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Mobile Satellite Internet for RVers

FtFs now have 3 Way to Save on Internet with New Satellite Internet Partner

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ftf-badge-partnerInternet access is a critical component for many full-time rving families.  From online curricula, to your location independent income source, and beyond to connecting with your mobile community, reliable, high speed, internet access is a cornerstone to long term, slow travel on your own terms.

Fulltime Families has three internet provider partners:


Introducing our newest Fulltime Families Partner: Mobile Internet Satellite.com

The only mobile Internet connection that can always (baring extreme weather) be available is satellite. This rather “amazing” option will provide Internet access virtually anywhere in the lower 48 states of the United States.

Who Can Benefit from Mobile Satellite Internet?

If your cellular connection keeps “dropping” you or the connection is unbearably slow or non-existent … if the closest Hot Spot is an hour’s drive away … if you cannot afford to be without Internet access for a day or longer occasionally …

… then you can most likely benefit from mobile satellite Internet!

There is a lot to understand, when it comes to mobile satellite Internet which is why Fulltime Families is thrilled to have a dedicated resource who can answer all your questions and determine if Mobile Satellite Internet is the right fit for your family.

Mobile Internet Satellite can provide “The Always Online Solution” with an easy to set up tripod-based Satellite Internet system. The folks at MIS bring over 13 years of experience and carry a complete line of mobility accessories.

And they are offering Fulltime Families Members an exclusive $100 Rebate off setup!

Reach out to them today at http://www.mobileinternetsatellite.com/contact-us.html and explore the connectivity of Mobile Satellite Internet.


Doctor Appointments on the Road are only a phone call away

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Being an FtF Family has meant being a pretty dang healthy bunch for the last 6 years, but even though we’ve been a hale and hearty traveling crew, we do have our occasional sniffles, sneezes and ear infections.

These setbacks used to require a half-day spent at a local Urgent Care, followed by a trip to the drive-thru pharmacy to get our patient on the mend, but these days, the help we need is only a call away.

Since Fulltime Families has partnered with Teledoc Services from our friends at RVerInsurance.com, our health hiccups have been a breeze to navigate and get back on the road to recovery.

Teledoc is Easy to UseOur family plan is $16.95 a month and that provides us with:

  • Unlimited Consultations with Doctors and Nurses via phone or Skype
  • 24 Hour Access to medical advice
  • Emergency Prescriptions within the hour
  • and for FtF Members – no additional consult fee (non FtF Members pay $40 a consult per televisit)

Our Teledoc has been a true life-saver for us on the road and we couldn’t be more pleased with the quick, professional, timely response and service!

There is one caveat…  Your Teledoc subscription will begin on the 1st of the month following your sign-up.  With cold and flu season right around the corner, I strongly urge you to sign up this week so your service will be ready and available when you need it.  Sign up today, and your coverage will start October 1st!

Already an FtF Member?  Login and head to the Members Area for your special link to access this offer.

Not an FtF Member yet?  This benefit alone will pay for your annual FtF Membership after a single use, but this is far from all we offer.  Additional FtF Member benefits include savings on Wifi, Campgrounds, Oil Changes, Homeschool Curriculum and tons more!





Fulltime Families Introduces Trailblazer Lifetime Family Membership

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Fulltime Families has received numerous requests to re-instate a Lifetime Membership Option after our initial Lifetime Membership was sunset last spring.

After consulting with members, and membership experts, we are proud to unveil an option that honors our original Lifetime Family Members while providing new members a Lifetime Membership option.

Introducing the brand new Fulltime Families Trailblazer Lifetime Family Membership!

This membership boasts the following benefits:

Existing members should login to Fulltime Families before purchasing the Trailblazer Lifetime Family Membership to retain their original membership number.  If you need assistance with this, please email Chris@fulltimefamilies.com

Previous FtF Lifetime Members will now assume the exclusive title of “Pioneer Lifetime Family Members” to honor their early commitment to the community.

