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Sizzling Summer Savings on your Fulltime Families Membership

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For a Limited Time, Fulltime Families Annual Memberships are on Sale!


From now through Midnight July 17th,2017  Fulltime Families Annual Membership are 20% off!  That brings an Annual Membership to below $40!!!!

For just $36 you get access to savings on:

Plus, find travel companions with our easy to use Fulltime Families Family Finder and join us at Upcoming Events!


There’s even better news for renewing members! Renew your membership during the month of July and save 25% off your next year!  To renew your account and take advantage of this limited time offer, send an email to Chris@FulltimeFamilies.com.

In the past year, we’ve added $1000s of savings to our list and have lots of new partnerships coming online this fall!  Don’t miss out on these great deals!  Renew your Fulltime Families Membership this July and pay only $33.75!


Don’t miss out on this deal!



This Offer Expires July 17th, 2017 – After your payment processes, your PayPal  Account will be credited with the discount rate.  $9 for New Members, $11.25 for Renewing Members.

*Offer valid for New Members of these organizations only

New Speaker is a “Pick Up and Party” Must Have for Your RV

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Space is at a premium in your RV!  That’s why it’s important that the items you bring into your home on wheels are high quality and do the job they set out to do, well!

We have such a product to review from our newest partner, DishForMyRV.  The KICKER Bullfrog® Bluetooth® Music System packs a real punch in a small, easy to carry footprint!

Let’s dissect this Bullfrog® and see why it’s a great addition to your RV lifestyle.

See For Yourself!

Handsomely Rugged

The main body of the KICKER features back to back speakers for a surround sound experience.  The sides are covered with thick rubber housing and the entire unit is weather resistant meaning your KICKER can help you start “singing in the rain” or be your fishing buddy on the banks of the river.  The ports that allow you to charge your phone or plug in an auxiliary device (more on that later) have a snug little socket, keeping them protected from grit and moisture.

Get a Grip

The KICKER’s unibody features a man-size rubberized handle that allows you to bring the party with you.  Under the handle you’ll find your device’s control center where you can adjust the volume, pair your favorite Bluetooth device, and check your battery life through the bright LED display.

Get the Party Started

Pump up the jam! The KICKER is PACKED with Functionality!  “Long range and even longer life! The Bullfrog® lets you stream Bluetooth audio from as far as 100-feet away, or connect directly to the charging USB for up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge.”  Unlike other speakers that keep you and your device in the general vicinity, we were able to venture many campsites over while maintaining connection to the speaker.

Our initial charge of the unit also provided in excess of the 20 hours of charge time promised by the unit’s documentation.

We also loved that we could charge the phone from the speaker, while the audio played and it ran on it’s battery.  No one likes to have to stop the party early ’cause your phone’s out of juice and this USB charging feature is a great convenience!

Get the App

DoubleKICK Connect™ joins two Bullfrogs together wirelessly.  This is a great feature for those looking to get more sound for a larger party!  The app also allows you to change the built-in FM tuner to your favorite radio station, adjust the equalizer or be creative and set your own personal sounds.  The application also shows you battery life and lets you update the firmware on your speaker when Bullfrog® releases new features.

Get a Pair

With two of the Kicker Bullfrogs, you can connect two speakers together to have more audio coverage and keep the party going for up to 20 hours on a single charge!  The speaker also has a threaded bottom so you can elevate one or both on stands, dependent on your sound projection needs.

Overall Impression

The Kicker Bullfrog is packed with features in its lightweight durable cabinet for great sound performance for music on the go.  With Bluetooth, aux cable, long battery life, country power adapters and an FM Tuner, you will never be out the tunes!  This is a great device for any RV’er, boater, Tailgater, or just someone who wants great rich sounding music on the go, no matter what the weather!

Speaking of weather, this wireless radio would also make a great emergency radio should you experience bad weather on the road! Broadcast updates to your block while keeping your phone charged!

Since we received our Kicker, we’ve used it both outside and inside.  We’ve used it to broadcast movie audio while showing a film under the stars.  We’ve used it to amplify our nightly audio book reading time.  We’ve used it to have a dance party and to set the mood at our outdoor bbq!  We’ve actually used it every day since we opened the box!

We think it’s a great addition to our RV and we hope you do too!

Join Us in Celebrating the Life of a Pioneer

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A memorial to celebrate the life of Kay Peterson will be held on July 1, 2017, at 2:00 pm at the CARE center in Livingston, TX. She and her late husband, Joe Peterson, founded Escapees RV Club in 1978, and continued to serve its members until 1990 when leadership of the club was passed to their daughter, Cathie Carr, and her husband, Bud. From writing and publishing the club’s early newsletters in the 1970s and ‘80s, to advising the current board of directors in her later years, Kay maintained a strong connection to the club and its members.

Tie A Red Ribbon on Your RV this July 1st

For those who cannot be there, we welcome you to celebrate with us by tying a red ribbon on your RV. This symbol will allow you to be with us in spirit, and you may also share your photos with us on our social media pages. Escapees will also be distributing video copies of the memorial afterwards to each of the Rainbow Parks.

Announcing the Winners of the Fulltime Families Annual Father’s Day Foto Contest

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Thank you to all the participants who submitted fotos to the Fulltime Families Father’s Day Foto Contest, Sponsored by DishForMyRV!  As always, it is beyond heartwarming to see the smiling faces and engaged dads that make up the full-time RVing community!

The four winning submissions,  who will be receiving their own Yeti Tumbler are:

Jill Robins

Jodi Moxon

Monica King

Cynthia Hacker


Membership has it’s Privileges; Top 5 Benefits of Joining Fulltime Families

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The Fulltime Families Membership can save you thousands of dollars, but the privileges of membership go way beyond saving money.

