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Review of Haier HLP23E Electronic washer for a Fulltime Family by: Renee Seeley

Review of Haier HLP23E Electronic washer for a Fulltime Family by: Renee Seeley

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I hate laundromats.  To me they are a hassle. I have to separate all my clothes ahead of time, load them all up, drive to the laundromat, unload, and sit for at least an hour and wait…, then fold them all, load them up again, drive “home”, and unload. Or if I’m using the park’s laundry room I inevitably forget to get quarters before the office closes and I’m trying to quick do a load of laundry at night because everyone is out of clean underwear! I love the convenience of being able to throw a load of laundry in the washer while I’m cooking dinner or whatever.


When we bought our motorhome it came with a stackable apartment size washer and dryer, but the washer never worked. For Christmas this year my parents gave us money to have it fixed. However, in doing the research we found that we could buy a new washer for about the same price, so we opted for that route. We bought a portable Haier HLP23E Electronic washer and absolutely love it! With outside dimensions of 24.8”x16.73”x26.97”, it fits perfectly in the closet. It has a 1.46 cubic foot tub size and has an 8.8lb capacity which for us can fit two pair of my husband’s jeans, two pair of our son’s or my jeans, and a few t-shirts in one load. Some other features include:

  • 4 wash cycles, 4 water-level settings, and six programs
  • lid folds in half as it opens to allow room for a dryer above it
  • runs quiet
  • can be hooked up to either a washer hook-up or to any faucet
  • installs in a couple minutes


There are a couple of things we don’t like about the washer

  • It only has one water hose, so when hooking it up to a washer hook-up you have to choose between hot or cold. You would be able to use warm water when hooking it up to a faucet.
  • The manual states that the washer has a built-in water heater, but we don’t think it actually does.


Overall, the washer was a great buy. Having a washer and dryer in our motorhome is saving us time and money. The best part is that our clothes are actually getting cleaner with this washer than they did using park washers or laundromats. Our socks are getting white and spots we thought were stains are coming out!


A wall-mountable dryer is available to go with the washer. However, I can’t tell you how well it works since the washer was all we needed.  The reviews it is getting are just as good as the ones for the washer.


This is a reprint from the February 2012 Issue of Fulltime Families Magazine.  Photo Credits: Renee Seeley

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