Did you know that Charter Memberships, Pioneer Lifetime Memberships and Trailblazer Lifetime Membership are multi-generational membership models?  This means, these membership benefits are extended to your children without any additional membership fees.

To purchase the new Trailblazer Lifetime Family Membership go to: https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/joinftf/join-now/

Please note, this membership option will be closely monitored to account for inflation or unforeseeable changes in the economic climate.


Digital Shield LLC Logo RJ

Verizon AOL Provider, Digital Shield, Partners with Fulltime Families

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For Immediate Release:

Internet on the Road is one of the keys to living the Full-Time RV Life with your family successfully.  We know our members rely on consistent internet with high or no limits on data and so we are always looking to partner with resources who can provide this tool and offer our members an Exclusive Rate on their services.

Available immediately, Fulltime Families Members (Annual, Charter, Lifetime) can now receive exclusive pricing on acquiring your very own 100% Unlimited Verizon Data line from Digital Shield LLC .

Existing and new Fulltime Families Members will receive a total savings of almost $225 off of your very own Unlimited Verizon Data Plan INCLUDING a free 6620L Jetpack!

Absolutely no data limits, you own your own line (pay Verizon directly), and when everything is said and done your monthly bill will be less than $60!

To take advantage of this special offer, visit the Members Only Area of FulltimeFamilies.com to reveal the exclusive promo code.


Fulltime Families Resource Guide To Help Keep Business “in the Family”

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Finding resources on the road can be difficult.  Wouldn’t it be great to have one place to find everything:FtF Resource Guide

Our first advertisers can now be found at https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/business-directory/

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can quickly find the resources your looking for, while supporting fellow Fulltime Families Members!

Look for a hard copy of the FtF Resource Guide at the FtF Family Reunion in Feb. 2017 (an on-demand download version will be available sooner).

It will be the ultimate resource to connect families to the trusted providers we all need.
Small Business Owners
We want to hear from YOU about your business. Our goal through all of this is to support small businesses in our organization to help them grow.  This is exciting news because our fellow travelers have been looking for one spot to find these resources like yours. We are working hard to give the people what they want and support small businesses in the best way we know how.   Ad rates start as low as $30 per year!
To reserve your spot in this directory, send an email to our Resource Acquisition Director.

HURRY!  The Deadline to get your ad into the 2017 Hard Copy Guide is Fast Approaching!


Exploring the Historic Triangle in Williamsburg, VA by Gage Arnold, FtF Roadschool Reporter

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There are many fun things to do in Williamsburg, and here is a list of my four favorite places I went to; Yorktown, Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and Yankee Candle Factory and facts about them


Yorktown is one of my favorite historical places I have visited. I like how at the Victory Center Museum of the American Revolution, they actually take you through a day in a Yorktown Colonial Encampment in the Revolutionary time so you can know what it is like. I even got to see a real musket being fired!


After going to the Yorktown Victory Center (above) we decided to go to the Yorktown Colonial National Historic Park.

At the National Park there is a museum and they have an up to scale fake British warship. At the top of the ship, there is a children’s exhibit. There also is a map and it can light up the movement of the troops. Historic Yorktown Village is a close drive from the museum. It has 18th century homes and one of them actually has dents and even a cannon ball in the side from the 1781 British siege.

The Yorktown Battlefield is right outside the museum. It is where America won its freedom in October 19, 1781. They have earthworks and siege lines, which are things that tell you the position of the troops. They also have cannons everywhere that are super cool. It impressed me to be able to walk on the very same battlefield that the first Americans fought for our right for freedom.


This part is by Josh Arnold, (my brother)

In 1607, 104 men arrived at Chesapeake Bay. They came on three ships Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery. The trip was funded by the Virginia Company. Its main purposes were to set up a colony and find gold. Unfortunately no gold was ever found.

