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Boondocking Challenges – Day 2

Boondocking Challenges – Day 2

Kimberly 9 comments

Here we go a boondocking

Among the rocks and leaves
Here we come drycamping
Without Utilities

Gas and heat you must bring
your own garbage you must fling

And God bless you and send you a full hook up site
And God send you some power and light!

(Are you singing it in your head? – Can you name the tune?)

It’s day 2 (of potentially 7).  Last night, after a rousing game of Candy Land, I tried to put the kids to bed at 8 oclock.  For regular kids… even my pre OTR brood – this would have been fine.  But, I’m hesitant to say.. that my kids (all of them) don’t go to sleep before 11:30 every night.  This, of course, has more to do with the time changes, then my lack of parenting skills… Of course!

But last night – with our limited utilities – there was nothing much to do except get on each others’ nerves – so off to bed it was.

All I actually accomplished was their “getting on each others’ nerves” in a horizontal position from 8 to 11:30 (at least they are consistent).  So tonight I’ll need to formulate a new plan.

I, personally, would be much happier with this situation if it wasn’t so blasted cold outside.  If we could have a fire, and enjoy our rule free surroundings – I would be fine with this whole “self contained / off the grid” phase my husband is going through.  But being stuck in the camper because of the frigid temps –is not my cup of tea.

In fact, I couldn’t even have my cup of tea last night because making it would necessitate that I put on my boots and jacket, fire up the generator, come back inside, and microwave the tea, redress myself, go back outside, turn off the geni and finally “enjoy” my now luke warm tea.  I think you plainly see that this takes a lot of the relaxation out of the comforting cup of tea.

So tea-less, I went to bed and quickly discovered how incredibly drafty this camper is.  A nice cool breeze from the sealed shut window, wafted across my face most of the evening.

This morning, I took the kids on a field trip to a local museum and stayed until IT CLOSED!  THEN… we went to  McDonalds and stayed there for quite a bit.  Lest, my hubby feel that I am avoiding him, we came back home and now I’m typing to you my dear reader, as my battery wanes to less than 10%!!!

I think I’m going to take a nap and hope I wake up 6 days from now.


This is a hopefully 7 Part Miniseries…

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Kimberly Travaglino is the author of “How to Hit the Road”, a comprehensive step-by-step guide for making your family’s full time RV dreams a reality.  She also serves as the Editor of Fulltime Families Magazine, a company that supports risk takers, pioneers, and enlightened families blazing their own path across the country.

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