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Fulltime Families builds Dedicated Minecraft Server for FtF Kids

Fulltime Families builds Dedicated Minecraft Server for FtF Kids

Kimberly 1 comments

Bridging the distance and giving our kids opportunities to connect across the miles.  That’s part of the mission of Fulltime Families and now FtF Charter Family, #3 David Gardner has provided us with yet another opportunity with the addition of a dedicated Minecraft Server for FtF Kids!


The server is for FtF Members in good standing with current accounts.  FtF will cover all costs for Charter / Lifetime Family Members. Annual Members will be charged $5 per child / per quarter (every 3 months). All money will go to the administration and upkeep of the server. If you are an annual member and you’re child is interested in playing on the Minecraft Server, we will create a quarterly PayPal invoice for you. You can quit at any time and receive a refund for any time left on your account. If you are interested in upgrading your annual membership to a Charter Membership, we will offer a credit for dues paid to date. If you have any questions you can email me at kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com. I know my kids are thrilled about this new feature and I hope yours are too!

You will need a Minecraft PC account to access this server.  https://minecraft.net/

If you’re kids are interested in joining the FtF Minecraft Server, you can find more details and add your child’s name to the file on the Fulltime Families Members Facebook Page.

Not an FtF Member yet?  It’s easy to join – just click here!

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