A triangular fort was built by the original colonists. It was named Jamestown after King James. This became the first permanent English Settlement in North America.

The first few years were rough in trying to find food, build houses, and befriend the Natives. An Indian girl named Pocahontas befriended the colonists. After their leader John Smith went back to England, the connections with the natives got worse. During the winter of 1609, Chief Powhatan and his warriors laid siege to the fort, trapping 300 settlers inside. Food was scarce, and lots of people died from starvation. When one girl died, other settlers resorted to cannibalism. Only 60 of the 300 survived.

When we went there, we got to see an archeological dig site, along with a reconstructed house. The archeologists there have found around 3 million artifacts, but currently only about 1 million have been cataloged! Lots of these are in the museum, including: coins, animal bones, weapons, bottles, and lots more. They even found a loaded pistol in a well and a strange silver box in a grave!

The island Jamestown Fort was built on is eroding quickly. Parts of the land that the original fort was built on are already underwater. Scientists predict that in about 50 years the whole island will be gone!

As you are leaving the fort you can stop at the Glasshouse. This is a working glass factory built on the location where archeologists have found the original Fort Jamestown glass factory from the early 1600s. People make reproductions of bottles and glasswork found around the fort. It was fun to see the glass furnace and watch the artists shape glass. You can also see the ruins of the original glass factory from Jamestown Fort.

Jamestown was a fun trip. The National Park Service runs the Jamestown Fort, where the original fort was built. That was my favorite of the two. The Jamestown Settlement is a living history museum where the replica ships and Powhatan Indian village are. I loved seeing the artifacts and hearing the stories of the settlement. I recommend that you go to both next time you’re in the area.


Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is another village from the Revolutionary time. Today, it has 88 original buildings and over 50 restored buildings. You have to buy a ticket to go in the historic buildings but we didn’t get the ticket and it was still fun walking around the buildings and streets. All the people working there are dressed up in costumes and acting their parts all day long.


There are lots of reenactments you can see at different times of the day about what it would be like back during the Revolutionary Times. There are Ghost tours at night. You don’t need a ticket to see the reenactments.

There is a little sheet you can get at the visitor center and you read about different buildings and match them up with pictures. Once you are finished you turn it in for a free pin.

Yankee Candle Factory

Yankee Candle Factory is a really cool kid-friendly candle shop. Inside it is built to look like a town square and shops on all sides. There is a Christmas room and it snows every 4 minutes, but it’s just soap bubbles. Santa Clause visits here sometimes and you can see if your in the naughty or nice book. I even found my name in there with 13 good marks.


At the Candle Emporium, you can make your own jar candle, dip little wax figures in colored wax, or even dip your hand in wax and slide it out and color it to make a wax statue! I think the shop was pretty cool and it is one of the coolest stores I’ve been to. I made a wax statue of my fist, and got an airplane and painted is red white and blue. It was kind of expensive but worth it just because it is unique. Also the hand is very fragile, so you can’t blame me for not telling you!




Gage Arnold is a 10 year old roadschooler. He has been traveling full-time since he was 7. Minecraft, Terraria, and Roblox occupy most of his free time. He loves science and math, especially algebra. His happiest memories are the  times spent with his Fulltime Family friends across the country. He also loves spending so much time with his big brother Josh.


Tentative Schedule for FtF Colonial Times Rally

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Welcome to the Historic 2016 Fulltime Families Colonial Times Rally!

We are thrilled you are joining us at this unique event!
Please take a minute to check out our sponsors who have helped us bring this event to you.

2016 Fulltime Families Colonial Times Rally
 Schedule of Events

In an effort to reduce waste, please bring your own cups to events that you would like to drink at.
All events will take place at the Meetinghouse (large tent) unless otherwise noted.

Get caught doing something good!  Rally cash will be awarded to all those attendees who are caught in the act of being AWESOME!!!  Rally cash will be used during the auction on Saturday night!