Here are the top 5 benefits our members point to as their favorite thing about being a Fulltime Families Member.

#1 Finding My Tribe!

  • Fulltime Families Members share a common bond that is considered weird by the majority of American Families.   We think less is more… that’s weird!  We’re actually excited about living in 350 sq feet, alongside our family, every minute of the day… that’s weird!  We don’t want to wait until our children are on their own to explore this country… that’s weird!  Fulltime Families Members understand and embrace these “so called oddities”.  If making time with our family makes us “misfits” then we’d rather not fit in.  Fulltime Families supports and applauds You, the risk taker, You the pioneer, You the trail blazer, who is looking for more out of life than just security!

    #2 Making Spaces to Meet in Real Life!

    Fulltime Families hosts events around the country so families enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle can meet in person and make friends.  The reality is lifestyle can be isolating and connecting through Fulltime Families events, provides adults and children alike the opportunity to make friends and form bonds that span the miles.  It is very common for families to establish temporary or long term intentional neighborhoods with the families they click with, after an FtF event.  Just because your family is nomadic doesn’t mean you need to be alone.  Join us for our next event and embark on the next leg of your journey with friends in tow.

    #3 Connecting Families with the Services and Suppliers who commend their choices!

Isn’t it great to do business with someone who values you as a customer?  Isn’t it awesome to know you are supporting businesses that are supportive of your lifestyle choices and actually look forward to serving you? Fulltime Families reaches across all service and supply industries, vetting companies both large and small, to present our members with businesses of the highest level of integrity.  Through both our Resource Guide and our Partnership list, FtF Members are connected to trusted resources that will help you save time and money!

#4 We’ve Got Your Back!

At Fulltime Families, we’ve got your back!  Through our relationships with RV professionals, Home School curriculum providers and the media, we have a unique opportunity to help you spread your message and connect you effectively to the resources that can help you the most.  You’re not out on the road alone and being a part of the FtF family has made an impact through the collective voice and the collective efforts of your other FtF family members.  Case in point, in 2016 alone, FtF served 343 families in person at FtF events and provided over $21,000 in relief to RVing Families!

#5 Saving You Money and Time!

Of course, your Fulltime Families Membership will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted time.  Through our extensive list of partnerships, which currently includes a Free Year of Escapees and a Free Year of Good Sams Membership, our members rack up savings on:

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t you like friends, having fun times with people who get you, businesses that understand and value you, someone who has your back and saving money?  Join Fulltime Families today!  https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/joinftf/





ONLY 10 Spots Left!!! Fulltime Families Releases Halloween Hangout 2017 Dates, Myrtle Beach, SC

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There are only 10 Spaces Left for this Event!  If you’re looking to Trick or Treat with your friends… Reserve Your Space Today!

The Robins Family and the Greene Family invite fellow Fulltime Families Members to join them for a Howlin’ Good Time at the Fulltime Families Halloween Hangout in Myrtle Beach, SC, at the Ocean Lakes Beachside Campground, Oct. 25th – Nov. 1st. 2017.

Family Friendly Activities will be announced shortly.

Families interested in attending this event are encouraged to make their reservations with Fulltime Families and at Ocean Lakes, asap. Spaces are Limited!

An activities fee of $50 per family will be required to cover supplies for this week long event. Please keep in mind, this is not a rally, it’s a “hang out” which has a more relaxed calendar of activities.

This event is limited 15 families.

Not on the East Coast this Fall? Check out the other scheduled Fulltime Families Hangouts

Interested in hosting your own Fulltime Families Hangout? Contact Kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com

You can reserve your spot for this event by reserving your spot with the form below:

2017 Fulltime Families Halloween Hangout Myrtle Beach
2017 Fulltime Families Halloween Hangout Myrtle Beach
Hosted at the Ocean Lakes Campground - October 25 2017 - November 1st 2017
Price: $50.00

What are the cancellation policies for this event?

Hangout Fee Refunds:

  • Cancel before Sept 10th, 2017 for a full refund of hangout fees with $10 cancellation fee.
  • Cancel between Sept 10th, 2017 –Sept 24th, 2017 for a 50% refund.
  • Cancellations after Sept. 24th will not be refunded.
  • Fees at non-transferable

Camping Refunds:

  • Please refer to the host campground regarding their refund policy. FtF has no control over campground refunds.

Tee Shirt Refunds (if applicable):

  • Full refund prior to t-shirt order being placed. After the order has been placed, no refunds are available. Must pay additional shipping fee of $6 per shirt if you’d like your shirt shipped to you.

Feature Post – Fulltime Families Father’s Day Contest Submission

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Thank you Cat for your submission!

Enter for your chance to win one of four Yeti Tumblers from DishForMyRV! https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/rving-with-kids-2/ftf-dads-photo-contest/

Feature Post – Fulltime Families Father’s Day Contest Submission

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Thank you Tonya for your submission!

Enter for your chance to win one of four Yeti Tumblers from DishForMyRV! https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/rving-with-kids-2/ftf-dads-photo-contest/

Feature Post – Fulltime Families Father’s Day Contest Submission

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Thank you Cynthia for your submission!

Enter for your chance to win one of four Yeti Tumblers from DishForMyRV! https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/rving-with-kids-2/ftf-dads-photo-contest/

Feature Post – Fulltime Families Father’s Day Contest Submission

Jodi Moxon No Comments

Thank you Jodi for your submission!

Enter for your chance to win one of four Yeti Tumblers from DishForMyRV! https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/rving-with-kids-2/ftf-dads-photo-contest/

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