read Aloud from What Do We Do All Day

12 Christmas Books to Read to Your Kids from Stewardship

Art, Music & Other Fun Resources

Christmas Carols Music Study from Squilt Music

How to Draw a Reindeer from Busy Kids Happy Mom

Christmas Tree Chalk Art from Hodge Podge

Lego Christmas Projects from Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Many of the resources above can be used to homeschool across the ages of your roadschool. Here are a couple of other holiday roadschool resources we found that your middle school/high school teens might especially enjoy:

5 Days of Teen Christmas Ideas from Education Possible

Nutcracker Unit Study from Homegrown Learners

Holiday Math Activities from Lindsay Perro

To listen to the Roadschool Moms’s favorite resources used in their own roadschool during the 2015 holiday season, tune into the December 6th episode of Roadschool Moms over at iTunes!

Roadschool Moms is a live, one-hour weekly broadcast dedicated to the needs and challenges facing today’s roadschool moms. Kimberly Travaglino, of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time, working in current events and featuring a mix of expert guests.

Sometimes Ya Gotta Kiss the Moose!

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As far as I know, I’ve only got 30 maybe 40 more trips around the sun – and I sure as heck didn’t sell it all, stuff my kids in a tiny box on wheels and head out on the open road to miss opportunities and more importantly, to teach my kids to live out loud!

So when I hear about a rock that needs rubbin’, a bull that needs ridin’ or a moose that needs a little smoochin’ – you can bet your bottom dollar, I’m on it!

The morning of our Blue Angels field trip, Margie M. reminded me that we should have lunch at McGuires Irish Pub, so we headed straight there from the Pensacola Naval Base.

look at the two faces in this pic… happy and strangled

What a great place! Mixed up bathrooms (I love when restaurants really test their patrons) money hanging all over the ceiling (about $500,000 according to Google) and a moose with a bare muzzle from too many kisses!

Whether you live on wheels or stick and bricks… I hope you take every opportunity to kiss the moose!





Fulltime Families SouthWest Shindig Hangout in Tonopah, AZ

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Join your FtF Friends for a BLM Boondocking Adventure

The Thomas Family invites fellow Fulltime Families Members to join them for a Back to Basics Good Time at the Fulltime Families Southwest Shindig in Tonopah, AZ, on BLM Land (coordinates delivered after registration),  Nov. 30th – Dec 3rd. 2017.

Family Friendly Activities will be announced shortly.

Families interested in attending this event are encouraged to make their reservations with Fulltime Families asap. Spaces are Limited!

An activities fee of $50 per family will be required to cover supplies for this weekend long event. Please keep in mind, this is not a rally, it’s a “hang out” which has a more relaxed calendar of activities.

Not in the Southwest this Fall? Check out the other scheduled Fulltime Families Hangouts

Interested in hosting your own Fulltime Families Hangout? Contact Kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com

You can reserve your spot for this event by reserving your spot with the form below:

2017 Fulltime Families South West Shindig Hangout
2017 Fulltime Families South West Shindig Hangout
Hosted at Saddle Mountain BLM - Tonopah, AZ - November 30th 2017 - December 3rd 2017
Price: $50.00

What are the cancellation policies for this event?

Hangout Fee Refunds:

  • Cancel between Now and –November 14th, 2017 for a 50% refund.
  • Cancellations after November. 15th will not be refunded.
  • Fees at non-transferable

Camping Refunds:

  • There are no Campground charges for this event.  It is hosted on BLM land which provides free camping for up to 14 days.


Unlimited Internet on the Road with 7730 Jet Pack Offer

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For a very limited time, this offer is even better! 

Get your AOL Verizon Unlimited Line and receive the newest 7730 Jet Pack for no additional charge! (While Supplies Last)

For Immediate Release:

Internet on the Road is one of the keys to living the Full-Time RV Life with your family successfully.  We know our members rely on consistent internet with high or no limits on data and so we are always looking to partner with resources who can provide this tool and offer our members an Exclusive Rate on their services.

Available immediately, Fulltime Families Members (Annual, Charter, Lifetime) can now receive exclusive pricing on acquiring your very own 100% Unlimited Verizon Data line from Digital Shield LLC .

Existing and new Fulltime Families Members will receive a total savings of almost $225 off of your very own Unlimited Verizon Data Plan INCLUDING a free 6620L Jetpack!

Absolutely no data limits, you own your own line (pay Verizon directly), and when everything is said and done your monthly bill will be less than $60!

To take advantage of this special offer, visit the Members Only Area of FulltimeFamilies.com to reveal the exclusive promo code.

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