Pre Rally Event: Wednesday, Sept 7th, 2016
Kimberly’s Pajama Party Presented by LuLaRoe by Wendy Michaels

Ladies, come ready to relax (pjs is you wish) and enjoy meeting your fellow rallying moms at the Pajama Party / LuLaRoe Pop Up Boutique.  Bring your beverage of choice.

Day 1: Thursday, Sept 8th, 2016

11:00 am    Charter/Lifetime Family Breakfast: Meetinghouse

Charter and Lifetime Member Families:  Join us for light refreshments. We’ll bring you up to speed about all the exciting things happening in the future for FtF!

1:00 pm     Opening Ceremony and General Rally Registration
(FTF Explorers attending the rally, please wear your Explorer’s Lanyard to registration)

Meet Katrina at the Meetinghouse to pick up your welcome packet, t-shirts, etc., and sign up for activities and volunteer opportunities and to be a part of the FtF Colonial Times Rally Opening Ceremony
Don’t forget to put your door prize ticket in the drawing box!

2:00 pm     Teens Great Trading Game – Teens come by the info table in the Meetinghouse and pick up your list and instructions for the Great Trading Game.  Saturday evening we will be revealing the Greatest Trading Teen in our midst.

2:00 pm    Colonial Family Game Time on the Great Lawn
Join us for some good ol’ fashioned family fun.   Sack Races, Bobbing for Donuts, British Bulldog

3:30 pm    Skit Prep – Meeting your fellow skit mates and review ideas and come up with a plan for a short skit to be presented on Friday Evening

4:30 pm  1st Time Ralliers Orientation Presented by  Mandie Setzer’s Traveling With Jamberry.com
Is this your first rally?  Come to the meetinghouse and meet Kimberly to learn how to get the most out of your rally experience.

7:00 pm    Family Meet & Greet Dessert Party – Door Prize Drawing #1 (Must be present to win)
Bring your own drinks, and a dessert dish to share and come play some fun ice breaker games with your fellow ralliers.

8 pm    Flashlight Tag and Adult Trivia Contest on the Great Lawn Presented by Let’s RV

Kids bring your flashlight and come to the great lawn to play like a night owl and find your friends with your trusty beam of light!
While adults compete for Trivia King and Queen!

Day 2: Friday Sept 9th 2016

**** ALL DAY SWAP ****
Bring your items to the swap table and give a new home to other items.  All items left at the swap table by 5pm Friday night will be boxed and donated.

9:00 am    Town Hall Meeting with Greg Gerber, Editor of RV Daily Report
Bring your coffee and join in this group discussion to share the ups and downs about RVing with this Industry Leader.


10 am Colonial Crafting – Special Craft projects for Colonial Kids of all Ages Presented by The Giles Frontier Homeschool Curriculum
Teens: Silhouettes, quill making, colonial ink
12 – 6: Toy Making – The Whirly Gig
5 and Under: Make Your Own Rag Doll

11 am – Noon    Thousand Trails Campground Membership – Is it a Good Fit for your Family?  Hosted by FtF / TT Liaison Alisha Deschene
Join Alisha for an informative seminar on the Thousand Trails Campground Membership Program and learn how you can start camping for free.  Already a TT Member, Alisha will also be available to answer your questions about your existing contract or upgrade your membership if necessary.   Kids welcome.

12 pm Skit Picnic – Presented by Starkist Tuna Creations – Pack a picnic lunch (we’ll provide a Tuna Creations for each attendee) and your picnic blanket and join your skit mates at the Great Lawn to put some finishing touches on your skit.

2 – 3:30 Kids’ Entrepreneur Marketplace – To encourage the next generation of trail blazers and rain makers,  kids can sell their goods and services for real money at this marketplace. Please make sure your kids have extra money to make change for their purchases.

4 pm Dad’s and Kids Colonial Family Game Time on the Great Lawn
Join us for some more good ol’ fashioned family fun.   Wheelbarrow Racing, Whig Making, and Hopscotch.

