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Fulltime Families Ambassadors – The Anderson Family

Fulltime Families Ambassadors – The Anderson Family

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What is a Fulltime Families Ambassador?  The goal of the Fulltime Families Ambassador Program is to continue to build a meaningful, inclusive and strong community on the road. To achieve this, we find a family who will:

  • Be warm and welcoming both online and in-person.  An example of this would be to continue what you already do, by Welcoming new members on Facebook group as they are announced.
  • Share about Fulltime Families wherever they go and encourage membership.
  • Help current FtF Members to connect with each other.
  • Be well versed in the benefits of Fulltime Families and share events, updates, new products, partnerships and FtF news via their personal website, and/or social media avenues.  
  • Look for ways to be inclusive of others, by hosting potlucks, field trips, and potentially Fulltime Families Hangouts as opportunities arise.  
  • Communicate with Fulltime Families Corporate how the membership can be enhanced and other ways to make FtF even better.

We currently have 9 FtF families in the Ambassador program that we will be introducing to you!

The Anderson Family

Let me introduce you to our FtF Ambassador’s, the Anderson’s; William (aka Bill), Lisa and Jea (aka Bird). Bill was a truck driver and always missed his family while he was away. His lifetime dream was for his family to travel with him. Once Bill and Lisa found out they were pregnant (at 36 weeks with Jea, mind you!), they put their lifetime dream on hold until their daughter was older. They decided to go fulltime on the road. It took them 4 months to get everything in order to leave their home base and pulled out on May 1, 2016. They felt like they were returning to original plans, their life-long dream!


Bill and Lisa have enjoyed their travels, they enjoy exploring the National Parks with Jea, but their #1 reason they love this lifestyle is the community they have found within Fulltime Families. “It’s a way of connecting with other like-minded families; adults and kids alike. It’s a community full of other people that understand our lifestyle,” they said. The Anderson’s also enjoy staying places up to 3 weeks because then they’ve had enough time in that area and are ready to move.

When asked what their biggest lesson learned on the road, Lisa answered, “Be flexible. Things will break, plans will change, just go with it and move on.”

After the lessons learned and the seasons traveled, Bill said, “I would have gone fulltime sooner,” and Lisa said, “I would have developed our own remodel plan instead of having the manufacturer do it. It’s not that hard to remodel these things by yourself and now I would make different changes because I didn’t realize our actual storage needs or functionality needs at the time we were purchasing our home. Don’t be afraid to do it yourself!”

Lisa put a timeline on traveling in the beginning (said they’d only travel a year) and now wishes she hadn’t done that because if she’d gone fully in she wouldn’t have limited them so much, especially on things like only being able to travel on weekends.

Bill’s advice, “Even if you don’t have any interest in this lifestyle, you have to try it!”

The Anderson’s are a fun family and we are proud to have them as part of our community!


Each Ambassador family is so important to us and we look forward to introducing the next one to you soon!!!

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