4 pm Curriculum Exchange Discussion at the Meetinghouse
Join Danielle Leonard in a round table discussion about great on-the-road curricula choices.  Bring your curricula to show other attendees.

6pm Colonial BBQ and Weiner Roast – Come circle the wagons at the community fire pit or bring your grill too if you’d like.  You bring the meet, we’ll supply the condiments and fixings

7:30 Colonial Pie Contest  Presented by MOR/ryde

Are you a Prime Pie Baker?  Submit your Blue Ribbon Pie for judging at our Colonial Pie Contest.

8pm- Family Skit Night Presented by Time 4 Learning Great Lawn Door Prize Drawing #2 (Must be present to win)
Come and present your skit with your skit-mates.

Day 3: Saturday 10th 2016

9 am Coffee Club Presented by RV Insurances . com
Bring your coffee for some roundtable discussions on various topics.

10:25am Colonial Clothing Craft and Story Time Presented by Stephanie Simpson’s Explore with Usborne
Drop the kids off for a story time and craft while you tour the Parade of Homes. Please pick up your kids promptly at the completion of the Parade.

10:30 am    Parade of Homes Presented by RV Trader
Meet your guides Ana and Dan Johnson at the ol’ swimming hole (the pool) for a tour of your fellow tallier’s homes.  Choose your tour: Interiors with Ana, Tech Mods with Dan.   Adults and carried kids suggested.

11:30am Colonial Cooking Class and Household Items at the Meetinghouse
Please bring a pillow case from home.  All ages join us and make your own butter, bread and ice cream, candles weaving, quilting.


3:30pm – Colonial River Crossing Presented by Jellystone Campgrounds
Get creative with duct tape, glue, cardboard tubes, noodles, and design a cruiser worthy of crossing the Delaware.

7 pm   Main Event Town Dance and Rally Cash Raffle Presented by FASS Fuel  Door Prize Drawing #3 (Must be present to win) and Volunteer Drawing
Don your colonial finery and head to the Meetinghouse for our Town Dance  Group Photo at 7:15pm

Day 4: Sunday September 11th, 2016

8:30 am -Special Sept 11th Flag Raising Ceremony by the Arcade Presented by Savage Law

10 am  Non Denominational Christian Service and Children’s Church

11 am     Traditional Donut Send Off

Join us for some donuts as we say goodbye and make the FtF Colonial Times Rally History

Thank you to our Sponsors

FASS Fuel – Main Event Sponsor

Time 4 Learning

Jellystone Campgrounds

RV Trader
Let’s RV
Starkist Tuna Creations

RV Insurances . com
Giles Frontier
Mandie Setzer’s Jamberry Jams
Wendy Michaels LuLaRoe

Stephanie Simpson’s Explore with Usborne

Savage Law.us

We have a few Sponsorship Opportunities left.  Email kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com for more details

Preferred Attraction in Bainbridge, NY Area

These attractions have generously provided rally prizes for our event.  Please consider giving them your business while in the area

FtF Entrepreneurial Partners
Special thanks to these FtF Members for providing prizes from the following companies.
We are currently seeking door prize donations from members of our community.  To have your business listed here, please contact our Resource Director, Sarah James at mammajames01@gmail.com


FtF Explorers, there are several badge opportunities at this event including:

  • The FtF Event Participation Badge
  • Showmanship Badge for participating in the Skit Night
  • Limited Edition FtF Colonial Times Rally Badge


Is a Thousand Trails Campground Membership a Good Fit for Your Family

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Thousand Trails Campground MembershipAre you confused about the Thousand Trails Campground Membership?

Want to know how you can camp across the country for free? Want to know where all the roadschooling families are?

On this show, special guest Alisha Deschene, the Fulltime Families / Thousand Trails liaison joins us to explain the ins and outs of this money saving campground membership.

Take aways:

  • Thousand Trails is a nationwide campground membership
  • Thousand Trails Campgrounds have no kid taxes
  • For more information, email campforless@yahoo.com 
  • For a Limited Time, Thousand Trails is offering Buy 1 Get 1 Zone Free

To hear more, just click play: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/thousand-trails-campground/id854587085?i=1000374133674&mt=2

Tune into Roadschool Moms Radio every Sunday night at 9pm on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network


2016- 2017 Roadschool Planner Free for a Limited Time!

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Are you getting ready to head back to your Roadschool?  Just in time for a new year, is an updated tool from the Roadschool Moms Radio Team to help you achieve Roadschool Success!

Roadschool Moms CautionThe Roadschool Planner has room for you to record:

  • Goals
  • Reading Log
  • Map your Journey
  • Family Bucket List
  • Attendance
  • Monthly Themes
  • Field Trips
  • and so much more!

And best of all, it’s free for this week!

It’s the perfect place to keep track of “what you want to learn where”.  Like no other planner available, this planner integrates your travels with your learning opportunities so you don’t miss valuable lessons and you can easily capitalize on your journey – making your time on the road a true learning adventure!

Super Charge Your Roadschool!  Check out this recent show where MB and KT share their Tips for Prepping for a Great Roadschool Year

Join us every Sunday night at 9pm est at http://www.roadschoolmoms.com for more tips, advice, fun and fellowship to recharge your Roadschool.

Not available on Sunday night?  No problem!  Subscribe to our iTunes podcast and catch the replays when it’s convenient for you!

To get your free Roadschool Planner, simply enter your email address below.


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Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park of Fremont, IN

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As the #thisisRVing tour headed north through Indiana, on a bright and sunny Friday, we pulled into Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Barton Lake in Fremont, IN.

Our first impression, “Holy cow! this looks just like the entrance to a National Park!”.  The Ranger Station was awesome!

IMG_5848We parked in our roomy pull through in the overflow section.  We actually preferred this spot as the rest of the very large 1200 site campground was hopping with campers registering, golf carts being rented left and right and kids on bikes as far as the eye could see. We found out the campground was completely sold out for the Tropical Paradise Weekend.

We opened our slides and headed to the main amenity area.  Watch our video below, where Dominick gives you a tour of this campground wonderland and a first person perspective of the parks 10 story water slides!

If you’ve been following our tour, then you know our family loves the Jellystone Jump Pillows!  But there was so much more of this park to explore.  Bike rentals, an arcade, a tiki bar, paddle boats, and we had only scratched the surface.  We took a break from exploring to participate in the campground’s hula hooping contest.


After 6 years on the road, our kids are hula hooping ringers (it’s our back up plan if roadschooling doesn’t work out) and DJ and Tonia both took home the 1st place prizes in their division.

Feeling pretty confident, we headed over to the Sand Castle competition at the park’s beach.  Our construction skills were seriously lacking in this area, but we enjoyed watching the other families bring their sand sculptures to life.

After some lunch, we were ready for a swim, but what water feature should we chose? This Jellystone has tons of wet and wild fun.  From the splash park with the dumping bucket, to the wading pool, the little kids water area, the indoor pool, or even the lake front beach, there’s a soaking place for every day of your stay!

IMG_5878One of the highlights of our weekend, was when Chris and I met Roger Barry.  Roger has owned the park for over 30 years!  He told us not to miss the Sunday Service and we’re certainly glad we didn’t.

We made so many happy family memories at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone at Lake Barton and met so many wonderful people!  We can’t wait to come back to this great park!





For more information or to book your vacation, visit www.campjellystone.com

For more information about #thisisRVing visit www.facebook.com/thisisRVing and help us show America what RVing really looks like by tagging your pics with #thisisRVing

ThisIsRVing-Sharables-1Click here to read all the #thisisRVing Tour Updates and Articles

Special thanks to #thisisRVing Tour Sponsors;



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